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Yorkies Sleeping

Yorkshire terriers enjoy sleeping in our beds, as you would agree. They enjoy sleeping with their masters and want constant attention and love, even when they are sleeping. But you are probably asking why your lovely and lively little pooch is sleeping so much!

Do Yorkies sleep a lot? A Yorkshire terrier puppy sleeps 15 to 21 hours a day on average. It also includes time for naps during the day. The adult Yorkie sleeps for 12 to 17 hours. They also tend to imitate the sleeping routines of their owner.

Yorkies sleep differently at different ages. In this article, we will explain the sleeping habits of every age. You will also know some reasons why your Yorkie is up all night.

Yorkie Sleeping Habit

Yorkshire terriers are a popular dog breed found in many homes worldwide. Sleeping is one of their behaviors, as it is for most dogs. It is especially true in houses and animal shelters where they do not get enough physical activity.

Anyone who spends much time outside will quickly learn that Yorkies sleep all day and night. These pups will either be sound asleep or taking a brief nap nearly every time their owner observe them.

Yorkie Puppy Sleeping Hours

Puppies sleep a lot! They sleep between 16 and 22 hours every day. However, you will find that as they become old, they sleep a little less each month.

When they are awake, they frequently make the most of their time. Yorkies want to learn about the world through exploring, eating, chewing on things, playing with you, and learning about it.

Owners should also take advantage of this opportunity. Whenever a Yorkie awakens, the first thing an owner should do is take them to the designated bathroom. This part is a crucial aspect of housebreaking.

A puppy’s body will take some time to adjust to staying awake longer during the day and then needing a full night’s sleep. As a result, owners must be patient. Puppies may wake up at any time, eager to play, drink water, and go on with their day.

It will assist if you give yourself a decent workout approximately 2 hours before night. If you apply it too close to bedtime, they may become energized and revved up. As a result, bring them about 2 hours before you want to call it a day.

Now is the time to unwind. Dim the lights throughout the house. There should be no noise or light from the TV and other noise-making equipment, such as radio.

While no one should speak in hushed tones, voices should be calm and at a lower volume. The command word “Sleep” should then be given.

However, keep in mind that no dog will go to sleep merely because you say so. Saying this term will only teach your Yorkie that when the word is mentioned, playtime is over.

When Yorkie realizes that their humans are about to sleep in their beds, they will slow down their activity. When a dog understands what to expect, they are more likely to accept it. Therefore, a puppy may whine and ask for attention at first.

There are things you can take to help stop a Yorkie puppy from barking or whimpering at night. Yorkie puppies often stay awake all night, and nothing will seem to help them settle down. As we go along, we will give you some tips to help your cuddle buddies go to sleep.

Adult Yorkies Sleep Hours

In 24 hours, the average adult Yorkie sleeps 14-18 hours. These hours include napping through the night and a few naps lasting a few minutes to an hour during the day.

As the dog grows old, its demand for sleep decreases gradually and consistently until it develops new interests. Even if the owner appears uninterested, the dog may be yearning to play and engage in other physical activities during this time.

Yorkies will want to be a part of your dynamic and physically active lifestyle that includes many outdoor exercises. You may take them on long walks or even hikes in the woods with them.

The environment will also serve as a huge factor in an adult Yorkie’s sleeping habit. For those who live in noisy and dynamic situations, the dog will wake up now and then. However, if a dog lives in a calm and quiet environment, the dog will sleep more.

An Older Yorkies Sleeping Hours

An adult Yorkie sleeps for 7 to 12 hours every day. Adult dogs are more trained and civilized, and they are already familiar with the house laws and regulations.

Yorkshire Terriers are less fun and energetic than other breeds like German Shepherds and Huskies. As a result, they would pay less and sleep more. It is not to say you will not spend enough time with your Yorkie puppy.

The good news is that mature Yorkshire terriers sleep through the night. They only take one to two 20-minute to one-hour naps throughout the day.

In addition, the nap is affected by the surroundings. Your pet will be a fully active and careful eye on your actions if he detects that you are planning to go somewhere. However, if you are relaxing, your Yorkie may be able to finish his little snooze.

Adult Yorkies are very aware of odd noises in the area and keep a close eye on the front entrance.

In addition, if you host a party at your home, your dog will be there to join you. However, if your Yorkie is all alone at your home, he will undoubtedly go and take a nap.

One of the main reasons why a dog does not achieve his sleep quota is health issues. Other scenarios may exist, but they have a much lower probability. Other factors to consider are bed comfort, the timing of the walks, and the training routine before bedtime.

Additionally, replace the crate every 4 to 5 years so that he may sleep peacefully. Two hours before bedtime, you should keep your dog relaxed as well.

Also, you should know that Yorkshire terriers’ sleep quantity relates to the owners. And when they are adults, they start developing housekeeper behaviors, too. As a result, you won’t have any problems with their various sleeping habits because they can adapt quickly.

Sudden Change In Sleeping Habits

A Yorkshire Terrier may suddenly begin to sleep a lot more than usual for a variety of reasons.

Age-Related Issues

Most people assume that a senior Yorkie will sleep a lot more than a younger Yorkie, which is usually true. Older dogs, on the other hand, may suffer from conditions such as arthritis. It can make getting comfortable and falling asleep difficult.

Prescribed joint health drugs and supplements can be extremely beneficial. The senior Yorkie, meanwhile, needs a high-quality orthopedic bed. An ortho bed for dogs will provide adequate support and relief for a fatigued body.


Dog beds do wear out, even if we don’t think about it. Even high-quality canine beds have a four- to five-year lifespan.

It’s ideal for inspecting the state of your Yorkie’s bed. Remember to replace it if it appears to be worn out and has lost its support. Check for cold breezes or problems with the bed being too close to the heating vents.

Sleep Apnea

It is a condition that is most commonly seen in overweight dogs, but it can affect any breed or size of the dog. The dog experiences short spurts of breathing blockage, which causes your pet to wake up frequently throughout the night—loud snoring along with excessive sleepiness during the day signs.

Health Issues

When a puppy or dog becomes ill, typical sleeping patterns may be disrupted. A dog’s body may try to fight off an illness by sleeping less or more due to discomfort.

Worms, liver troubles, and cardiac difficulties are all possibilities. As a result, if your Yorkie has a bothersome, chronic sleep disorder, it is always ideal for taking him to the veterinarian.

Revved Up At Bedtime

It’s a good idea to let your Yorkie exercise or train in the evening. This will let him burn off some pent-up energy and tire him out a little in preparation for bedtime.

However, if a puppy or dog is walking or has moderate activity too close to bedtime, he may have difficulty calming down.

Bring your Yorkie for a walk no less than 2 hours before bedtime. This way, the energy is released while still giving him time to relax and unwind before retiring for the night.

Loud noises and bright lights can also make it difficult for a dog to relax. You cannot expect your dog to be peaceful when watching your favorite TV show in high volume.

There may be exceptions if the house is a little noisy. However, providing a tranquil setting at least one hour before you wish your Yorkie to sleep is a good idea.


Yorkies can sleep anywhere from 13 to 22 hours every night, depending on their age, weight, and overall health. It is critical to understand how much sleep a Yorkie should get at different stages of its life. With this information, you may swiftly identify unexpected sleeping signals.