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Yorkies Showing Affection

Yorkie is popular because of its adorable looks and exceptional characters. They are amusing and energetic. Despite their size, they can fill up your home with entertainment and love for a lifetime.

How do Yorkies show affection? Yorkies speak what’s on their mind through body languages like tail wagging, barks, growling, and sighs. These are evident indications of expressing how they feel.

In this article, you will encounter Yorkies’ nature that makes them a good companion and the indications that they are pleased to love you back.

Indications That Your Yorkie Loves You

Each dog possesses an extraordinary character. Yorkie is one of the cutest dog breeds in the world of dogs. They are smart, bubbly, independent, and very happy.

They make a great companion as well. In turn, it’s only normal that you wanted your Yorkie to appreciate life.

With all the unique traits of a Yorkie, there are many indications of how they show affection with their owners.

These indications are inspiring that you can discover how your Yorkie feels about you.


Eye-contact is a friendly act for many dogs. It indicates trust, respect, and affection. If your Yorkie keeps an eye-contact, they’re expressing a great deal of connection.

They usually stare because of love and not to fight, especially when they look at you with calm eyes.


Every time your Yorkie approaches and nudges you with their nose, it’s an indication of affection.

It is their way of saying that he likes you so much. Certainly, nose-nudging is also a technique for dogs to look for attention.

You can tell that your dog is displaying affection if an expressive stare follows the nose-nudge.

Eyebrow And Ear Gestures

Facial appearances can give us a hint about a dog’s feelings. A profound way your Yorkie displays his love is when he lifts his eyebrows and move his ears back. Your Yorkie’s eyebrows signify his affection for you, and he’s delighted to see you.

Wags His Tail

In popular belief, we can tell that when a dog wags his tail, he’s a happy dog. Experts approve that it’s an indication of affection for a human.

A composed dog can wag his tail and feels better with his owner. Note that when your dog’s muscles are inflexible and still wags his tail, maybe he or she is irritated.


When your Yorkie leans against you with his full-body weight, he seems nervous or needs something. It can also indicate that he wants to cuddle, or your dog wants to feel secure. It’s also a sign that they trust you without questions.

For a lot of dogs, leaning is a full-body embrace.


A dog’s grin may have several interpretations. When your Yorkie recognizes your voice and comes up to you with an open mouth and composed look, he’s happy.

Experts have discovered that dogs and humans have similar muscles when expressing their feelings. A Yorkie grin is exclusive for human or dog buddies and shows enjoyment and love.


Does your Yorkie loves to lie down and releases a long and blissful moan?

Gentle tones like moans and soft cries are indications of happiness in dogs. If your dog cuddles up and moans, it’s their way of expressing they are secured at your side.


We understand that yawning is catchy, and it’s not restricted to humans. In research, dogs have a higher degree to yawn together with their owners.

The same research shows that yawning may be an indication of appreciation. That is why, when your Yorkie yawns with you, it’s possibly affection.

Cuddling After Meal

Food is a prime concern for our dog buddies and the most vital things in their life. After his meal, he turns his attention to someone he is close to.

With a satisfied tummy, your Yorkie wants to give you cuddles. Even if your Yorkie has several places to nap, he wants to cuddle next to you.

Another excellent way dogs will express their affection is when they put their head or paws on your knees.

Warm Welcome

Part of the delights of getting home is when you receive a warm welcome from your dog. He responds like you have been away for days.

He would jump, wags his tail, and spinning around. It’s an indication that your dog loves you and is delighted your home safely.

Running Away With Your Belongings

It isn’t enjoyable when you go after your Yorkie as he runs away with your belongings.

You might find it weird, but this kind of activity is truly a sign of affection. Your scent is everywhere, and that brings him happiness, safety, and contentment.

Kissing Or Licking

Kissing is an inclusive indication of affection not only for humans but even among dogs. Messy and huge dog tongues are a bit nasty, but that depends on the circumstances.

When your Yorkie licks you, it’s like saying how much he likes you.

Dog licking is an indication that he compliments your direction and that he loves you.


It is a habit that you would rather not tolerate. For a lot of people, hopping is a repulsive dog habit. But if you reassess, it’s an affectionate gesture of excitement.

Dogs are allured with your face, and hopping is their way to get closer. It can be a bad gesture, but they’re just to show they care.


There are many things to love about your Yorkie. They are faithful, lovable, and convey a decent amount of laughing in every home. As a token of appreciation, you would want your Yorkie to treasure his life whenever possible.

It’s not difficult to understand how to love our dogs, but it is tougher to assess how your dog feels about you.

Dogs can convey how they feel using their bodies. And when they express their affection, it’s real, complete, and for keeps.