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Trimming Nails

Yorkie or Yorkshire Terrier is a dog breed that is fearless even with larger dogs. These breeds are often stubborn, aside from their playful personality.

Despite this pet’s size, they are energetic, feisty, alert, bossy, and determined dogs. Owning a Yorkie is not that easy, so you must know how to take good care of them, including the proper way to trim these tailed cuties.

How to Trim A Yorkie’s Nails

The nails of Yorkie are the part that needs frequent trimming. Dogs naturally keep their nails short through walking on gravelly or rough surfaces. Still, for house pets, it is required for them to have nail trimming regularly. It would be best to trim its nails after its every bath.

If you bathe your Yorkie once a week, then you will trim its nails also once a week. However, be careful of cutting off their nails since their nails are black.

That very reason would make it hard for you, so you need to be careful to avoid cutting its flesh. You have to hold its paw gently, and then you can clip off the very end of the Yorkie’s nail using a nail clipper.

Afterward, you can file down the end of your pet’s nails. If you ever do not like the idea of once a week trimming its nails, then there is no problem.

If it is not what you want, then you might want to do a quick visual inspection. This inspection will then tell you when you already need to clip the nails of your pet.

The thing you must do to trim your pet’s nails is to press its paw gently to extend its nails, and then it would be the time for you to clip in its ends. Always remember, do not cut the part of the nails, which is too high, as it is the part where the nail pulp is located.

That nail pulp is the nail’s living interior part in which the nerve endings and blood supply are.

By practicing, you will then recognize only how far you should trim the nails without worrying about touching the pulp. If it is your first time trimming your pet’s nails, then trim it conservatively by removing only the nail’s curved tip.

You will need proper trimming tools for your pet. You can try using a set of nail clippers for trimming your pet’s nails. You may use the BOBOCAWA Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer Set.

A single BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers includes Safety Guard to Avoid Over-Cutting Nails & Free Nail File so that you can easily do the trim.

How To Trim A Yorkie’s Hair     

Hairs also need a trim. It will help if you do the trimming after bathing your pet. After your Yorkie is clean and dry, it will be the best time for the trim. Make sure to start in clearing the hair off of your pet’s eyes.

After assuring that you removed the hairs on the eye part, then you must now trim the hairs on the ear part.

The long hairs in the upper part of your Yorkie’s ear could actually cause the ears to weigh down, which gives it a floppy look.

That is why you need to gently trim those long hairs on the ear’s outside part until its ears already stand freely. The recommended blade for you is the 0.8-mm blade.

After that, it is now time to trim the hair to its paws. As well as the hairs within its toes through the use of grooming scissors. Trim it just a bit slow to clear away the hairs from your pet’s pads and paws.

To make it a lot easier to do this process, you can collect all the long hairs using a comb before you do the trimming.

Also remember to trim the hairs around your pet’s anus because if not, these may possibly trap feces and even bacteria, which for sure you wouldn’t want to happen.

It would be better to have a set of tools in trimming your pet’s hair. You can easily purchase these tools online without a hassle.

You may use the PetOscars Dog Grooming Kit Professional, a set of quiet electric clippers, heavy-duty shaver, cordless hair shears for small dogs, rabbits, and other pets. You may also try the VISSON Dog Clippers for an easy and quick trimming session.

Importance Of Grooming A Yorkie

Grooming is essential because it is a fundamental part of dog care. Yorkshire Terriers’ coat gets longer within a short time; that is why you must groom your Yorkie.

The grooming process includes the hair and the nails, eyes, teeth, and ears of your dog. It is a bit time-consuming to groom a Yorkie, but you must do it since your pet needs it.

A Yorkie doesn’t need to have a long haircut. Many Yorkie owners prefer to have their pet’s hair cut short because it would be easy for you to look after them.

The idea of “coat care” has been essential since the Yorkies are best known for having long silky coats. In fact, their hairs are much similar to human hair.

It is best to start the idea of grooming your pet at an early age. Two or three months old will be the ideal age to start grooming them when they still have an under-developed coat.

It is a lot better for your pet to be familiar with this to be accustomed to the long grooming hours that it will face as it grows.

You will need complete tools for this grooming. It is best to have your own set of tools when you have a pet to take good care of. You may use the PETPAL Dog & Cat Professional Grooming Set, which comes with complete tools for grooming.

Or, the Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit that can make it easier for you to groom your Yorkie.


Yorkshire Terriers are dogs with a floor-length crowning glory. They are small in size, yet they are still categorized as one of those intelligent dogs.

This breed needs proper grooming care. Care for it as much as you care for yourself. Trimming should be regular care you must do with your pet’s nails and hair.

Please note that before you do the trimming of your pet’s nails and hairs, make sure to bathe them. Make them clean and dry before proceeding to the process of trimming.

It is not only the proper procedure, which is essential; you must also consider the tools you use for your dog’s grooming care.