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Getting A Free Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers have beeb considered one of the most popular dog breeds out there, and they are often referred to as purse dogs.

You can usually see them peeking out of the handbags of many Hollywood stars, and there is something about these tiny dogs that makes them appealing.

This is why many people are looking for ways to get their hands on a Yorkie dog, but it’s not easy if you do not have the means.

How can I get a free Yorkie?  If you want to get a free Yorkie without spending a penny, you can check out some shelters and rescue homes. This is the best place to start with, and this route is the easiest and cheapest way to get one of these furry little creatures.

In this article, you will find ways to get your own Yorkshire Terrier for free or with just a limited budget. It is worth mentioning that getting a Yorkie is not the cheapest, but there are still ways you can get one for free.

Finding Free Yorkie

If you ever caught your eye looking at Yorkie’s photos online, you are not alone. It is common knowledge that Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular dog breeds out there.

If you plan to get one, you might need to adopt and not shop, which can get pretty expensive. So if you are planning to get one for yourself, there are several ways for you to find a free Yorkie.

This includes some pet shelters, Yorkie rescues, breeders, social networks, different animal forums, and advertising sites.

Look For Local Pet Shelters And Rescues

This is the best and easiest way to find a free Yorkie, and when looking around for a new dog to add to your family, shelters, and rescue homes are all you need.

It is especially true if you’re looking for Yorkies. This is probably the easiest route and the cheapest way to get one.

The best thing about starting your search with local pet shelters is that you get to play your part in giving the lonely little puppy a loving home.

In addition to the warm furry friend you get, you will also sleep peacefully knowing that you have an ethically-sourced new member of your family.

You can also select which one you like from all sorts of mixed genes, and if you are lucky, you will get to find a purebred Yorkie.

But if you are looking for that, you might need to be patient and keep on trying until you can get precisely what you are looking for. Then finally, this option also means that you will end up having an old or a little sick Yorkie.

This is because most of these Yorkies are abandoned or street rescues, and they won’t live as long as a healthy Yorkie should.

All you have to do is to be prepared for the potential medical costs to get them fit enough to take home.

Check Facebook Groups For Adoptions

It might not be practical and sustainable for you if you are looking for a Yorkie to add to your family regarding shelter search.

It is also possible that no shelter can be found near your location, or it could be that the breed is so rare that all your repeat trips have been unfruitful. Well, in this case, online looking for a little furry is something you should consider.

Facebook is among the best platforms to find homeless Yorkies all over the internet. There are many pups available from a breeder or maybe abandoned adults.

On Facebook, many different groups cater to this general dog adoption to niche groups that deal with Yorkies. You only need to perform a little research online, and you should find the most prolific group around you.

The only problem with looking for Yorkie on Facebook is that it is, more often than not, the best chance you will have a great deal out of it. You won’t be able to get them free if you find an individual looking to offload their puppies quickly.

Write An Email To Breeders To Adopt

Breeders are known to be the ones responsible for breeding dogs, and they mean business. If you want to make sure that you will find the Yorkie you are looking for, you should reach out to these kinds of people.

This is because they are particularly useful if you are looking out for a specific type of Yorkie that you like. It can be either a teacup, Parti, or a Biewer Yorkshire terrier, as these are exclusive breeds that require specific breeding practices.

Some breeders even have the Yorkie’s tail docked to fir for a purebred Yorkie’s official characteristics.

The only bad news about this option is that you won’t get a free Yorkie on many breeders as they mean business. Business meaning there will be money involved, and it will depend on the kind of Yorkie breed you are looking for.

The prices can range from $300 up to $1500, and what you end up paying will also depend on the variety of factors, including the dog’s specific bloodline and their type.

Sometimes you may even be paying for other expenses like spaying to keep them out of the heat and prevent them from pregnancy.

This cost will be shouldered to the customer and if you do not intend to have these features, check with your breeder.

Internet Forums And Advertising Sites

Believe it or not, Facebook is not the only platform that tackles this kind of adoption lookout. There are many internet resources at your disposal where it will allow you to connect with other owners and breeders.

This way, you can find someone looking for loving homes from all types and ages of Yorkshire Terriers. Research is always the key and a whole lot of patience.

The best offer that you can get online is to look for some online forums, and these include niche and general forums like Reddit that deal with dog adoption like Maddie’s Pet Forum.

They are very convenient sites, and they also offer a lot of good deals, and you have to sharpen your haggling skills. This way, you’ll be able to get what you are looking for.

There are also some advertising sites like Craiglist and social media pages for many adoption agencies. These are considered more legitimate and ideal if you want to avoid getting raw deals from scammers.

Beware Of Scams

While you’re on your way to getting the Yorkie of your dreams, the best defense tool you can have is understanding what tricks are out there.

Also, beware of scams out there that will try to fake you and sell you many things, and you won’t get anything. Here are among the most common online scams when it comes to Yorkie adoption, especially if you are going through online platforms:

The Pure Bloodline Scam

This is probably the most common one and preys mostly on the desire for high quality and purity. For the most part, not all Yorkie that is marketed online is a pure breed.

It is also good to know that there are many ways to spot the mutt in them. The coat pattern is probably the easiest way, and if the dog is being advertised as pure does not have the gold/tan and black/blue combination.

The Ghost Puppy Scam

This kind of scam is the most unfortunate one because, in the end, you won’t be getting a Yorkie to console you. Facebook pages, online forums, and some online ad forums also run ghost scams.

This means that the advertiser will post photos of a Yorkie and give a specific price.

The thing to look out for is that they are very flexible with bargains and might even give you half the price of it. However, the moment you sent your payment, they will disappear just like a bubble.

To spare yourself from it is to work yourself from a respectable business, whether it is a breeder or a shelter. Do not make any transaction unless you have the dog in your hands. 

Hidden Health Complications

Some scams offer you a good quality of Yorkie, and they passed all the health requirements, but you ended up having a sick one.

As a result, you might end up with a pure breed but with more health issues and skin problems. Usually, it happens when the purchase process does not include the whole health checkups.

You will end up costing more than you think in terms of health expenses down your line.


Overall, owning a Yorkie is worth it, and it does not apply to this breed as having a personal dog in the family really helps. You might find it hard to look for a free Yorkie, but you can still try with the options available above.

Yorkies are known to be expensive, but they are sure as hell worth every penny and maintenance.