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What Is A Good Size Crate For A Yorkie?

Yorkies are a small type of breeds, friendly, and don’t like to be alone for long hours, which is why you need to carry them too whenever you are up for a long road trip or adventure. To carry them on an outing, you need the best and suitable crate for them. There are available crates in the market, but you need to buy and choose what’s best for your Yorkie pup.

What is a good size crate for a Yorkie? It is ideal to buy your Yorkie pup an 18 inches crate. Some Yorkie parents consider the average size for a full-grown Yorkie before buying it.

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As you read on, you’ll learn guides on how to choose a crate for Yorkies correctly. We will also give types of crates that you might need when buying it.

Size Of A Crate For A Yorkie

Most crate manufacturers will give you information on how to measure your dog for a crate. They might give you a general suggestion of the crate size like what specific breed you have.

You should also compare the L x W x H measurements they provide in the crate description over your dog’s dimensions. It’s better that your Yorkies crate should have enough room for them to move and get inside and out easily.

Take note some of these essential interior dimensions that you should know:

  • Stand up – know the overall interior height, length, and width of the preferred crate.
  • Turn around – the length and the width of the walls too is essential when buying for a Yorkie’s crate.
  • Lay down – finding out the length and width of the crate’s base plays a vital role in buying a crate.

The ideal size of the Yorkie’s crate is at 2 to 4 inches of space available in each way. Meanwhile, it’s better that your thinking is advanced, like what’s the average size of a Yorkie when fully grown.

Type Of Crate For Yorkie Pups

Most would say that the most popular crate for Yorkies is the wire dog crates. But there are also other options might want to consider and here are some of it:

  1. Soft dog crate – This type of crate is perfect, especially when you’re going outdoors like on a trip downtown, campings, and vacations. It’s because of how light its weight is and how portable it is. This dog crate is said to be affordable, foldable, and is easy to clean. Plus, it is made of a metal frame, and soft fabric material is what makes it good for Yorkie pups.

  2. Plastic dog crate – Plastic crates are lightweight. That is why Yorkie’s parents chose this type most of the time, especially when they are traveling to and from the vets and for airline baggage. But the downside of this crate is that it gets weaker as your Yorkie pups get bigger.

  3. Heavy duty steel dog crate – This crate is specially made for chewers, escape artist dogs, and scratchers. It is made of heavier steel compared to the metal wire crates.


In general, dog crates are essential for Yorkie dogs as much as it is for other dog breeds too. You can choose lots of crates from you, but you need to know what’s best for your Yorkie pup.

Remember that they are tiny but still requires a crate, especially if you as their owner loves adventures. A crate will help you carry them without having to worry that they might escape from you.