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Do Yorkies Love Their Owners?

Dogs are the cuddliest species on earth. Dogs have established a positive and distinct place in our society. Dogs have carefully proven major physical, mental, and emotional advantages for humans. One of the dog breeds which lead to a remarkable friend is Yorkshire Terrier, tagged as the Yorkie.

Do Yorkies love their owners? Yes, Yorkies are able to return the love intended for their owners. These are cute gestures that are sure signs that they love their owners. They lick the face, snuggle and the rest will overwhelm you.

In the article, you will be informed of their gestures as well as their habits. You will also learn how Yorkies express their affection to their owners.

The Cuddliest Habits Of Yorkies

The average Yorkie is friendly and bubbly. However, social interaction is the formula of having a lovable Yorkie. Proper training would also do the trick to let your Yorkie become carefree and loyal.

When dogs express their love, it’s sincere and limitless. There are habits that they show how much they love you while others are tricky and could amaze you.

Licking And Kissing

Yorkie kisses on your face are a clear signal of love. It’s natural to lick or kiss the face of the individual they see as their parent. Perhaps they want attention or a walk, or they might be hungry.

Sometimes they express their affection by warmly nosing your hand or arm or leg, wanting you to socialize with them.

Leaning And Snuggling

Touching is essential for any dog breed. When they lean on you, it’s clear that they trust you and feel secure with your companionship.

If they express their affection, it’s best not to push them away. It is the only time to intensify friendship and appreciate quality time together.

Biting Your Belongings

It may not appear as an indication of love, but it is. Your scent is everywhere, and that makes your Yorkie delighted, secured, and relaxed. Pulling and biting your belongings is a sign that your Yorkie is thinking of you and thrills with you.

Wagging Tail

When they wag their tail, it could mean several reasons. If you have a good bond, a full body of tail wagging means that he’s delighted to see you. If Yorkie wags his tail to the right side of his body, it’s a sign he’s happy and comfy.

Playing Around

Playing around for both humans and dogs is a normal way to bond and lose some stamina. It is also an indication of affection. Dogs unleash with panting when playing and enjoying, especially with their best bud.

Make sure to train your dog not to bite when you’re playing with him.


Dogs are our best buddies. Just like Yorkshire Terrier tagged as Yorkie, they are ideal companions. They are loving, lively, loyal, and sweet in their little ways. You can maximize these traits with proper training and social interaction.

Yorkies love their owner, and science has proven that with all the clear signs from this fantastic creature. They have proven major physical, mental, and emotional advantages for their owners.