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What’s The Hardest Trick To Teach A Yorkie?

Yorkies are naturally intelligent and an easy- learner, but some owners would tell that it depends on what you are teaching to them. Most Yorkies tend to learn tricks easier are Dance, spin, Beg, and rollover. Of course, with all of these tricks, they should be given some rewards.

What’s the hardest trick to teach a Yorkie? Yorkies are easy-learners, but the hardest trick that an owner can teach them is the housebreaking. However, some owners would say that they aren’t—and walking with a leash on them.

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In this article, you will learn why Yorkies are harder to housebreak and walk on a leash.

Yorkies Are Harder To Potty Train And Walk Leashing 

Though Yorkies are one intelligent breed, still, some tricks make them hard to learn. Two main tricks that they find it hard to learn are housebreaking and walking on the leash. Why? Check below the reason.

1. Housebreaking – Yorkies can’t live both in the cold and the rain, so if you’re living in a country with a rainy climate, it is bad for them. But if you make their potty cover better, it’s recommended. Because experts say that Yorkies have smaller bladders than the large breeds meaning they tend to pee more often.

Plus, they will love too to be carried outside by their owners than to do it on their own.

2. Walk On A Leash – Since Yorkies love to be around with anyone, they are hard to leash training. Any puppy doesn’t like the feeling of being restricted from their actions.

But there is a technique for this, and you can introduce the leash to them in a fun way, like attaching the collar to them and let them play with it until they get used to the collar and won’t feel its a burden.

Make sure that the collar you put on them isn’t too heavy and too tight so they can still move freely. Once the Yorkie get used to it, try controlling the leash, and when they pull hard, don’t be alarmed. They may refuse to walk at first, but when they can praise them by rewarding them.

Don’t Treat Yorkie Like A Doll

One of the techniques that an owner should know is not to treat them like a doll, Yes, they may be a lap dog, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all Yorkies love to sleep on the laps all day.

Carrying your Yorkies every time will make them feel that the world isn’t safe for them to walk around. There are studies on the behavior of dogs that coddling and babying your Yorkies may lead to insecure dogs.

Meaning, they will often bark once they sense a strange sight or sounds. And this isn’t considered a healthy state of mind for any dog.

But for them to obey your command, you need to do obedience training with them, and try to build a tiny obstacle course for them. Teach them to play fetch with a toy, and once they do, don’t forget to reward them after.


Overall, Yorkies are one intelligent type of breeds, but there are still things that are harder for them to learn. Because of their size, most of the time they cuddle, that’s why it’s still advisable to start with obedience training with them.

This article made you realize too that when you’re always babying them, this will affect their behavior.