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Neutering Your Yorkie

Neutering and spaying of a Yorkshire Terrier must be done once the owner has enough knowledge of how it is performed.

Yes, it has advantages and disadvantages, but knowing how to deal with your Yorkie and the benefit it entails will be significant once it all works out.

When to neuter a Yorkie male? Neutering a Yorkie should be done before they turn one year old. It is usually performed before they hit puberty, which is around 4 to 6 months old.

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In this article, you’ll be aware when is the perfect timing to neuter your Yorkie and what will be the benefits and health risks associated with it.

What is Neutering?

Neutering is the de-sex procedure of male dogs where their testicles are being removed.

The process is executed by creating an opening in front of the Yorkie’s scrotum and then the testicles will be cut out.

It means that the blood vessels will be bound and cut.

Generally speaking, this process is performed when they are about six months of age. It is because male Yorkies reach maturity faster than their female counterparts.

Benefits Of Neutering

When it comes to the future health of your Yorkie, neutering comes with a good list of health benefits.

Since this is a process of removing testicles, the idea of having testicular cancer will be out of the table.

They will also unlikely to have some prostate issues and less likely to have perianal tumors.

Behavioral problems related to hormonal imbalance will improve significantly.

Neutering also helps in the behavior aspect of your Yorkie. They will be less likely to be aggressive with other male dogs. It will also prevent the tendency to roam around searching for female dogs to mate.

However, neutering isn’t a miracle cure. They will still feel other medical concerns, not just behavioral issues.

How to Care For Your Dog After Spaying and Neutering is a helpful article to refer to after the surgery is completed; this is extremely important to maintain your Yorkie’s health.

Health Risk Of Neutering Dogs

With many benefits, comes with other health risks. Not all vets disclosed the associated health risks of neutering because not all dogs have these health risks.

More or less, they will still require attention. Because believe it or not, they exist.

Neutered dogs can experience the case of hypothyroidism, and they are triple the risk of obesity.

It happens when the dog’s endocrine system starts to function differently, and the hormone levels are affected.

It can result in lower levels of thyroid, which can lead to rapid weight gain and dog obesity.

Another risk up there will be bone cancer.

For dogs who were neutered at the wrong age or was done poorly, they have a high risk of hip dysplasia, which is a problem with ligaments, and eventually develop a bone cancer also known as osteosarcoma.


Overall, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages attached to neutering. Most dogs who are neutered too early develop a high risk of further health complications.

The vital to consider here is finding the perfect timing on when and where to do it.

It is best to consult your vet if you are considering this as an option for your Yorkie puppy to live a happy and healthy life.

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