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What Is A Biewer Yorkie? Dog DNA tests are all-rage these days because, as humans, people are curious to t\get their origin and found out what’s in their ancestry. DNA Testing for dogs has a new way of purpose that it’s not only to find out what type of mix your furry little friend happens to be, but it’s also a new way of identifying a new breed which is how the Biewer Terrier came to life.

What is a Biewer Yorkie? Biewer is a Yorkie that came out in different coloring. It is a rare purebred dog that is a result of the occurrence recessive piebald gene in Yorkshire Terriers. They are friendly, energetic, playful, and considered to be rare.

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In this article, you’ll have a good idea of what a Biewer Yorkie would look like, and what are the characteristics and traits they possess.

Origin And History

These specific dog breeds originated from Germany in Hunstuck to be exact. It was with two Yorkshire Terriers with recessive piebald genes that were bred by Gertrud and Werner Biewer back in 1984. This puppy was named Schneefloeckchen von Friedheck, a little mouthful for a dog name, but it was considered to be the first Biewer Terrier.

The Biewers, performed a lot of selective breeding to produce more like him and by the end of 1989, it was considered to be as the Biewer Yorkie now. It has its own set of standards separate from a typical Yorkshire Terrier.

Appearance Of A Biewer Yorkie

Biewer Yorkie is relatively small. Most of them weigh from 4 to 8 pounds, and they can reach up to 8.5 inches tall at maturity. A typical Biewer Yorkie has a flat head, a medium-size muzzle, and has a pair of V-shaped ears. They have long straight hair that is usually in striped patterns of a black, white, brown, or even darker tone of blue combination.

What makes this breed different from a Yorkie is their coloring. They have a distinct three colors where a Yorkie can only have two. While at first glance, they exhibit similarity in terms of their coat, Biewer has a softer coat than a regular Yorkie.

Temperament And Behavioral Patterns

This particular breed of dog is very easy to get along with. They are mostly on the quiet and adorable side of behavioral attitude. They are friendly to strangers and loving to their owners as they always prefer to play around and cuddle with the rest of the family members.

Like any other toy terriers, they come with a big and cheerful personality regardless of their size. Much like Yorkshire Terriers, they are very loyal, always crave activity and attention.


Overall, Biewers are dogs that are great companions for lots of dog lovers out there. The only downside of owning this dog is that it can cost you between $1000 – $2500 for a puppy depending on the breeder. It might come off as an expensive dog, but in reality, this dog is pretty rare and hard to breed.

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