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What Is The Best Harness For A Yorkie?

Since it was first developed in the 19th century, Yorkies have undoubtedly captured the heart of many. They are in sixth place for the most popular dog breed worldwide. Even if they are one of those popular dogs, they still need the best digs for walkies. And harnesses are the perfect useful thing in terms of controlling them.

What is the best harness for a Yorkie? Best harness for Yorkies should and will always depend on the types, and the materials used. That’s why before buying one, it’s better to check it according to these categories because it’s for their safety.

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A harness is one crucial tool that a Yorkie owner should keep in mind. There are many harnesses available, but you, as their owner, should take some critical considerations. And the reason for this is what we are going to tackle in this article.

Yorkie’s Neck Anatomy Plays An Important Role In Buying A Harness

First, like a Yorkie parent, you need to understand why a Harness is better than a collar. When buying a harness for your Yorkie, make sure to consider the size of its neck.

Yorkie’s throat has two parts where their zone of vocal cords are found. Zones identified are the trachea- which goes directly to the lungs.

Next is the esophagus that has a connection to their stomach. One alarming thing here is that your pet’s trachea doesn’t have any bones but is lightly covered by rings of cartilage. And the cartilage isn’t as tough as you thought, meaning it is more fragile and delicate.

When the cartilage is more fragile, the less pressure that a harness should be released.

Best Harnesses For A Yorkie

Because of the Yorkies’ small figure, it’s undeniable that you can’t find a harness that fits them. But don’t worry as there are harnesses that have more than one point to adjustment. It can fit even the smallest dogs. Here are some harnesses you can buy for your Yorkies.

1. Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness

This harness may be simple as you can see, but it keeps your Yorkie comfortable walk. It is also an easy-to-use harness, made with breathable mesh, lightweight, and allows moisture to escape.

Meaning, your Yorkies won’t feel irritated, and they will still feel cool even after with a long walk. It is gentle against the Yorkie’s skin and fits perfectly with their torso.

It also has a quick-release buckle that helps you with an easy and fast adjustment. It is available in various sizes, from XS to XL, which is an excellent option for your other pooch.

2. Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Made with a soft mesh harness but has a sturdy nylon fabric component, is what a Frisco harness is. This harness has a belly strap that helps ensure it fits perfectly on your Yorkie.

Meaning this belly strap enables you to hold the Yorkie in case they want to escape in your hands. Frisco Soft Mesh is easier to wear, as it perfectly fits your Yorkie’s head and then buckles.

Most Yorkie owners highly recommend this brand of a harness because it lets your Yorkies wriggle. Plus, it is easy to take on and off.

3. Classic Dog Harness

If you happen to love camping and other adventurous activities, this harness is best for you. With its nylon made material is what made it more trustworthy and tough.

It also comes with a trademarked buckle bone, which, as they say, is the strongest buckle available in the market. You can choose what color best suits your Yorkies because it comes in 10 colors.

4. Sailor Harness

If you’re a type of fur parent that loves fashion, then this harness is perfect for you. Considered the only harness that is made with fabric and fits like a shirt, sure this harness can turn heads.

Another benefit that this harness can offer is that it is washable. Its weight is also evenly distributed with a matching leash that completes your Yorkies fashion look.

5. Maximum Comfort Harness

This brand of dog harness is made with a non- toxic polyester mesh. There’s also nothing to worry about it at all because it is lightweight and breathable with thick nylon components.

This harness will also give your Yorkies a full-motion without putting too much pressure on their throat and neck. Many recommend this because of its eco-friendly and offers different colors you can choose from.

These are bright colors, which means it’s great for visibility when romping outdoors. You might think that this won’t fit them, but it can be adjustable even if they weigh 4lbs.

Types OF Yorkie Harness

Check out the different types of harness for Yorkies below:


It is the most common type of harness in the market because of its versatility and simplicity. In this type of harness, Yorkies can step through it at the front then buckled at the back.

Harness Leads

This type of harness is an all-in-one design because its made from durable nylon with metal. Wherein it allows the lead to wrap on Yorkies leg’s body.

It is also popular to most Yorkies parents because it is impossible for a Yorkie to escape. Just make sure that is appropriately adjusted once it’s tightened.

Car Harness

Don’t want your Yorkie wandering around while you’re driving, then use this harness. Aside from that, it also helps your Yorkie protect them from any possible accident.

Car harnesses come with a clip, loop, or handle, which you can attach to the seat belt. It is popular with Yorkie parents who love to travel with dogs.


It is also common for those who have smaller breeds of dogs. Its materials are made from a soft nylon or polyester mesh. Because of its superior comfort and lightweight, Yorkies’ parents love it. Like a real harness, you can strap it around your Yorkie’s chest and back with a buckle.

Escape Proof

Because of their naturally crafty and small appearance, Yorkies will always find their way out. This kind of harness can help you get hold of your Yorkies because it resists the chewing action of your Yorkies.

But don’t worry because you can adjust but tightly minimizing the risk of escaping Yorkies.

Types Of Harness Materials

For you to understand what made the Yorkies harness, we’ll help you through these lists.

  1. Nylon – This the most common material that some Yorkies harness are made of. This type of material is a synthetic fabric containing numerous qualities that make it ideal for a dog harness.

  2. Mesh – Is usually made from nylon or polyester or nylon and polyester with cotton, which makes this an excellent material for giving comfort, ventilation, and stretchability, making it perfect for small dog breeds. Like the nylon, polyester is also a synthetic fabric and contains some of the nylon qualities. But the sole difference is that it isn’t always strong and tends to be softer.

  3. Leather – Unlike the nylon, leather is rarely used for dog harness because of its weight and higher cost. But some would consider it as a viable alternative option. Leather tends to stretch, especially when it’s wet, which means it requires regular oiling to be strong.

  4. Neoprene – Is a rubber material that is said to be the best option for a padding harness. It is also being used with a nylon and polyester.

  5. Cotton – Is the most organic and natural material, which makes it more suitable for Yorkies and other dogs, especially dogs who suffer from different skin conditions and allergies. And it is not as breathable like polyester or nylon.

Dog Collar Vs. Dog Harness

If you’re still confused about the difference and use of these two walking partners, we’ll explain it further. As we said earlier, when there’s too much pressure on Yorkies trachea, this will cause serious problems.

When you use a collar for your Yorkies, the pressure is possible. But this thought doesn’t apply to dogs in general.

A big type of breed can handle the pressure that a collar releases, like a French bulldog. Pressure comes when Yorkies make a fast or sudden motion, which their neck receives and eventually can’t handle. 80% of Yorkie dogs are prone to neck issues, mainly when continuously used for three months.

Then expect that your Yorkies will suffer from a trachea failure.

Though doctors said that it’s treatable, still, that doesn’t mean that it will be 100% successful. Treatment includes some surgeries that can be quite- long-lasting.

Because it can cause neck trauma too, like coughing, trouble in eating, and wheezing noises, that is why most pet store owners or sales agents offer you a harness when they see you enter with a Yorkie.

They also believe that it is a smart and better choice because of its more delicate approach. The harness fits around a Yorkies’ upper back, chest, and shoulders, meaning it avoids their trachea.

Thus, their body’s muscles and bones can handle pressure like the action of running and long walks.


To summarize, it’s better to use a harness because it is more delicate than the collar. That before buying your Yorkie a harness, make sure that it contains some of those essential materials.

Knowing the Yorkies neck anatomy also helps you decide and understand more why harness is better. The collar is bad for Yorkies, but it doesn’t apply for all types of dog breeds, especially large dogs.