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Can Yorkies Be Trained To Use Litter Box?

Yorkies are one of those dogs that are easy to train, though it may seem to them that training is a play. Yorkies owners teach them tricks like high five, sit, stay, rollover, and the likes.

One famous training that most Yorkie owners are confused about is the Litter Box Training. And most people use this for their cat training.

Can Yorkies be trained to use litter boxes? The litter box can also be used for Yorkies, but with a proper guide to use it. Usually, it can be used by people living in apartments.

In this article, you will learn that there the Litter Box Training can be used too for Yorkies. This article will also let you know some strategies that will help you train your Yorkies with it. Plus we will give too what are the advantages of using the litter box on Yorkies.

What Is A Litter Box Training?

 A litter box is sometimes called a sandbox, cat pan, or litter pan, which is an indoor fence and urine collection box. It is commonly used for cats, rabbits, ferrets, miniature pigs as well as for small dogs.

The litter box is a loose, granular material that helps absorb moisture and odors like ammonia. There is a litter box that contains baking soda that helps absorb odors.

There are also pet owners that chose to sprinkle a thin layer at the bottom of it. The most common material of litter boxes is clay, pellets, and silica-based.

To stimulate the cat’s instincts, sometimes, the natural dirt is also used. And when kept in a room, an air freshener is needed. So, the odor will be isolated from the other part of the house.

Litter Box Training Is Possible With Yorkie

Though it may sound unnecessary to some to use a litter box for their Yorkies, the idea is helpful.

It provides them with needed access, no matter what time of the day it is. Also, it is very convenient for those who live in an apartment without a fenced yard.

That’s why it’s essential for Yorkies too to train with the litter box, and to train them, follow some of these techniques effectively.

Train Them At Home

It may look alien to your Yorkie, the first time you introduce a litter box, but patience and consistency are needed. With these two things in mind, you’ll become successful to train your Yorkies with a litter box.

But first, start with a little poo in the tray to help them understand that it will be their toilet. You should also take them to a designated spot upon waking in the morning.

Take them to a chosen spot more often, at least two hours for the first week then after he wakes up, after their playtime and after eating. And don’t forget to use the word “Go Potty” for them to be familiarized with it too.


As a fur parent, you know that with any training, consistency is the key.

Give your Yorkie every opportunity to go potty in the desired spot. Consistency means, even if they don’t seem to go, take or lead them to the litter box at least every hour or two hours.

And as their trainer, make sure that you adhere to the rules that you have set with the training.

We know the saying, rules are not made to be broken, so better to remember it. Strict adherence to the rules with consistency on it will surely result in a successful litter box training.

Don’t Forget To Praise Them

When training a Yorkie, it is paramount that you praise them or at least give them rewards.

That’s why when he uses a litter box, don’t forget to praise them. Because when you do it, they know that it’s the right thing you want them to do.

But don’t give them lots of treats unless you want them to go back to the litter box 10-15 minutes later.

We suggest that you give them a small number of treats but with lots of praise. And as they eliminate, say the word “Go Potty” then give them praises as well.

Immediately Clean Pees And Poop

As your Yorkies pee and poo in the other part of the house, clean it immediately with an odor remover. It’s highly recommended as they are motivated to continue soiling the smell of the urine and feces.

If they accidentally pee or poo outside the litter box, don’t scream at them, hit, slap, or spank them. These will only threaten them, ineffective, and encourage aggression in your Yorkies.

Crate Should Be A Comfort & Security

As a Yorkie owner, you should remember to remove their collars before confining in a kennel. It’s because it can get stuck on the bars or wire mesh of a kennel.

Yorkies should feel secure and comfortable in their house, not like a cage for them.

They say that the crate is a vital tool to potty train your Yorkies because it limits their area.

By following a strict time in giving food or drinks, you’re training them to follow and be consistent with the time.

Have a specific time when you will let them out and be put in the litter box. But the most recommended time for them to get out is after they get up from sleeping.

Advantages Of Litter Box

  • Avoid Mess – contrast with the traditional potty training, a litter box is a big help for you too. Like when you’re stuck in the traffic, you don’t have to worry about the mess. It’s because it allows your Yorkies to have a space to do their business whenever they want without wrecking your carpets or furniture.

  • Convenient For Owners – it makes the life of the Yorkie owner, easier because it isn’t hard to train at all. You may find it in any physical store near you, and there is a variety of litter from clumping clay, charcoal, paper pellets, and more. And after they’re done with the business, you simply scoop up the mess.

  • Makes Yorkies Life Easier – Litter box can help Yorkies’ life easier too because small breeds are hard to adopt the idea of going potty outside. Their bladder size and metabolism is the main reason for it. That’s why some would say that a litter box is advisable for small breeds because it’s more accessible, especially when they have the urge to poop or pee.


In general, a litter box is also applicable or can be used too by Yorkies. That it has a big and many help not only for the owner but for the dogs too, especially if you’re Yorkies are hard to potty train outside.

Yorkies may find it alien at first, but when you give them a proper acquaintance with it, they’ll get used to it eventually. And remember that for you to successfully potty train them with a litter box, consistency, and patience is the key.