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Should You Cut Yorkies Hair?

Yorkies have fine, silky, and smooth hair that grows quickly and should be trimmed regularly. Otherwise, his hair will become a hindrance when he walks, runs, and plays!

But should you cut Yorkies hair? Yes, you should cut your Yorkie’s hair. But the bigger question here is whether you should do a DIY or get him to a professional groomer.

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Read on because we will discuss the pros and cons of these options. We will also provide a few tips on cutting your Yorkie’s hair as a DIY project. 

Benefits And Risks Of DIY Cutting 

First off, we have to point out that Yorkies typically require a trim about once a month, on average. But the actual interval varies depending on the Yorkie’s age and health needs. For example, you may give your younger Yorkie a trim every six weeks since his hair grows faster.

If you decide on a DIY cut, you have to ask several questions before making the first snip. What dog shampoo and conditioner are best before a haircut? What can you do in order to ensure a safe cut and a pleasant experience for your dog? Do you have the skills for the task?

If you manage to overcome these challenges, you will find that a DIY cut has many benefits.

Your Yorkie will likely be more comfortable at home than at the vet’s grooming table because he’s in familiar surroundings. You may even have an easier time at it since he doesn’t have objections.

You will enjoy savings over the long-term period. You only need to spend on tools like straight-edged scissors or a complete set of grooming tools, a one-time expense. Keep in mind that you will spend between $40 and $75 for a professional grooming session. 

If you decide on a DIY cut, here are a few essential tips to remember: 

  • Be sure that your Yorkie’s hair is clean, combed thoroughly and completely dry before cutting his hair. 
  • Cut in the direction of hair growth.
  • Hold the blade’s tip down against your Yorkie’s skin and keep its back up at an angle.
  • You may want to watch instructional videos, too, and practice on wigs.

Benefits And Risks Of Professional Cutting 

The main point about the professional cutting session is the fees for each session, which will accumulate over time. Think about spending as much as $75 for a haircut and other grooming services for your dog.

But if you think of the benefits, you will probably think of it as getting the best value for your money. With a professional groomer, you have the assurance that your Yorkie is in capable hands.

You will find that he looks his best after a professional haircut with coat grooming, ear cleaning, and nail clipping.


The choice of doing a DIY haircut or a professional haircut for your Yorkie is entirely your decision! You have to weigh the pros and cons of each option based on your skills and resources. Either way, you’re ensuring your Yorkie’s well-being by keeping his hair to a manageable length.