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Do Yorkies Like To Be Held?

Yorkies may be small and cute pets, but don’t underestimate their attitude. Some would say that they are a powerhouse of activity because they love to jump and roam around if they want to. No surprise that many would love to hold or carry them around to show their affection to Yorkies.

Do Yorkies like to be held? Yorkies loved to be held because they have loving traits compared to other breeds. Since they love being showered by affection and attention, holding or cuddling them is what they love the most.

As you read on, you’ll realize that holding Yorkies won’t bother them. In this article, you’ll also learn that holding them too much has side effects for them.

Yorkies Love To Be Held

Yorkies enjoy cuddling or being held by their owners, however old they might get. But some studies show the older they get, the more affectionate and loves to cuddle they become.

Though they have attitudes sometimes, they are still born as naturally snugglers. Meaning, they enjoy being close to their owners as much as possible.

Due to this action, it develops a strong connection between the Yorkies and their owners. That they cling to their owners not because of timidity but due to their bond with their owners.

They hang out with them simply because they enjoy the attention, time, and love their owners can give. They say that Yorkies are a “one-person dog,” meaning they only show affection to one individual.

While some would say that holding a Yorkes more often is okay, some contrast to it, some leading veterinarians would warn Yorkie owners not to hold too much their Yorkie.

The reason is, it might result in a Yorkie to build low confidence levels. As their owner, you need to remember that you also need them to leave alone to explore the house.

When they do, training won’t be as hard as you think. Therefore, you only teach them to obey your instructions.

Another reason is that they might grow with some insecurities and always remain nervous when entering a new environment.

Nurturing The Bond Of Nature With A Yorkie

Now that you know that a Yorkies loves to be held, check out some of these steps, you can apply to nurture the bond.

  • Take Them Regular Walks- is one helpful way to help nurture the bond you have with your Yorkies. Like their owners, you need to remind yourself that you should engage in regular walks or strolls together.

    But remember too that the walks depend on your Yorkies age. The younger they are, the shorter walks you engage them with.  And starts with a small walk with some breaks in between.

  • Don’t Forget To Train Them- Experts say that the earlier you start with this, the better. Also, it has multiple benefits for them, as it teaches them to socialize with other dogs.

    Attending class with them is considered something special you can for them. And it’s a great bonding because you have an opportunity to know them more.

  • Pamper Sessions- As their owner, remember that like humans, they also need to pamper sessions. Sessions include trimming, especially if their hair is long.

    It’s showing them too that they matter to you, that though you’re busy, you’re thinking of their health too. Getting them used to it is good because they will begin to look forward to this day.

  • Play With Them- Having this activity is one effective way to nurture your bond with your Yorkies. Like the others, this activity will both benefit you. Whether it’s a simple throwing a ball in a yard, still it counts as playtime for them.

Characteristics Of A Yorkies

To understand more about your Yorkie pet, we listed some of their characteristics. Check some of these below:

They Stare A Lot

One thing that a Yorkie owner should know and notice about them is they’re into staring a lot. It’s because they make sure that they keep an eye on you, meaning, watching your every move.

Another reason is that they are being curious about what you’re doing or about to do. It may sound creepy, but it’s one of their quirky traits.

Yorkies staring at you is good because it’s a testament to their awareness, bond, intelligence with you as their owners. It’s also one reason why they are easy to train, as they are paying attention to your signals. 

They Are Courageous

Lies inside their tiny body is a strong spirit that is always ready to protect themselves and their loved ones. Though many would see them as tiny dogs, they have a confidence level that surprises even their owners.

It is an admirable trait, but when you’re out, make sure to watch for larger dogs that surround them. It’s because Yorkies won’t back down even if they’re 3 or 4 times their size.

They Are Your Tiny Guards

Yorkies aren’t a type of intimidating dogs, but when they sense that something’s wrong, they’re ready. They are keen on their surroundings, even make noises to signal to you there’s something wrong in the surroundings.

Because of their fearless traits, they warn you beforehand. It is especially if there is something they don’t like.

Yorkies often guard your belongings too, that wherever part of the house you’re in, they stand between your bags.

Attention- Seekers

Though Yorkies have many good traits, you can’t remove the fact that they are attention- seekers. You, as their owner, would notice this because they do things to make them being noticed.

And when they do it, they think that it’ll help them be more loveable and adorable to you and also to others.


In general, Yorkies not only likes being held but being the center of attraction, too. This article also shows that though they are tiny, they still have some traits like in other large breeds.

It also makes you realize that holding the Yorkies too much might cause them to have low self- confidence levels.