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What Is The Best Tear Stain Remover For Dogs?

If you own a dog, you have all seen them having tear stains trickling down their cheeks. It might not be the indication of their inner-most feeling, and you cannot help but wonder if they are sad or not. The good news is, tear stains are not really a reflection of their feelings but rather an indication of high tear production.

What is the best tear stain remover for dogs? There’s the TropiClean Spa Tear Stain Removal, Petpost Tear Stan Removal, Angel’s Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Removal, and Burt’s Bees for Dogs Tear Stain Removal. These are only a few brands that will give you the best performance in tear stain removal.

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Find more about different brands that offer the best tear stain remover for your dogs in this article. Feel free to check each of it to see which one is available in your area or in terms of your budget.

Top Dog Tear Stan Remover

If you find your dog to have reddish tears and you want to remove the stain, there is a product designed for it. These top dog stain removers will do the job for your fury-friend to have them looking fabulous.

Here are some of the products available in the market that will suit all your budgets. Whether you are dealing with an older dog or puppy tear stains you can find it below:

TropiClean SPA Tear Stain Remover

The first and top pick for a dog stain remover is the TropiClean SPA Tear Stain Remover. This type of facial cleanser is infused with oatmeal and blueberry that will gently remove even the most study tear stains.

This brand offers a refreshing blend that can soothe irritated eyes, and it works perfectly to avoid further irritation.

TropiClean SPA is also soap-free and utilizes a coconut cleanser to give the ultimate comfort. It means that this brand avoids harsh bleaches and detergents and will support your pup in the best way possible.

It will turn those sad tear-stained eyes into sparkling ones filled with joy and delight.

Petpost Tear Stain Remover Wipes

The second best on this list is by this brand called Petpost. This brand offers pre-soaked cotton wipes that are perfect natural eye cleaner and can get rid of stains in an instant.

It is common knowledge that this product is chemical and bleach-free, which means it won’t cause irritation or harm to your dogs. It is infused with juniper berries and coconut; that is why a lot of dog owners opt for this brand.

It makes their dogs and puppies not only clean but looking and smelling fresh.

With regular use of this product, you will be assured that it will remove the tear stains and prevent future build-up. The pre-soaked cotton pads are designed to help owners to administer the cleaning without errors fully.

It is perfectly handy if you are traveling with your dogs as it comes in packages. All packages and ingredients of this brand are all recyclables which makes it eco-friendly. They are an excellent pick for dog owners always on the go and need to get the job done easily.

Burt’s Bees For Dogs Tear Stain Remover

Burt’s Bees is an excellent product that is designed for dogs, and it embodies a mixed fusion of chamomile. It is for added comfort and gentleness that can remove tear stain instantly.

This stain remover from Burt’s Bees removes stains safely and cleans all particles that irritate your dog’s eyes. You can utilize this product twice a day for two weeks, and you will get to see great results.

It is suitable for old dogs and puppies because it is free from harsh chemicals, any colorants, and fragrance.

This company pride itself on avoiding parabens, petroleum, and synthetic fragrances and only utilizes the best quality for your dogs. A lot of dog owners recommended this product because of its amazing quality, value, and effectiveness in taking care of those tear stains.

Angels’ Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Remover

Angel’s Eyes made it on this list because they are one of those brands that offer great quality. These angelic gentle tear wipes are perfect in removing tear stains and debris build-up.

It prevents those crusty eyes and making sure that they are entirely removed plus it is super easy to use. It is advisable to use it daily, and you will keep the exterior of the eye clean and free from tear stains.

They are perfect for owners who are always on the go or for holiday trips where you do not want to administer any solution.

Angel’s Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Remover is super friendly on your dog’s eyes, and it does not contain any harmful ingredients like bleach, antibiotics, or other chemicals.

They are infused with juniper berries which are known to be helpful for dog’s health. It is a real treat for your dogs to make sure they have clean and fresh eyes.

Always Bright Eyes Tear Stain Remover

The next on this list is the Always Bright Eyes Stain Remover. It is one of the most popular brands out there.

This brand is known to be a little kit that is a bit different from the rest, and it includes a specialized tear stain removing liquid, a removing powder, and an application brush.

This kit will ensure that you will get your pup’s eyes back in their sparkle state and to get the job done correctly.

This two-step system is vital to ensure that not only the stains are removed but also to prevent future build-up. It comes with a herbal formula that is proven to be safe on your precious little ones and does not contain harsh chemicals.

Always Bright Eyes put your dog’s eye health first, and they have formulated a product that works naturally. Keep in mind that if you are pursuing all of the products mentioned here, it is always best to consult first your vet.

Excel 8-in-1 Tear Stain Remover Pads

Excel’s 8-in-1 Tear Stain Remover Pads offers a combined quality and value that will ensure your pup’s eyes are clean in no time. These tear stain remover pads are ideal for busy dog owners who want a quick action in making sure those stains are gone.

It is made from aloe vera and other gentle ingredients that will make sure it won’t irritate your dog’s eyes.

These wipes are also great if your puppies are prone to saliva stains and are perfect to use for their eyes and mouths. Just make sure not to get it in their eyes or their mouths.

To use these amazing pads, you only need to wipe the affected area using the wipe pads and then rinse it with water. If your dog is suffering from heavy stained eyes or mouth, you will need to use the product more daily.

Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Tear Stain Remover Dogs

Nutri-Vet has been around for quite some time now in making sure they provide the best product as possible. And this is no surprise that they made it on this list with their Nutri-Vet Rinse Tear Stain Remover.

This specialized eye rinse can help to reduce irritation and prevent the build-up of tear stains. They are popular because they are made by vets and has been specially formulated to meet all your dog’s needs.

This product is super gently and able to remove all the debris with comfort and ease. It is an excellent choice in making sure that those tear stains won’t come back again.

New Natural Tear Eye Stain Remover

Last but not least is the New Natural Tear Eye by Bodhi Dog. This gentle tear stain remover contains a wide variety of natural ingredients like lemongrass and lavender oil. These ingredients work gently to remove and lighten the tear stains of your dogs.

They are most known for having zero harsh chemicals like bleach and has an all-natural solution.

This brand prides itself on being tough on these stains but gentle on your dogs. It is recommended to use this solution regularly to prevent some build-up of tear stains. They are also animal cruelty-free and eco-friendly, which means the packaging can be recycled.

It is an excellent pick for environmental advocates and also offers a money-back guarantee. Many users recommend it because of its effective lightening of tears and the ability to clean the eye area entirely.


While tear staining can cause bacteria build-up and can lead to infections, it is essential not to take it lightly. Tear stain removers not only helps clean your dog’s eye area, but they also help reduce the chances of bacterial infections.

Though for the most part, they are most commonly used for appearance purposes. Many reasons could cause tear staining, so before you proceed with the short-term solution, eliminate all possible medical conditions and make sure you are feeding them the appropriate food.