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What Can I Give My Yorkie To Gain Weight?

Yorkies can be adorable, but they can be high-maintenance as well. If your Yorkie is a finicky eater, then he needs to have a high standard form of diet to keep him healthy and energized. Also, since they needed to gain weight because of their small stature, you can feed them with foods that contain proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

What can I give my Yorkie to gain weight? Since protein and carbohydrates are great factors to add weight to your Yorkie, you can give them either Dry Foods or Fishes.

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In here, you will learn about the things that you need to give your Yorkie to gain weight. If by chance, he over-enjoyed eating these, you’ll also learn the warnings of his weight management.

What To Give Your Yorkie To Gain Weight

If your dog is having weight problems, then his old age and inactivity might be the answer to it. However, as an owner, you have to know how to trick them into eating more nutritious foods.

Dry Foods

Most manufactured dry foods have been formulated with a good amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to give your dog strength to fulfil his tasks while adding and hardening his muscles.

Apart from that, if your dog has a struggle with dental diseases, then dry foods can help you maintain their teeth by scrubbing away his plaques.


Fishes have been any dog’s favorite meal way before dry foods were invented. Fish has a natural protein and Omega-3 content that could not only restore his muscle but also maintain the beauty of your Yorkie’s coat.

This food also contains carbohydrates, which is a big help whenever your Yorkie has an upset stomach.

Weight Management

Tracking down your dog’s weight can be meticulous, especially when it’s done every day. However, you also need to do these things to check if his weight is correlating any condition connected to his legs.

Calorie Requirements

A Yorkie can only weigh up to 7 pounds maximum. If he is inactive, you are required to add 150 calories per day to his foods, and if he reaches his first year, you have to make him eat 400 calories per day for healthy growth.

These calories don’t automatically mean you have to serve them in one meal. You just needed to divide it into three meals instead to prevent overfeeding.

Feeding Schedule

One big factor why some dogs get better weight is because they follow their feeding schedule. Make it a habit to feed them at the exact feeding time. It will also help if you feed them a smaller portion during the day and a larger portion in the night.


Your Yorkie deserves to be given the exact nutrients his body needs. To add more weight, you can also try giving them pumpkin and sweet potatoes and make them exercise every day. These small ways can make your puppy return to a healthier condition.