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Teacup Yorkies Having Babies

Yorkshire Terrier pregnancy is critical, and you need to know everything about it to ensure your Yorkies’ safety.

Once you find out that your Yorkie is pregnant, there are many things that you should know before, during, as well as after pregnancy. Knowing the signs is very important, so you need to practice extra caution if you have teacup Yorkies.

Can Teacup Yorkies have babies? Teacup Yorkies can have babies, but it can be hazardous for the puppies and the mother. Since the mother is so small, it can only give birth to a few puppies, and often it can lead to some birth complications.

This article aims to enlighten dog owners on what are the repercussions of having a pregnant teacup Yorkie. To also determine if your Yorkie is pregnant, I will be discussing the signs of pregnancy below, as well as the best way to take care of an expecting dog.

Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Litters

When it comes to teacup Yorkshire Terriers, it is not recognized by the American Kennel Club as it didn’t meet the standards. The AKC has a strict standard that a Yorkshire Terrier should be at least 4 pounds during adulthood.

This has slight differences in Teacup Yorkshire Terriers as they are known to be less than 4 pounds.

In a general sense, the smaller the breed, the fewer puppies, born in each litter, and because of health problems, breeding Teacup Yorkshire Terrier is not a good idea.

Teacup Yorkies result from breeding tiny Yorkies, and they have health issues. They are known to suffer from fragile bones, hypoglycemia, collapsed tracheas, and many more.

Usually, Yorkshire Terriers generally litter from 2 to 5 puppies and have an average of 3. According to a study cited by American Kennel Club, that figure is based on the size of more than 53,000 Yokie litters.

Teacup Yorkies can be pretty complicated when they got pregnant, and you need to arrange for your Yorkie to deliver her puppies to a veterinary hospital.

Signs Of Pregnancy

There are many possible conditions in which you might not be able to tell if your Yorkie is pregnant or not. In some cases, they got out of the house while they were in heat, and another dog found them.

It is probably the circumstance in which most Yorkie owners will start to worry. If this happens, you need to know if your Yorkie is pregnant as soon as possible to know what the options are for you.

The most common way to tell is to ask your vet to perform an ultrasound or x-ray. Blood tests are also one viable option to know if they are pregnant, but it might not be as accurate until the 3-weeks period has passed.

Here are among the first signs that you should check if your Yorkie is carrying puppies:

  1. They usually start to act sluggish, sleepy, and not as active as they used to be.
  2. Their stomach will be much firmer compared to when they are full from their meal.
  3. Her nipples will start to grow, and they will become large in a quick manner.
  4. Other nipples that do generally not out in the open will begin to pop out, which will happen more as the weeks go by.
  5. She will start to groom herself more extensively compared to the usual time.
  6. She will eventually start to do some nesting behavior, which means that she will begin to gather items. This is when she gathers different things to one specific corner of the house for herself.

Here are some later signs that you should also be on the lookout for:

  • By the end of the 3 weeks and at the beginning of week 4, their abdomen will be larger than usual.
  • They will start to eat more and more each day.
  • The most obvious sign is that they will gain weight and gain roughly 30% of their ideal weight during pregnancy. So you can expect that they will have an additional 1.2 to 2.1 pounds for their weight.

Pregnancy Care For Teacup Yorkies

If you plan to have your Teacup Yorkie to be pregnant, the ideal way to do so is to have a complete health exam before mating. Your vet will do some testing to rule out possible genetic issues passed down through breeding.

Many Yorkies will not be given the signal to be bred. However, it is vital to bring them for a complete checkup in the event of accidental breeding.

Teacup Yorkies can be pretty sensitive when they are pregnant and everyone who comes in contact with them. It would be best if you were extra gentle with them, and proper care and feeding are the utmost priority.

You also need to provide and be keenly aware of their deeds at this time. Consider giving them a warm, soft, and comfortable area to rest.

As the weeks pass by, she will want to spend more time in this comfy area and always retreat to her nest peacefully.

Even if they are usually the ones to go around and play with people, they will often want to be in a separate area. When their appetite increases, you need to make sure that you have enough food for them to eat.

It is recommended to switch from scheduled meals to free-feeding, but keep the food fresh as always. Do not just put on some top off the bowl but try to scoop out the older food at the bottom.

Ensure that you wash both food and water dishes using dish soap and lukewarm water once a day.

Lastly, it is vital that you still encourage your Teacup Yorkie to keep on exercising so that she’ll be in good shape for the delivery. Although, you should always limit running and certainly limit jumping.

Having an excellent 15 to 20-minute walk two times a day will almost do the trick. Also, do not just feed your pregnant Yorkies with extra supplements unless your veterinarian prescribes them.

The Danger Of Teacup Puppies

There are many reasons why you have to try to avoid getting teacup Yorkies. They might be cute, adorable, and popular, but many teacup puppies are known to be underdeveloped puppies.

It is why many breeders often get criticism when they bred teacup Yorkies to produce the smallest dog breed as much as possible, whatever the costs.

Teacup Yorkies are known to result from intentional and unintentional breeding, and some are runts of the litter. It means that owners who dish out big bucks for these miniature dogs are being duped.

Why? Because there is no guarantee, a runt will not grow to become a regular-sized dog of its breed. There are also some cases where teacup Yorkies are the result of breeding two tiny Yorkies.

It is not recommended to breed teacup Yorkies because it can be dangerous to the mother and puppies. The mother’s physique is small and can only give birth to a few puppies.

Often, there are many cases in which puppies will be born with different complications and illnesses.

And to top all of that, because teacup Yorkies are in such high demand and can be sold for considerably high prices, breeders like to overbred.

They try to breed as much as possible to meet the high demand for teacup Yorkies. There are some cases where they report that breeders resort to inbreeding and some even purposely underdeveloped puppies. It will inflict stunted growth through multiple methods like starvation.

Teacup Puppies Health

Because Teacup Yorkies are known to be miniature sizing, they are often associated with many health issues. Their tiny tummies will often be associated with digestive issues and need to be fed in small amounts.

It would help if you also think about your Yorkies’ bladder as it means accidents are inevitable, so you have to prepare to purchase a lot of indoor potty mats. These mats will be essential long past even puppyhood, so you might need to get more of these.

Teacup Yorkies are also prone to develop heart failures, respiratory issues, and even seizures. They are also known to have fewer years to live compared to regular standard Yorkies.

Since they are not blessed to have a healthy lifestyle from the beginning, you need to do some preventive measures to prolong your Yorkies’ life expectancy.


To sum it up, the risk of teacup Yorkies pregnancy is relatively high. For this reason, letting your teacup Yorkie get pregnant doesn’t only put the mother in danger but also the puppies.

You need to understand that pregnancy in any breed of dog can be pretty stressful. What you can do beforehand is to provide the proper checkup before, during, and post-pregnancy.

Aside from that, teacup Yorkies are very crucial when it comes to their pregnancy. So, you might reconsider breeding them, especially if you are not a professional when reproducing such dog breeds.