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Should Yorkies Wear Collars?

Dog collars serve two main functions. First, these can be used as identification and license tags. Second, these can be attached to leashes when walking the dogs. Of course, these are also fashion statements. 

But should Yorkies wear collars? No, Yorkies don’t have to wear collars, especially indoors! It is because collars aren’t a compulsory thing for dogs, unlike vaccinations, so they may or may not wear them.

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There are also health reasons for the optional use of collars in Yorkies. Read on and find out what these reasons are!

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Choose The Right Type Of Collar

Nearly all collars are suitable for Yorkies although size can be an issue. Fortunately, there are collars explicitly designed for small dog breeds, such as Yorkies and Chihuahuas. Start by looking at these collars and narrow down your choices.

There are several types of dog collars, too. And these are:

  1. Lay Flat Collar – designed to lie flat against a dog’s skin. These usually have secure closures and adjustable lengths to fit a wide range of breeds.
  2. Martingale Collar – it is a non-slip collar with a loop closure that becomes tighter, but not too tight, as a dog pulls on his leash. These can be worn daily, also, with and without a leash.
  3. Smart Collars – It has some tracking features that allow for monitoring a dog’s location, activity, and overall health. These tend to be more expensive than flat and martingale collars because of their electronic design.

Your choice in collars for your Yorkies will be influenced by your budget, your personal preferences and your intention for getting them for your pets.  You may want to use martingale collars on your pets because these are practical and durable. You may also get smart collars for Yorkies who like to run away.

Recommended Collars For Yorkies

With so many choices, we looked through several collars and chose the best ones. We based our decisions on their safety, durability and quality.

Wakeu Diamond Bowtie Crystal Rhinestone Collar

Should Yorkies Wear Collars?

Made of leather, it’s snug and soft collar with a beautiful design. Your Yorkies will look fabulous with the rhinestone-style collar.

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

Should Yorkies Wear Collars?

Who wants to ensure that your Yorkies will be returned to your home when they get lost? You, of course, and it’s possible with this GoTags collar! You can have your Yorkie’s name and your contact number engraved on the stainless steel D-ring.

Didog Custom Puppy Collars

Should Yorkies Wear Collars?

The bone-shaped name tag can be engraved with whatever information you want. It’s a collar and tag in one.

You may have to train your Yorkies to wear a collar. But don’t force them if they don’t want to since there are other ways to make them look more beautiful and to keep them safe.

The Risks Of Dog Collars

There’s also the health risks that come with choosing the wrong type of collar. Yorkies have a high chance for tracheal collapse, a severe condition wherein the cartilage rings in their trachea collapse. Its signs include a harsh, dry cough similar to a honking goose as well as wheezing and gagging.

Tight collars can press on the trachea and cause tracheal collapse. You should then ensure that your Yorkies’ collars are snug but not tight.


To conclude, Yorkies look beautiful with or without a collar. But if you decide to put collars on your Yorkies, be sure to use the three-finger rule – if you can insert three of your fingers into the collar while your Yorkie wears it, then it’s the right size.