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Yorkie Grooming Tools

Beauty is one powerful force that humans want to achieve in our lives. Indeed, beauty is also a factor that not only applies to us but also in our pets like Yorkies. That is why a haircut is considered one of the most important components that help us keep our beauty. And for them, haircut also plays a vital role.

To help you groom your Yorkies successfully, we have listed some tools that you can use. Here are some of it.

1. Brush For Yorkies

You can specifically use a slicker brush that is useful for different types of Yorkies coat. Its wire-bristle type can help remove tangles, mats, and unwanted or dead hair.

You can brush the Yorkie’s hair by doing it in the direction of their hair, parting the layers. It’s advisable if you apply a stroke that goes beyond the hair’s end to avoid breakage.

2. Grooming Glove

A grooming glove is a grooming tool that is perfect for those Yorkies who have short coats of hair. It is also good because it helps in removing any dead hair off your Yorkies. Plus, it also helps get rid of the surface dirt and helps distribute healthy coat oils.

3. Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers are a Yorkies’ most important tool when you trim their nails. And if you want to do trimming yourselves, better make sure that you have good canine nail clippers. You can buy some of these in online shops or even at the physical dog stores near you.

4. Shampoo

There are different types of shampoos you can buy depending on its usage. One of these is a flea shampoo. You can buy this kind of shampoo, which both helps in moisturizing and cleansing your Yorkies’ hair without stripping off their natural hairs oil and nutrients.

But if you’re not sure which one to buy, you can seek veterinary help. They can also recommend a certain type of shampoo for your Yorkies.

5. Flea Comb

Aside from shampoo, another tool that helps you eliminate your Yorkie’s flea is the Flea comb. It’ll help you get rid of them and even possible eggs that lie under your Yorkies coat.

But, if you’re still not sure which is perfect for your Yorkie’s coat, you can ask a Veterinarian. Remember that Yorkies have different types of coats, meaning that you’ll be needing a comb that is suitable for their coats.

6. Grooming Scissors

If you decide to trim your Yorkies hair in some problematic areas, you can use a blunt-nosed scissors. You can use this in areas like in their legs, feet, tail, and even in their anal area.

And remember that even if you have this type of scissors, it’s also important to be extra careful when trimming.

7. Toothbrush And Toothpaste

Other tools you can use for your grooming tool are the toothbrush and toothpaste. We know that these two are essential in maintaining your Yorkies’ health too.

But make sure to buy these tools which are dog-friendly, and it is not recommended to use human toothpaste. Because it said that they wouldn’t spit it out, meaning there’s a possibility that they swallow it.

And if they swallow it, the possibility is that they may acquire stomachache and digestive issues. You can buy at any physical store near you or an online store with a veterinarian’s recommendation.

8. Ear Tweezers

One important to do when grooming your Yorkies is to clean their ears. Though they said that it’s optional, tweezing their ears helps improve the air circulation and prevent infections. Before doing it, you need to ask a veterinarian first to give you proper ways to do it.

Proper Ways On How To Groom Yorkies At Home

As a Yorkie parent, we always make sure that our Yorkies babies are getting the best in terms of grooming. That’s why when you decide to trim them on your own. You need to follow proper ways. Here are steps on how to groom them properly:

Condition Your Yorkies Coat

One effective way on how to properly groom your Yorkie is by brushing their coat. It’s also one way to condition your Yorkie’s hair because it helps moisturize its coats.

If your Yorkies have naturally oily hair, experts say that you can skip conditioning it. But if their coats are dry, you can buy a conditioner that helps moisturize their coat.

So by brushing their coat, it’ll help become smooth and silky. If you’re not sure what brand of conditioner to buy, you can ask the veterinarian’s advice of DIY advice. When doing a DIY conditioner, mix five parts of water and one dog coat of spritzer bottle.

Brush Some Sections Of Your Yorkie’s Coat

When you brush your Yorkie’s hair, remember that you need to use a pin brush, without a rubber back. Because pin brush doesn’t have any metal tip that can tear Yorkies coat.

A proper way to brush their coat is to divide some areas of their coats into sections. Then brush their coat from root to tip with the lie of the hair.

With proper brushing, you’re helping it condition their hair because it spreads their natural oils. You can start brushing areas of Yorkies like their legs, which are less ticklish and sensitive.

Remove Any Knots

If you find any knots, even if it’s small, don’t worry because you can remove it. It’s by simply using your fingers that help tease the knots. If doing this doesn’t work out, that’s when using a perfect comb is needed.

Or you can use a pair of scissors positioning above the comb and then snip the knots.

You can see knots usually in areas behind their ear, armpits, and groin. Also, look under their tail to ensure that there is no fecal soiling around it. But if there is, you can bathe your dog immediately, or snip that soiled hair off it’s uncontrollable.

