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What Size Bowl Should I Get For My Yorkie?

There was a time that dog owners used any bowl to feed their dogs. Regardless of the dog’s size, eating style, breed, and shape. But this doing is wrong because different breeds of dogs have different needs during mealtime. And using the wrong bowl might cause them serious consequences.

What size bowl should I get for my Yorkie? The small size of the bowl is perfect for your Yorkie pup. Consider a specific bowl like the Shallow bowl that is recommended for small- to medium breed dogs.

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As you read on, you’ll learn that there are specific types of bowls for every breed of dogs. You will also learn that when choosing a bowl, materials used to it also play an essential role.

Shallow Bowl Is A Perfect Partner For Yorkies

Shallow bowls are one perfect bowl for Yorkies because it allows them to reach their meal comfortably without putting any pressure on their throats. It’s also an ideal match for other small dogs like the chihuahua and Pomeranians. This type of bowl is also for Medium dogs like corgis and beagles.

Yorkie pups are one small type of breed. That is why they also need a small bowl. A stainless bowl is also recommended so they won’t tip over and are easier to clean.

It’s essential to buy your Yorkie pup two bowls for food and their water. And make sure that you clean it every day, so there’s no chance for bacteria to build up.

Different Bowl Types For Different Dog Breeds

1. Deep bowl – it is the most commonly used and appropriate bowls for dogs with long, thin snouts. Dog breeds with these appearances are the Dachshunds, Collies, and Greyhounds because it allows them to feel more comfortable accessing their food without chasing it around.

2. Steep-sided bowl – these types of bowls are deep with a narrower opening at the top and sides that are inwardly angled. It is the best choice for long-eared dogs like Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels and Beagles. Its unique shape allows those dogs to eat comfortably while making sure their ears are kept dry and clean.

3. Elevated bowls – this type of dog is a perfect choice for large breed dogs like the Labradors, Huskies, and Retrievers. Giant dogs like Great Danes and Mastiff can also use this bowl.

Its design is perfect for those dogs allowing them to eat comfortably without having to bend too much. Elevated bowls are recommended too for senior dogs and dogs with physical limitations following surgery.

But there are issues in using this type of bowls, especially for those dogs who are prone to Bloat. Dogs like the German Shepherds and Boxers that have large chest-ratio should first consult a veterinarian before using this bowl.

4. Slow-feed dogs – this type of bowl doesn’t design for a specific breed of dogs. But they make a perfect option for those dogs who tend to eat too fast. Dogs who eat faster than the usual speed makes it harder for a pet owner to manage their weight.

Eating too fast can cause a dog to be bloated because the air they take might lead to gas.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bowl

Bowl Height

Bowls may vary depending on its shape and how tall it is for your Yorkies. If your pup can grow into a large dog, you might consider buying a bowl with an adjustable height.

With this kind of bowl, you’ll adjust the height of it as the pup grows taller. Larger breed of dogs doesn’t have to strain their neck, or there’s no need to bend their body to eat.

Small breeds don’t have to strain to reach the bowl. Therefore, there’s no need to buy adjustable height bowls.

Bowl Size

Experts say that the size of the bowl shouldn’t be too large for a dog. You need to remember that dogs should feel comfortable while opening and closing their mouth. If you’re not sure what type of bowl to buy, you can start with a small bowl appropriate to your pup.

And then buy another one when he scales up or grows up, especially if you have a large breed dog.

Volume Of Food

One of the main misconceptions of dog owners is to overfeed their dogs using large bowls. Because of this, it can cause their pet obesity. That’s why it’s better if you choose the right size bowl for your dog. To get the appropriate amount of food, you should use a measuring cup.

You can feed your dog with a recommended amount of dog food based on your dog’s size. Then, you can switch to a standard food dog when your pet reaches its physical maturity. Small dogs mature around 10 to 12 months while large dogs mature up to 12 months. 

Determine What Material Used In A Bowl

Materials that are used in a bowl have a specific role too to different dog’s characteristics. To understand about it more, here are some of those:

  • Stainless steel bowls – this is an excellent choice for those dogs who have sensitive skin. But remember that it can’t be used outside as it can become very hot and frozen in the cold.

  • Ceramic bowls – most fur parents often enjoy ceramic bowls because they have many colors and designs to choose from. Ceramic bowls are porous. That is why you need to wash it immediately after every meal.

  • Plastic dog bowls – are used by other pet owners because its materials are used, plastic bowls are lightweight, easy to clean, and inexpensive. But it can be dangerous too to dogs that have sensitive skin because it can cause irritations.


In general, small size bowls are the perfect match for your Yorkie pup. Aside from the size, you also need to consider the materials used before buying a dog bowl. Because there are dogs that need special care, and there are also dogs that have sensitive skin.

Also, remember to get from your dog’s vet recommendations before buying one if you’re unsure what to buy.