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How Do I Get My Yorkie to Stop Biting?

Yorkshire Terriers are a territorial and aggressive breed of dog, and they are well-known to bite if they are not appropriately trained. They enjoy chewing or nibbling on chew toys, but biting behavior is unacceptable.

You must establish a certain level of dominance at the very start so that you can control and adjust this poor behavior.

How do I get my Yorkie to stop biting? If you want to stop your Yorkie’s biting habit, you need to begin your training as early as possible. You should start once you bring the dog home. This way, your actions and tone will show your dog that biting is not tolerated.

Read on to learn more about the biting behavior of Yorkies.

Yorkies’ Biting Behavior

You might find it cute when your Yorkie puppy play-bites with you. However, this behavior is something you should be concerned about.

Biting behavior in puppies should not be tolerated at all, as it can lead to serious issues when the dog grows up. For instance, a dog could develop aggression and dominance.

The good thing is that, in most cases, puppies stop their biting behavior pretty quickly. This is because when they have siblings around, they learn that biting each other will cause the other puppies to bite back.

However, this might not be true in some cases, as the mother might not have enough time to stop them from biting one another.

The Early Days

When you decide to adopt a Yorkshire Terrier, it is essential to teach the dog good values as soon as it arrives. If the puppy has not learned to bite, then biting will never be a problem.

In the opposite case, you will need to set up a strict and consistent command to stop your Yorkshire Terrier from biting. It is worth noting that hurting any pet, no matter what the pet does, is never helpful.

This could lead to severe anxiety and aggression when the dog grows up.

To stop the biting behavior, you must establish strict rules and be reasonable with your actions. Praise the dog when it does something good and discourage the dog if it is not behaving well.

Among the root causes of severe dog biting is being too playful with your Yorkie. Physical activities such as wrestling, tug of war, and chasing can trigger nipping in most Yorkies.

Just keep everything under control and know when and where to stop with all of these activities.

The Causes of Biting Behavior

Yorkies bite out of fear, pain, habit, and the need for territorial protection. Training your pet is the key to stop them from biting. Let them learn what is acceptable and tolerable and what is not.

Because of its teeth, biting can be a serious problem for those who come into contact with a Yorkie.

Health Issues

If your Yorkie has never snipped at you or tried to bite something, and then suddenly engages in such behavior, it could be because your dog is experiencing a health issue.

If your Yorkie starts to bite for no apparent reason, it could be in pain. Because the dog is feeling a little vulnerable due to its health concern, it tends to lash out at people who come close to it.

If your Yorkie is in pain, even if you are the owner, it may still try to bite you. If you notice this change in behavior, you should take your dog to your vet for a checkup to see if there is a health concern you should be worried about.


Usually, Yorkies learn how to bite at a very young age, as this was part of their experience with their siblings when they were born.

Training them to not bite while they are still puppies is probably the best way to avoid this kind of behavior. Otherwise, the dogs will turn into biting adults if you don’t train them properly.

Once you bring your dog home, training should begin. Use a tone of voice that shows dominance. This way, the dog can follow you without hesitation, and you will show it the right behavior when it comes to biting.

Consistency is the key to success, so train your dog as much as you can.

Protection of Valuables

Yorkies are very protective of their surroundings, but this kind of protectiveness can sometimes be a liability. Most Yorkies believe that the only way to protect their belongings is through an act of aggression.

A Yorkie’s list of valuables includes food, toys, territory, or even its owners. Yorkies are known to be overprotective of their family members.

Fear of Aggression

Fear aggression is a response you often see toward strangers. Like people, Yorkies are naturally fearful of the unknown and potentially threatening situations.

If you raised your Yorkie in a quiet environment, it could get distraught by noisy and fast-moving people or animals.

As a result, it will bark and lunge to drive them away and deliver a stinging nip to children without giving them a warning.

There is no particular breed or gender predilection for fear aggression. This kind of behavior is common because of a lack of early socialization to different people.

How to Stop Your Yorkie’s Biting Habit

Biting is a common problem among Yorkshire Terriers as well as other small dog breeds. This kind of behavior is pretty common among young Yorkies.

Unless they are appropriately trained, they will maintain this habit. Here are some ways to stop your Yorkie’s biting habit:

The “Off” Command

If you ever see your Yorkie in action and getting close to biting, you can teach it the Off command. This will teach your Yorkie to not touch anything, causing it to cease unnecessary biting.

Put a treat in your hand and then close it. Every time your Yorkie comes up to the hand, say “off” and do not reveal the treat in your hand.

If the dog doesn’t touch your hand for about five seconds, you can give it the treat. Compliment the dog and give lots of praise when it listens to your command.

Eventually, the dog will soon learn that “off” means not to touch. The off command is very helpful in preventing your dog from biting.

As your dog learns not to touch, it will be learning more socially acceptable behavior.

Ignoring Their Existence

Ignoring your cute Yorkie might be the hardest thing to do, but you can do other things in the meantime. By not giving your Yorkie too much attention for its unruly behavior, you are making it a better companion in the future.

Although it might be difficult at first, do not touch or speak to your Yorkie. Leaving the room or acting like it does not exist will give your dog the idea that biting does not equal more attention.

When you return, you can play with your dog again. Afterward, repeat the process with keywords like “Ouch” or “No” if it bites again.

When your dog does not bite, give it a lot of praise and some yummy treats to reinforce the acceptable behavior.

Soon, your dog will learn that biting equals being ignored and that not biting means praise, playtime, and more treats. Consistency is the key to this method, and it is needed to avoid confusion with your dog.

Proper Socialization

Aside from training, socializing your Yorkie with other dogs and people can help stop its biting behavior.

Yorkies can get pretty aggressive and sometimes even snap at strangers or other dogs if they are not properly socialized. Also, you have to take your Yorkie to the dog park and spend a lot of time with it.

Yorkies that are used to being around people and other dogs tend to be more accepting of strangers.

This is why they do not have to take the biting route as others do. Show your Yorkie that you are the pack leader by being firm and consistent with training.


To conclude, biting is pretty normal, especially among puppies, but this behavior doesn’t have to last until adulthood.

With that in mind, together with some knowledge, you will be able to train and have a well-mannered Yorkie. With it’s a puppy or an adult, a well-trained and happy Yorkie is the best kind of companion.