Comb Your Yorkie’s Ears And Face

To have a smooth and silky hair, combing your Yorkie’s ear and hair is better. You can do it in a slow and ensure that your Yorkies aren’t moving. It’s because to avoid poking his eyes with the comb.

Any buildup around Yorkies dog’s eyes can be removed with wipes. And make sure to avoid wiping their eyes because it can sting them.

Clean Their Eyes

When grooming, you must clear the part of their eyes. Don’t forget too that any accumulated tear strains should also be removed. If you have an adult Yorkies, cleaning their eyes, require extra care that needs for you to use special lotions.

Because those special lotions are safely made for their eye care, and you can buy one from an accredited pet shop.

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is one important thing you need to do when performing grooming. To make sure that their ears are fine, you do a regular examination. Like, look for any possible bad odor, rashes, and any unfamiliar thing.

If there are suspected ear infections, you can treat it by using a product that helps get rid of it.

But, as a precautionary measure, you need to ask for veterinarian advice first before buying one. If there are no suspected bacterial infections, you can clean their ears, starting from the outside.

Using warm water in cleaning their canal is better than using cold water that can harm it.

Teeth Cleaning

Studies say that cavities in Yorkies occur in about 80%. When they have this medical issue, it can affect their kidneys and livers negatively.

Plus, when their teeth are not in good condition, they can’t eat properly. All dogs don’t want their teeth taken care of by you, that’s why 2-3 weeks cleaning is better.

A professional’s help will always be a good idea if you’re unsure how to do it properly.

What To Expect When Grooming At Home?

Yorkies’ small physical appearance is what makes them effective that’s why you can bathe them even in a sink. Yes, Yorkies are known as an aggressive pet, but take this grooming as your opportunity.

Opportunity because it makes a great bonding moment for both you and your Yorkies. You don’t have to take a grooming experience aggressively because there are processes that you need to follow.

If you are doing it to your pet for the first time, you can give them plenty of treats during and after grooming. It’s because you can instill in their minds that grooming is an activity that is something to look forward to.

That’s why it’s better if you follow a routine every time you groom your Yorkie. By following this, you’ll be able to make sure that there are no forgotten steps.

Like trimming their nails or the pads of their feet with these, you’re giving them expectations when grooming. If you start grooming with their feet and sometimes with their face, you’re giving them wrong impressions.

That they won’t know what to expect already plus making them anxious every time you perform grooming.

There is nothing to deny that Yorkies are an aggressive type of dog. That’s why being extra careful and prepared is important when performing the grooming process.

Accidentally hurting them is possible, especially if you’re a first-timer, but we suggest that you need not panic. Because when they see you panic, the more they become aggressive and panic too.

Come to think of it. Even those expert groomers made mistakes too sometimes. So, you should worry no more, remember the word ‘calm.’

But if unfortunately, you really can’t handle it, you can always go and seek some professional help. Remember that grooming is done to maintain your Yorkies beauty, so better seek help immediately before it gets worse.

What To Expect When You Bring Yorkies To A Pet Groomer?

We know that grooming your Yorkies for the first time is truly a handful one. If you understand and realize that you can’t handle the grooming, you can bring them anytime in a professional groomer.

But before you can bring them there, you need to set-up an appointment first. And expect that typical turnaround time for grooming a dog may take up to 1-2 hours.

Dog salons that have a block schedule, usually let several dogs come in at the same time. Meaning your Yorkies baby needs to spend some time at the kennel area to dry.

And that means that you need to wait or expect a turnaround for 3-4 hours while there are shops that also offer cattle call scheduling.

They will have every dog to come in a day at the same time in the morning. It means dogs need to stay in their salons and be sent home once the grooming is completed.

In short, your dog needs to stay there the whole day. Another thing to expect when bringing your dog to a pet groomer is the price. You need to ensure what the price is, inclusions in the price.

And if it will go up whenever groomers encounter problems like a severe matting. Some pet groomers charge an extra fee to brush it out, but most wouldn’t recommend it because it’s painful.

However, cattle call scheduling is one effective way that teaches your dog to be patient.

The groomer will require you to sign some paperwork and ask you to provide proof of vaccinations. Once the requirements are completed, you can now leave your dog with a pet groomer.

We know that it’s tempting just to stick around and wait for them, but it’s not advisable because it’ll give them a signal that they can leave instead of waiting patiently for the grooming to be finished.


In general, grooming is one way of maintaining your Yorkies’ health in place. Grooming at home is good because it’ll help both you and your Yorkie build a new bonding moment.

Knowing different grooming tools and their uses are essential because human tools are way different from theirs. And remember that grooming requires a lot of patients and a proper process to make it successful.