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When Can I Give my Yorkie Puppy a Bath?

Yorkshire Terriers, or commonly called as Yorkies, are cute, fluffy little creatures that could warm up your day. While some dogs hate bathing time, Yorkies are still energetic. Their bath time will not only make them look more adorable, fresh, and clean, but it’s also one way to bond with them.

When can I give my Yorkie puppy a bath? You can bathe your Yorkie at 8 weeks old. Then you can consistently wash them at least once a week or in 2 weeks, depending on his coat and skin sensitivity.

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In this article, you will learn how to take care of your Yorkie through bathing and how it is vital to keep them bathe so your bonding will

Considerations In Bathing Your Yorkie

Bathing is a vital thing for Yorkies because this should determine their hygiene. Although there are no strict guidelines on how to bathe your Yorkie, it’s safe always to keep them sanitized at all times.


Their bathing time should also consist of how to take care of their hair by brushing and combing. Bathing can help release that tangled hair and make your pet smell fresh. The reason why Yorkie have to get a bath, especially with the long-haired ones, is because their hairs are accumulating dirt and dust.

Skin Sensitivity

When a Yorkie has sensitive skin, it is not recommended to bathe them frequently. When their bathing time is reduced, use it to keep your Yorkie’s skin oily to save them from cold weather.

The most effective approach is to only bathe them once in 2 weeks, just in case they smell bad and collect too much dirt.

Importance Of Bathing

With the given importance to keep them clean, there are also some important factors why you should bathe them. There are some underlying benefits to making your bond stronger.

Bonding Time With Your Yorkie

Spending a reasonable time for bathing always leaves an impression on your pet. That only means you are paying more attention to them and that their welfare is important.

What is also important is to keep them away from what’s making them stress, especially when it comes to their foul smell and dirt. Bathing can also be used as a playtime between you and your pet.

Grooming Routine

You’re the one who knows your Yorkie best, so you know better on when to bathe them. The only factors that you have to consider are their types of skin and skin sensitivity, so you will know what shampoo or other essentials you should use in them.

If you lived with them, then you must know their preference on how to bathe them.


Just like humans, taking a bath is also as important with Yorkies. They also needed to be treated, especially when dealing with the foul smell. As an owner, you also need to know their allergies to grooming products to avoid hair and skin diseases.

It’s also best if you visit his regular vets so you can get advice from them about how to groom them better.