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Should I Cut The Hair Around My Yorkies Eyes?

Yorkies have luxurious hair that can hang down over their eyes, even extend to their noses. But as cute as it seems, it should be trimmed for two reasons; the Yorkie will have a clearer vision and, thus, enjoy life more and the Yorkie’s risk of suffering from eye infections decreases since there’s no hair to irritate them.

Should I cut the hair around my Yorkie’s eyes? Yes, you should cut it! But you must have the basic skills first before undertaking the task.

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Read on and know these basic skills. I will also discuss the need for extreme caution when trimming your Yorkie’s hair around his eyes.

Exercise Extreme Caution Around The Eyes

Keep in mind that Yorkies are prone to several eye issues aside from being sensitive around their eyes. For example, dry eyes can be caused by a wound in the eyes due to stray hairs. The symptoms include squinting, intense blinking, and inflammation, which may require medication. 

Just imagine the possible health issues brought by a sharp object hitting your Yorkie’s eyes. You should be more careful about using scissors or shears near his eyes lest you poke them.

Your two-fold goal when cutting your Yorkie’s hair around his eyes are:

  1. Trim the excess hair around his eyes, so he has a clear field of vision; and
  2. Remove hairs that may irritate his eyes by curling back into them.
  3. You should focus on the task at hand lest your Yorkie ends up with injuries or an ugly cut. 

Steps In Cutting Your Yorkie’s Hair Around The Eyes

  1. First off, you have to comb your Yorkie’s hair around the eyes, nose, and ears before cutting it. There should be no tangles and knots since these will result in an uneven haircut. You have to be patient as your Yorkie may initially not like it.

  2. You must also get him into a calm mood wherein he will sit or stand down during the entire cutting process. Your Yorkie’s fidgeting should be at a minimum, too.

  3. And then on to the main event.

  4. Place your Yorkie on a non-slip mat, preferably on top of a chest- or waist-high counter or table.

  5. Also consider the areas that require more attention, such as overly long hair over the eyes or misshapen hair.

  6. Hold his head as still as possible while sectioning his hair. The sections will make it easier to cut off excess hair, one section at a time.

  7. Using thinning grooming scissors, start cutting the fur between his eyes. Use it, too, in cutting the fur on both sides of his nose. (Dog thinning scissors usually have rounded points for safety purposes)

  8. Using a comb, gently pull his hair above the eyes forward before trimming it. Use your fingers in grabbing the line of fur and the thinning shears for cutting across the forehead line.

  9. With each cut or a couple of cuts, be sure to check that you’re cutting off enough hair to clear his line of vision. Of course, you want a clean, even cut. 


As with all things related to dog grooming, practice makes perfect! Don’t worry if you didn’t get it right the first time. Your Yorkie’s hair will grow back, and you can cut it again.