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What Are Yorkies Scared Of?

Many Yorkies suffered from any fear and get scared at some point in their life. They have these phobias that come from various causes, including a lack of early socialization or bad past experiences. Some signs of fear in dogs include cowering, trembling, drooling, destructive behavior, and aggression.

What are Yorkies scared of? It is very common for Yorkies to be afraid of loud noises, like thunderstorms and fireworks. But they can also become fearful of children, other people, riding cars, going downstairs, or esoteric things.

You will find out what Yorkies typically find terrifying and scary in this article as well as the ways to calm and treat this kind of fear and anxiety.

Common Yorkies Fears And Phobias

Like people, Yorkies are prone to a wide variety of fears and anxieties. Most of these things are innate, while others are due to some scary traumas. Recognizing typical dog fears and knowing how to deal with them can help your canine companion and deepen your relationship with them.

Fear Of Thunder

Astraphobia, commonly known as the fear of thunder, is very common to dogs, especially to little canines like the Yorkies. The degree of fear for thunder varies from one dog to another as some can have a mild fear of it.

For the most part, a Yorkie can experience a tremble, or you can see that their ears have flattened, their eyes are wide, and a tucked tail.

Some dogs even experience severe phobias, which leads them to hide, become uncontrollable, or even lose control of their bowels or bladder. Yorkies who suffers from astraphobia may or may not be afraid of loud noises.

Some Yorkies have a general noise phobia, and they become fearful when they hear thunder, fireworks, loud music, trucks sound, and so on.

Fear Of Fireworks

Another very common Yorkies phobia is the fear of fireworks. It is significantly similar to the fear of thunderstorms, where they make Yorkies tremble in fear. It can lead to cause your dog to become unaware of their surroundings and become lost. 

In hindsight, Yorkies can get used to the sound of the fireworks as they grow old. Once they become familiar with it, it will eventually eliminate the phobia. In some cases, you might need to use management techniques. Dogs with severe cases when it comes to fireworks phobia may need to be treated with anti-anxiety medications or sedatives.

Fear Of Being Left Alone

A lot of dogs sufferers when being left alone, which is most commonly known as separation anxiety. It is pretty common for Yorkies as they attach easily to their owners. They tend to exhibit destructive behavior as soon as their owners leave the house. Some symptoms include loud and excessive barking and housebreaking accidents when they are left alone.

This kind of behavior is easy to fix. All you need to do is to change your behavior towards them. It can be helpful, and it will ease your Yorkie’s fear. Desensitization is the process of slowly getting the Yorkie used to be left home alone. You can try this method to ease your dog’s suffering from separation anxiety.

Fear Of The Vets

It is among the most common fears of a dog. When you take your Yorke to the vet, they will be exposed to strange smells, being restrained, getting vaccinations, and being handled in new ways.

It is why it can be terrifying for them and become a fearful experience for your Yorkies. This type of fear is perfectly normal, and it goes away by bringing your Yorkie on an occasional visit. You can offer lots of praise and treats after every session to serve as a trip they will enjoy.

Fear Of Riding In The Car

Some Yorkies show fear riding in the car, which is due to the lack of exposure in car rides. It can also develop from negative experiences with riding in the car like getting car sick, riding in the car to be left in a dog shelter, or a veterinarian visit.

It is possible to overcome this type of fear by offering treats and praise leading into a car. Then you can work up to taking rides in baby steps.

Fear Of Stairs

Many dog owners might not realize that their Yorkie has a fear of going up and down the stairs until they put on breaks. It means that they stop and tend not to move as they approach a set of steps at your house.

This type of fear is due to a lack of early socialization and exposure to these kinds of stuff. If you have a puppy that isn’t familiar with the stairs, they will find it scary to go up and down when encountering the stairway.

Some Yorkies can overcome this kind of fear if you make it like a game. On the other hand, some dogs may need to learn to navigate the stairs in a literal sense. It might require some time and a lot of positive reinforcement.

On the other hand, older dogs can be hesitant to use stairs because of their living state. They might have some arthritis or other mobility issues, so this kind of behavior is expected. If your Yorkie has a bad fall down the stairs, this can trigger their phobia.

Fear Of Men

Believe it or not, Yorkies are afraid of men, and in some cases, this kind of fear stems from being abused by other men. Some dogs experience traumatic experiences, and this leads them to believe that some men will hurt them.

But those are commonly found for dogs who are raised in a very unhealthy environment. For the most part, it is more commonly due to the lack of socialization. Yorkies that have not spent time around men may be afraid of their deeper voices, larger builds, and facial hair.

