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When Do Yorkie Puppies Start Walking? Yorkie puppies might be adorable and considered by most owners as their bundle of joy in the world, but they also need extra special care. At the tender age of one week old, they are prone to illness and very dependable on their mother. Over the coming weeks, they will develop and grow out of infancy into a young pup. Some of the exciting changes will happen between the age of one to eight weeks.

When do Yorkie puppies start walking? The short answer is approximately five weeks. By the time the puppy is in 5 weeks, they start walking, their eyesight is well developed, and they are starting to wag their tails and bark to engage in socialization and playtime.

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This short read will allow you to determine the stages of Yorkie puppies’ growth and what developments they undergo in those stages.

Yorkie’s Development

All dogs go through some development once they are born up to 6 weeks. These kinds of phases are called neonatal and transitional.

Neonatal Period

The neonatal period is from birth up to 2 weeks. From the moment they are born, their strongest bond will be with their mother. Like other dogs, Yorkies are born blind and deaf, the only sense they have is the sense of smell, and this will help them to find their mother. They cannot regulate their body temperature, which means they depend on their mother and siblings for warmth.

They need to locate their mother to breastfeed. The first milk the mother produces is essential for puppies because it contains antibodies that will give them immunity. It can help them protect from other diseases.

During this period, all puppies spend most of the time sleeping. They need to store enough energy, so when they are awake, they spend it nursing for growing and doubling their weight.

Much like any other dog, they cannot support their weight until they reach 15 days in preparation for standing and walking. They also develop specific muscles and coordination when they try to move around to their mother and other siblings.

Transitional Period

Transitional Period starts from 2 weeks up to 4 weeks, this is the time they develop ears, and they begin to open their eyes. They become more playful with their siblings and more influential in their new world.

By this time, they developed eyesight. It is helpful for your pet’s mobility, as it started to walk and wag its tails. It is also the stage where they learn how to bark as a way of communicating with their mother and other siblings.


Overall, these developments vary from one breed to another. And the ability to learn new lessons throughout their life will always depend on how their owners treat their puppies. If a puppy doesn’t have enough time to develop, it might have difficulties later in their life.

You need to take extra precautions as their human guardian to make sure that the early developmental stages are safely monitored and adequately guided.

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