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Which Is Better Flea Collar Or Drops?

As a compassionate and responsible dog owner, we want to make sure that your dogs are in good shape. They should be experiencing a danger-free lifestyle and having the best time of their life.

A lot of dog owners, who are relatively new in keeping their dogs safe may think that fleas are purely parasite. However, fleas can pose a bigger threat to their healthy and overall well-being.

Which is better flea collar or drops? There is right or wrong when it comes to flea treatment as long as it works well on your Yorkie. Good dog flea collars are effective because it can last for a few months. It is an excellent alternative if you are against using chemical drops that might pose some other side effects.

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In this here, you will find out about the difference between flea collar and some medicine drops.

What Makes Fleas Dangerous To Your Yorkie?

Fleas are small microscopic parasites that usually bite and drink the blood of their host to survive. Fleas can be found in cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, or anything warm-blooded. It can also affect humans, so you need to be careful with them.

One of the major problems with fleas is that they have a short lifecycle. It means that adult females can lay up to 40 eggs every day. And with just a few fleas, it can turn into a severe disaster and fleas infestation in just about a day or two.

Prompt identification of this kind of issue is essential if you want to cut the population from producing more parasites.

Spotting Fleas on your Yorkie

There are many signs of being able to figure out how your Yorkie might have a flea infestation or not. There is a high probability that you see fleas if you see specs and movement in your Yorkie’s hair.

You can also tell if your Yorkie is doing a lot of scratching from time to time. It is an excellent sign that they have something in their skin that is making them irritable. You can also tell if you see signs of irritation.

There might be red patches everywhere on their skin. Sometimes their attitude towards people is affected because they become agitated. With too much scratching, they also experience some bald patches on your Yorkie’s skin.

If you observe these signs, the next step is for you to groom your Yorkie. It is an excellent way to check and a great way to eliminate some of the fleas present. When you use a comb, there might be some black specs coming from their coat.

These aren’t flea, but they are the remnants of fleas. But if you add water and turns reddish, then it is very much likely to be fleas.

Flea Prevention

The good news is, fleas can be removed permanently to your Yorkie. Many scientists and manufacturers have teamed up to come up with a solution to help them from spreading so that you can keep your Yorkies safe from irritation and potentially dangerous parasites.

Flea Collars

Flea collars work by releasing some chemicals that can repel fleas forever. There are two types of collar that treat live adult fleas as well. The first one contains a medication where it seeps into the fatty later on your Yorkie’s skin.

It then spread all over the body. When a flea bites into your Yorkie’s body, the medication will kill them. The second one is a collar that emits an active ingredient that will kill fleas on contact instantly. It is before they even have the opportunity to bit your Yorkies.

Benefit Of Flea Collars

A lot of dog owners are leaning towards to flea collars mainly because of convenience. There are easy to use, and no messy application is involved. You just only put them in your Yorkie and let them wear it as normal.

They are also less expensive than spot treatments and other oral medications.

They provide longer medications compared to other medicines, which can only last 30 days. It means you have to replenish and buy more to get the most out of it. Flea collars can take up to 8 months of usage.

There are some considerations to make when you start to use a flea collar. If there’s a presence of a young child that might touch the collar, you might be exposing them to harmful chemicals.

Flea Medications

The same thing with collars, there are multiple options for flea medications available. Some medications repel the fleas while others kill the adults or any flea in all stages of their lifecycle. Some pills need to be given monthly, while some are required every day.

Benefits Of Flea Medication

Some dog owners use flea medications because they are fast in giving results and can kill existing fleas within 30 mins of being taken. They are proven to be safe and won’t interfere with anyone outside of your Yorkie.

Some medications kill all types of worm, ticks, and even ear mites. Giving you a wide range of prevention from other parasites.

When considering oral medications, you might have to find a way to hide it from your Yorkie. It is best to add them to their food so they won’t notice. Some show side effects like upset stomach, but that is pretty minimal.

If they are showing signs of vomiting, it might not be the best medication for them.


Before considering any dog flea treatment, you should first try to introduce a good grooming routine to your Yorkie. It can prevent and identify fleas on their early stage and can prevent any major infestation.

Always discuss it with your vet to find the latest treatment possible. Once you have the treatment work out for your Yorkie, stick to that plan, and you won’t have to worry about a flea infestation.