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Micro Yorkies

Many dog lovers fall in love with Yorkshire Terriers, and you’ll definitely understand why once you see them. When you adopt them at a young age, one of the things that may come to your mind is how long they will be around.

These dogs, just like any other, will only keep you company for a long while.

How long do micro Yorkies live? The average lifespan of a micro Yorkie is around 7 to 9 fruitful years. This is significantly shorter compared to a regular-sized Yorkie due to some health factors and potential for trauma.

This article will feature the life expectancy of a Micro Yorkie and what you can expect from adopting one. It will also discuss some healthy grooming tips that can prolong the life expectancy of your precious pet and make the most of its days with you and your family.

What Are Micro Yorkies?

There are many types of Yorkshire Terriers out there, and considering they are delicate, they are the most complicated breed in the world.

However, you do not have to panic, and you surely do not need an aunty Master’s degree when it comes to Yorkshire Terriers. There are plenty of types and groups that are associated with Yorkies.

Some breeds are classified as in the Toy Group, and that regular ones are between 4 to 7 pounds in weight. If your Yorkie happens to be smaller than the regular size ones, you can refer them to a teacup dog.

This is based on what the American Kennel Club was formed. Micro, teacup, and tiny Yorkies belong to these specific groups significantly smaller than the regular size.

Life With A Micro Yorkie

When you have a dog, you have the responsibility to give them love and care every day, regardless of their size.

This is double the amount of work if you handle little dogs because their small size can potentially harm themselves. Because they are in the small spectrum, there are other things that you should be paying attention to.

Taking Your Micro Yorkie At Home

During the first two weeks, you should always check in with your Yorkie’s well-being and provide them with a healthy lifestyle. This means that your Yorkie should get clean water, good food, and some regular bathroom visits.

It is also essential to add some playtime to build trust and camaraderie between the two of you.

Once they can reach the age of 4 months, they require some quiet time and rest to have proper development. Do not let them wander across the entire house once you bring them home. Just place them in a comfy spot and then slowly introduce them to the entire household.

Proving Comfortable Sleeping Bed

Having a cozy bed will help them adjust to their new surroundings. They might be hesitant to get out of bed, but that is normal. Just monitor them closely and make sure that your pet is not alone in the bed, on the sofas, or in chairs.

Paying Attention To Your Furniture

You should be wary of your furniture, and if you have something that could cause some harm to your dog, you should not leave them. Micro Yorkies are known to get injured easily because of their small physique.

As a result, their life expectancy can be pretty short so if you want to prolong it, pay attention to any furniture in your house that can cause harm.

If this will be your first experience of having a Yorkie, you should always pay attention to your feet at all times. This is because Micro

Yorkies are small, and you can quickly fail to notice them. Always walk slowly and look around in your surroundings. This way, you can avoid any potential accidents happening.


In terms of the life expectancy of micro Yorkies, the mother’s death during pregnancy is relatively high. These so-called miniature Yorkies are often associated with having any incomplete or wrong bite, which might be the reason for the tongue-out position.

For instance, if you have a 5-pound dog, it is technically not in the toy group, based on the rules of the breed registry. But some breeders might flag them as one because it can help for marketing purposes. 

It is valid for all mini Yorkies, tiny, micro, or miniature ones, as these are just marketing terms and do not mean anything. But this is a fact as smaller dogs can be smaller and have less weight than regular ones.

Teacup Yorkie Lifespan

Many breeders and dog lovers think that mini Yorkies require more care, which is a fact. This variety of Yorkshire Terriers is more prone to health problems and needs more frequent vet check-ups than standard ones.

For this reason, they are associated with a lower life expectancy compared to regular-sized Yorkie.

This statistic might be accurate, but there are also some anecdotes where healthy mini Yorkies have to live long and happy. There are no such guaranteed years on how long a Yorkie will live.

There are many different factors that you should consider, including genetics, their proper care, and how they grew in their respective houses.

Generally speaking, a micro Yorike can live up to 7 to 9 years, while for a standard Yorkie, they can live up to 12 years. However, this kind of statistics is only general and an estimate only assuming death is inevitable.

If your Yorkie puppy has inborn injuries, genetic mismatcher, or even suffers from a specific incident, they will most likely live less.

If you plan to get a Micro Yorkie, you need to select a pup of no less than six months old. The choice will be up to you, but this is the best age for a Yorkshire Terrier to be taken home, and it should be easier to observe them. You will know immediately if they have health issues that need to be taken care of.

Grooming Tips For Micro Yorkies

Grooming and maintenance are essential, and they will help your Yorkie be at their best behavior in terms of physical aspect and mental state.

Grooming, in general, is a particular routine every dog owner should consider always and attentively. It is vital, especially if you have micro Yorkies, as they require a different level of grooming.

1. Choose High-quality Grooming Tools

The first one that you should understand is that Micro Yorkies are required and recommended to have a specially tailored shampoo. This needs to be delicate for the tender skin of your Micro Yorkie.

It needs to deliver in terms of making your dog’s hair silky and well-nourished. For the nourishment treatment, you need to apply a moisturizing conditioner during or before the bath. Also, you can opt to apply some leave-in products to protect the coat until the next bath.

2. Brushing And Combing

Brushing and combing like human hair are essential, and they are the same for your Yorkies. You need to understand that these chores are mandatory after taking a bath.

This is because bathing makes your hair and scalp sensitive, and brushing will restore all blood circulation fast.

3. Do Not Leave Any Product

It is essential to rinse everything in your dog’s hair when they are taking a bath. Leave-in products are an exception, but all other products should be rinsed off properly. Use plenty of water to ensure your dog’s hair is entirely fresh from all other products you applied.

4. Bath Brush Is Essential

A bath brush will be your helpful tool when doing all the grooming by yourself, as this is a helpful tool to relax your dog during the bathing procedure.

In addition to that, brushing while your Yorkie is in the bath can be pretty calming and has a pleasing effect on their skin. You can protect it from drying, dullness, and even irritation to the skin.

5. Invest In Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are the holy grail when it comes to Yorkie’s grooming, and you should invest in one where it is made specifically for delicate dog skin.

You can use them every day in the eye area, where you see lots of tearing. You do not want to underestimate this routine to protect the dog from all the bacteria and infections.


To sum it up, micro Yorkies are a prevalent breed and type of Yorkshire Terriers. These dogs have high demand, and a lot of breeders are more than willing to satisfy this.

But the problem is that the ethical aspect of breeding is questioned by shorter life expectancy. There are too many health consequences and not to mention the higher price value for them.

Meanwhile, the most important thing for you to know is that micro Yorkies might not live long. But, when you take care of them, you can expect to get the total life expectancy of a regular-sized one.