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Why Do Yorkies Stink?

If you think about it, there’s no such thing as a dog’s perfume. If there is, your pet is doing it wrong, and there is a reason for it. Most dogs, Yorkies in particular, have a tendency to be infested regardless of how careful we are as pet owners whether it is their feet, bad breath, or just unidentified smell all over their body.

Why do Yorkies stink? Yorkies stink due to skin dryness and irritation. These skin conditions can trigger their body to produce more oil than a regular amount. If not taken care of, a bad odor will eventually build up to your pet.

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In this article, you will find about the causes of why Yorkies stink and some solutions you can apply to remove these bad odors to keep your Yorkie clean, safe and odor-free.

Reasons Your Yorkie Smells

If you have a Yorkie who always smells, you need to figure out the location of where the bad smell coming from. It might be coming from the whole body itself or just in a specific area. To figure it out, all you have to do is to sniff them around, and you’ll be able to figure out the culprit.

Dental Problems

The dental issue is one of the top reasons why your dog smell. It is specifically true when you have a toy pet like a Yorkie. It occurs happens when there is a build-up of plaque and tartar in their teeth. Bad breath or halitosis can also be the cause of it. If they have an unpleasant breath, there can be an underlying issue such as rotten teeth or a GI issue.


Guess what, Yorkies fart too, and it is normal behavior. However, if your Yorkie can clear the room after the flatulence, there must be something wrong with their stomach or food in general. It can also be caused by some parasite lurking in their stomach that causes the bad gas to come out of them.


Food allergies or some seasonal allergies can also be one of the culprits for their stinky smell. These kinds of allergy can cause inflammation of the skin which then leads to excessive production of oil from different glands of their skin and therefore produces some weird and musty smell. A poor diet can contribute to this phenomenon and can cause some yeast infections, which can lead to some foul smells. It can be caused by a high intake of carbohydrates and mostly processes foods.

Ear Infections 

As mentioned above, yeast infections can cause the foul smell, by adding many types of bacteria, it can also affect the ear hence getting an ear infection. A healthy Yorkie’s ear can fight off these bacteria, but with the lack of antibodies, a Yorkie can suffer from allergies or hormonal imbalance. These bacteria and yeast can cause these foul-smelling stinks. A Yorkie is subject for an ear infection because of the build-up of hair in their ears.

Anal Sacs

Lastly, we have anal sacs. It is the most common source of the stinking smell from your dog. All dogs share common anatomy. They have these two small scent sacks that can found in their bottoms. These are marking glands that dogs sniff when meeting. If they become impacted, it can give Yorkie some pain, and they produced a smelly secretion, and it usually remains in their fur. Another thing to look for is when they do the scooting, or they kept on dragging their bottom to the ground, which means they have something wrong with their anal sacs.

Solutions To Yorkie Smell

Once you’re able to figure out the culprit, it is time to finally figure out their issue one step at a time regardless if it’s coming from the whole body or one spot to another. You are halfway to finding the perfect solution to your problem. Here are some solutions to deal with their smell:

Wash Your Yorkies Face

If the problem has something to do with their face, practice washing their face regularly. With Biogroom Facial Foam, you can apply a small amount of the product to make it foamy and gently clean the face and around the eyes. The Biogroom face foam requires no rinsing, and it helps to remove all the stain left around their eyes and beard area.

Why Do Yorkies Stink?

Bath With A Deodorizing Shampoo

If regular shampoo you always use from your local pet store isn’t helping, you may need to use a shampoo formulated with deodorizing components such as Fresh Wave Odor Removing Dog Shampoo. This shampoo is specially formulated to get rid of strong odors from your Yorkies, and it uses mostly natural ingredients, so it is safe for you to use.

Why Do Yorkies Stink?

Bath With An Antifungal And Antibacterial Shampoo

If the culprit has something to do with a fungal or bacterial infection, you might need to use a different variety of shampoo for it. You can try to use Nootie Medicated Oatmeal Dog Shampoo. With just a small amount, you can create a thick and rich foam that works well in treating infections and provide a cooling effect to your Yorkie’s skin.

Why Do Yorkies Stink?

Brush Your Yorkies Teeth

Dental hygiene is important to Yorkies because they have a very small mouth, and they can get tartar easily. Keeping your Yorkie’s teeth clean all the time can help prevent bad breath. You can use Oxyfresh Pet Fresh Breath every day to make sure their teeth and gums are healthy.

Why Do Yorkies Stink?

Another way to clean their teeth is to give them dental treats such as Greenies. These are effective, and not only it helps clean their teeth, but it also freshens up their breath at the same time.

Why Do Yorkies Stink?


Overall, Yorkies can be high maintenance when it comes to grooming and proper bath. But it was all worth it when you looked at them, and they are enjoying this pampering time you’ve given to them. It is not only for their sake but also for your sanity as well. If the stink persists, do not hesitate to call out your vet to give you more valid information and help you with all the issues.