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What Is A Yorkie Chon? Everyone loves a designer terriers because they are small, playful, and high energy all the time. But imagine this, an adorable Bichon Frise and the ever irresistible Yorkshire Terrier combined, it was an image of pure adorableness. The good news about it, you don’t need to use your imagination to make this all come true, they do exist.

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What is A Yorkie Chon? A Yorkie Chon is also known as Yokie Bichon or Yo-Chon. It is a result of cross-breeding a Yorkshire Terrier and A Bichon Frise. They have a small physique and they are a perfect pet for the whole family.

In this short read, you will be able to have a bit of information about Yorkie Chon and some personality and traits to consider when getting one.

A Brief History

Yorkie Chon is a designer dog, a cross-breed between Bichon Frise and a Yorkshire Terrier. They are quite popular for their cuteness and low maintenance. They are around for the past few decades but only gained popularity in the last decade or so. As a hybrid dog, the cons will have to be on their temperament and appearance because they came from two different breeds with different conditions.

Yorkie Chon Appearance

Yorkie Bichon can grow up to 9 to 12 inches when they reach adulthood, and their ideal weight is ranging from 6 to 8 pounds. As far as their distinctive color, you can expect to have a white, cream, gold, or some darker combinations like black, blue, grey, and even brown.

The Temperament of A Yorkie Chon

A Yorkie Bichon is expected to be lively but independent. They have a mild temperament that makes it a great companion. It has a good combination of traits from their parents, and they are known to be a loving breed. Since they have the characteristic to be independent, they don’t mind being left alone and would rather be exploring the new environment that they are in.

Behavioral Pattern

Yorkie-Chon is known to be an aggressive barker. It has pros and cons when it comes to barking when you think about it. They can warn you if there’s any strange activity happening in their vicinity while on the other hand, they can be quite annoying to other people around.


As you are well aware, they come in small size on the outside but don’t judge the book by its cover because they come big on the inside. They are a very active and friendly and gentle little dog. They are perfect pets for families due to their friendly aura. They love you as much as you love them and will be willing to defend you if any harm comes.


Overall, Yorkie Bichon is a perfect companion. These dogs are friendly, fun, and safe to say, a little protective of their owner. You got the best of both worlds when it comes to physical attribute and their personality department. They are playful and always love to cuddle. It is like having a ball of happiness and fluffiness combined into one that happens to be alive.

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