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Why Do Yorkies Dig In Bed?

Yorkies are a naturally playful type of canine breeds. Like any other dog, they also have or display many behaviors that their fur parents don’t understand. One of the common behavior that they have is circling.

Why do Yorkies dig in bed? Yorkies digging in bed is, hypothetically explained as it’s their instinctual behavior. It’s their way of making their bed feel safe and comfortable first before sleeping.

As you read on, this article will help you realize that this Yorkie behavior is normal. This article will also give you tips on how to help Yorkies stop or avoid digging in bed.

Reasons Why Yorkies Dig In Bed

Wild dogs used digging behaviors like scratching the floor for them to create a “nest” to help them rest comfortably.

While domesticated dogs now have a comfortable place to sleep, the urge to scratch the floor before sleeping is coded in the canine DNA. Meaning, it’s impossible for them to resist it.

To understand why Yorkies do it, here are some of the reasons:

Territorial Claims

The special glands found in the bottom of your Yorkies paws, release a scent that is enhanced by scratching.

And by digging the surface of the bed where they plan to rest, they use the odor from their paws to claim it’s theirs.


Though it may sound funny to people, experts say that these actions are entertaining some dogs.

It’s because they believe that the ground helps them relieve the bedroom and release energy.


As we said, Yorkies, along with other dogs, dig their bed, to make them feel comfortable.

While in some areas, they dig to cool down somehow. Also, they do this to help them find the most comfortable position before taking a rest.

Digging helps them remove unwanted materials.

Shared Rituals

According to the SPCA of Texas, both wild and domestic dogs shared the same rituals before bedtime: sniffing followed by digging.

That once the digging is complete, they spin with a few circles then lowers themselves into the hole they created.

They Want To Be Hidden

Dogs, like Yorkies, have an instinct to dig and hide, it’s for them to be safe in the wild. That aside from finding a comfortable spot, it also allows them to hide from other animals too.

When living inside the house, this behavior is unnecessary, but remember that their instincts remain, causing them to dig in the bed.

For Female Yorkies

If your Yorkies are female and are expecting a litter of puppies, digging is their attempt to create a nest for them.

But experts say that whether they are pregnant or not, they still dig for their puppies’ nest.

Tips To Help Yorkies Stop The Digging Behavior

Increase Exercises Activities

You can add one more walk per day for your Yorkies. Then add on at least 20 minutes per session per day of your command training.

With these increased exercises, it will help your Yorkies to release energy and somehow control their digging behavior.

If your Yorkies happens to dig in one specific area, try to look under it. There may be a possibility that their favorite toys are under it.

Distraction Dog Training Technique

This technique will help your Yorkies to forget the digging behavior, You can compile enough dog toys that can be divided into four groups. The other group of toys should only be made available every two weeks.

If they begin to dig, then he can be easily distracted with a group of toys that’s not available for the week.

It means that they find their toy of interest, thus digging is their way of investigating the “new” dog toy.

There are dog toys available both in physical and online stores, in which you can hide a treat in it. It has a tiny opening where you can hide their yummy dog treat. 


Rewards are considered one of the best you can give for their good behavior.

Dogs that are being yelled at for their behavior will have the struggle to learn concepts. Puppies who are given praise for their good behavior are quick to learn.

That’s why when you give them your firm “NO” when they dig, then give them treats, hugs, kisses, and praise.

Offer them a dog toy that will serve as an alternative to their digging fun.

Encourage Their Behavior

If you are an owner that thinks this behavior is adorable and encourages your Yorkies to have fun in bed, then there’s nothing to worry about.

All you have to do is to give your pooch positive attention, and they’ll emulate the behavior any time you want.

But if you think your Yorkies exhibits too much hyper both off and off the bed, spend more time walking. And also, don’t forget to play with them too.

Be Considerate But Don’t Too Much

Yorkies, same with other breeds, scratch the floors naturally, but the terriers are frequent diggers.

Though it may seem amusing and an endearing trait for most dogs, luckily, most Yorkies don’t create problems. Some dogs tear up carpets, or this behavior has gone too far, to the point that they dig in the yard.

When your Yorkies reach this level, it’s time to train them to curb or eliminate this digging behavior.

Other Solutions

As a pet owner of a Yorkie, it’s important to distinguish between the extra activity and a dog’s simple settling in. It is essential, especially if you encourage them to sleep with you.

If your Yorkies circle a few times and dogs to their preferred spot before they lay down, it’s normal.

But if they develop a sudden bed crazy out of nowhere, or signs of emotional distress, consider bringing them to the vet.

They might be suffering from anxiety issues or a hormonal imbalance which causes their behavior to shift.

Since they can’t talk, it’s an owner’s responsibility to be observant and be attentive to their needs too.


Overall, Yorkies digging behavior is normal as it is to other dogs, too. If you want to curb or eliminate this behavior, you can follow the suggestions we listed in this article.

This article also helps us to understand that this behavior has corresponding reasons, making it valid.

And though you can’t eliminate this Yorkies behavior forever, it’s important to distinguish between their behavior and anxiety issues.