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What Can I Do With My Yorkie?

Every Yorkshire Terrier is feisty, competitive, and energetic, despite their small appearance. They can also be affectionate and attention-seeker at times, yet a little bit stubborn with house training. With a maximum eight of seven inches tall, their standards for competition seemed to be opposite because they love getting their chores done.

What Can I Do with my Yorkie? There are many things that you can do with your Yorkie. It includes potty training, outdoor exercise, puzzle toys, hide & seek, and watchdog training. But before involving them with such activities, be sure that you know their character and behavior.

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In this article, you will learn all the things that you can with your Yorkie. At the same time, it will make you learn about their personalities, the importance of making them do chores, and the rewards you can give them when they accomplish their tasks.

Characteristics Of A Yorkshire Terrier

Before you can try making them do stuff, you have to be sure of their personality and traits, so you also have an idea about their responses towards their tasks.

Yorkies Are Family-Oriented

Yorkies are known for being so loyal to those whom they treated as their family. They may be extra sensitive to those people who don’t get along well with their masters and their children. That is why they tend to get aggressive.

Yorkies are very loyal and affectionate, yet a little bit stubborn when they are trained.

Yorkies Loves Fun Games

Yorkies are very much fun to be with, and they’ll enjoy most of their time with you if you prepared some game for them. You can take them outside and play “Fetch and Go” so their legs can be exercised.

One of the best personalities of Yorkies is being energetic and feisty, especially on games and training.

Yorkies Are Competitive And Domineering

You may never expect that this is coming from a small dog, but their personality is much stronger than what they look like. Yorkies are great in catching insects and rats inside the house.

Also, they can be paired with another large dog, yet Yorkies cannot easily get intimidated by them. There are also some myths saying that Yorkies are made to work in the wool mills, that’s why they hold such strong personalities.

Yorkies Earned the Name “Tomboy Toy”

Despite their small physical appearance, this dog is undoubtedly a pure tomboy because of its spunky personality. Their confidence and endurance to withstand all activities given to them are good reasons to name them “tomboy toys.”

Because of these traits, they developed a wider range of abilities in dog physical and mental sports.

Yorkies Are Sensitive To Cold

Even when coats protect them, yet they can be prone to chills, so they have to stay inside the house most of the time. Luckily, one advantage of having a Yorkie is you can dress them anytime.

So just in case, you’ll walk them outside in chilly weather, then a dog coat would solve the problem.

Things To Do With Yorkies

There are many activities where Yorkies can get involved, such as Potty Training, Outdoor Exercise, Puzzle Toys, Hide and Seek, and Watchdog Training. These activities can help them get all the physical and mental benefits, and also develop their personalities.

Potty Training

To avoid them from eliminating outdoors, you can potty train them and make them learn how to use their potty pads. It would require more discipline for them, yet it can save them more time.

But on a side note, they can be hard to train because they have small bladders, thus needing to be eliminated frequently. Yorkies loved it when their owners assisted them with pooping than going on their own.

Outdoor Exercise

There’s nothing more fun than going outside for a little break. Just like any other dogs, they love to run around and play “Fetch and Go.” Even if they are with large breeds, they can still play along and be more competitive with them.

You can also take them at moderate pacing walks at least once a day for fresh air and to meet with other dogs. Another activity that they can get involved in playing is with some other large breeds, so their social activities will improve.

Puzzle Toys

Yorkies are very intelligent creatures, and getting them a puzzle toy would improve their mental abilities. Puzzle toys usually come in different levels, so you have to choose a puzzle toy according to what your dog can solve.

They would often find it fun and challenging, but for sure, they have the drive to solve the puzzle out. Yorkies are known to have excellent memorization skills, so solving a puzzle won’t be a problem for them.

Hide And Seek

Have them engaged in an activity where they can improve their mental skills, such as Hide and Seek. You have to make them sit very still while you hide, and then, let them find you. Make sure that where you’re currently hiding is where the dog can easily find you.

As your pet gets better with the game, try hiding in a more challenging place like under your blanket and behind the curtains. Some owners would even prank their dogs by making an invisible line between them and the Yorkie.

Afterwards, give him praise and rewards when they successfully found you.

Watchdog Training

As mentioned, Yorkies can be different among other small dogs because they are more competent and aggressive. They are trained to bark, especially when they sensed urgency. Yorkies are an excellent watchdog because of their disciplined and domineering nature.

Importance Of Training And Games

There are too many advantages why you should involve them in games and other activities. Here is the list of some of them:

Yorkies Will Hone Their Skills

Yorkies are fast learners, and while they can easily learn more games and chores, it will make them more competent in completing their tasks.

Not only their physical abilities are being prioritized, but also their social skills to their owners and their mental capacity to memorize. Yorkies are very talented in remembering location and chores. That is why it’s never too challenging to teach them more.

You Would Develop A Better Bond With Them

It is the perfect time where you and your Yorkie can have a special bond together, so make use of the time you’ve spent with him. As an affectionate creature, he’d love to see you being happy with him, especially after he completed his tasks.

After you made him do these things, he might expect a little cuddling from you. It won’t hurt if you spend more time with them after their activities so that they can feel they’re special for you.

Yorkies Will Get More Motivated

Every learning has to be rewarded, and with every reward comes great motivation. If you wanted to make your dog happy while learning new things, then you should give them rewards to stay motivated.

Being motivated in learning is a significant factor because that only means they wanted to be taught.

Rewards To Give To The Yorkies

After completing their tasks, it’s best to give them the things that they deserve. Without these rewards, they will lose the motivation to learn.

Words Of Praise

Just like human beings, Yorkies also love it when they are being praised. Words of praise are essential for them as they feel they are more appreciated and loved by their owner. If they have received such love from you, they will get into a good mood to do another task.

Delicious Treats

Treats are significant rewards for them because it replenishes their hunger and thirst after their tasks. There is a wide selection of delicious treats for dogs that you can feed to them.

For instance, after a long exercise, you can treat them with a small number of sausages in their dinner. However, putting sausages in their meals can only be done once in a while because it might affect their appetite.

Hugs And Cuddles

There’s nothing more rewarding than to feel all the love. Yorkies, being energetic as they are, really loves to cuddle after doing all their play.

They might be a little clingy, but it only makes sense because they only want your attention and affection. In return for these rewards you’ve showered upon him, they can give you unlimited protection and loyalty in return.


Yorkies are hilarious and feisty creatures to own, and as an owner, you also have the responsibility to know and see that they’re enjoying their chores.

Furthermore, to make them motivated to continue their tasks, they must have a reward from you. For more information about activities to be done, you can search them on the internet. You can always check some toys and rewards too to keep them happy.