Yorkies who are fearful of men should be slowly desensitized to men in a very non-threatening manner. Keep in mind that a fearful Yorkie will growl, snap, or bite you due to their fear. Carefully expose them to men from a distance and make sure they know not to make eye contact with them.

Fear Of Children

Yorkies sometimes develop a fear of children from many different reasons. Most commonly, it is due to the lack of exposure to children. Unless you bring a puppy into an abode with children, your Yorkie might not be able to socialize with them.

Try your best to expose your Yorkie to kids of all ages, starting from puppyhood. Some Yorkies show negative experiences with children, and they get fearful of them. While your child’s intention is good, it may interpret overtures of affection as a threat.

It is advisable to consult a dog trainer or a behaviorist to work on this phobia as it may require some time to work on Yorkies who are suffering in this kind of phobia.

Fear Of Specific Objects

Yorkies can develop a certain fear for a particular object. It can be a vacuum cleaner, a blender, a holiday’s decoration, a child’s toy, or any construction equipment. This fear is generally easy to fix and not a big deal because these objects can be simply out of sight. There are particular cases where it can be problematic sometimes.

For instance, if your Yorkie refuses to walk past the statue outside your house or apartment building or turn into a trembling, anxiety-stricken mess every time you perform a vacuum. If so, you might want to slowly introduce them to objects that they are afraid of positively and playfully.

Fear Of Strangers

Fear of strangers is typically the same with fear of men, but in this case, it can be anybody. To be honest, overcoming this kind of fear can be a little challenging because it is impossible to teach your Yorkie to accept every possible new person in the house. You can simply fix this by slowly introducing them to new people in the house. Forcing them will only make it works, and it can make your Yorkie a little aggressive.

Common Behaviour Problems

Yorkies show a lot of fear and anxiety, and this is perfectly normal because they are trying to adjust and still learn about the world. Some of the common causes of these behavior problems are separation anxiety, noise phobias, resource guarding, dog to dog aggression, and aggression to people.

Other common problems arise from the fear that most dog owners don’t think of. It includes hyperactivity, reactivity, and not paying attention when away from home.

Yorkies usually feel at their safest when they are with their owners in a familiar environment. But like any other animals, they can get cautious of things, and they suspect you can pose a threat, new places, or situations, or anything out of the ordinary. You know that it’s going to be fine and secure, but dog owners often forget that your dogs do not always know that.

Calming Yorkies’ Fear And Anxiety

Fear of dogs can occur with the strangest set of stimuli, and it can be everything from the sound of the bubblegum or popping thunder. But there are many components within that stimuli that you need to deal with the elements surrounding that particular sound.

For instance, a Yorkie who appears to be afraid of garbage trucks is probably frightened by the crushing sound or the sound of the motor the vehicle makes – not the truck itself.


To minimize their fears, desensitization is something to consider at home. But it should be done compassionately and consistently. What is good about desensitization is that you always move forward if you get it done right. You can play on some music that involves nature, and sounds of storms often can cure the common fear of thunder.

Sitting with your Yorkie while you play the music softly will help them feel safe and grow accustomed to the sound. Once they are comfortable;e with the sound, you can gradually increase its volume.

Another ideal way to get rid of the fear of garbage trucks is to walk with your dog when the truck makes its morning routine. Just make sure to keep a safe distance and start by trailing a block or two behind the truck. Then you can gradually get closer and allow him to become more familiar with the sound.

Relaxing Together

In fixing your Yorkie’s fear, it is recommended to do it in a fun way. The easiest way to head off fear is to stop them from reoccurring in the first place. It is more ideal to start at a young age, during puppyhood.

You should spend time with them and take them outdoors and expose them to the world. The later you do that, the longer it will take and harder for them to adjust on what is out there.

You can go on play dates and go to the park together. Going for a walk can help them build their strength and be familiar with different sounds out there. Letting your pet to become familiar with the world is the hardest thing to do.

But it will let your pet to view that it is not frightening to hear sounds. The good news is that the prescription for fending off fear is easy. You just need to start early and have fun doing it.


Yorkies depend on their dog owners to make them feel secure, and the key to overcoming fears is patience and persistence. Keep desensitization events as positive and fun as you can and make a game out of it so your Yorkie will be able to enjoy it.

It will imprint in their brain as a very positive experience, especially if you give them lots of praise and some treats. Never force them to interact with the things they are afraid of, back off if your Yorkie becomes nervous or anxious.