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Should A Yorkie Be Shaved?

Responsible Yorkie owners are always looking out for their pets’ well-being, especially that Yorkies aren’t a hardy breed. An essential aspect of a Yorkie’s well-being is keeping his hair at the right length, depending on the season. Such an issue usually comes up when the summer season rolls along.

Should a Yorkie be shaved? No, a Yorkie should ideally not be shaved for safety reasons. But there are alternatives to shaving that will keep your Yorkie cool and beautiful even during the height of summer.

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In the following sections, we will look at the reasons for the no-shaving recommendation. We will also discuss the alternatives that will provide better results than shaving. 

The Health Risks Of Shaving Yorkie’s Hair

Keep in mind that Yorkies don’t have fur! Instead, they have hair that closely resembles human hair, and it’s considered as non-shedding hair, too. They are also single-coated breeds and, thus, a complete shave will bare their skin.

Their single coat protects them from the cold temperatures of winter and the hot days of summer. Indeed, it’s their best natural insulation! They need their single coat to keep them dry and protect them from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Think about the dangers that your Yorkie will face if you decide to shave his coat completely. You’re exposing him to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, especially when he’s outdoors. Your Yorkie’s risk of sunburns and, worse, skin cancer, will increase as a result.

You may also be increasing his risk of a heat stroke since his natural temperature regulator was shaved off. You may also notice that he has more bites from bugs and mosquitoes on his skin.

Of course, it’s a big no-no to shave your Yorkie’s hair during the winter! He needs his luxurious hair for protection against the cold. 

You may just end up with patches of hair that are of different lengths and a different color when they grow back. You will then regret shaving off its hair because your pet doesn’t look like its usual self.

Better Alternatives To Shaving

There is no need for radical grooming during the summer months! There are several alternatives to shaving that will make your Yorkie look and feel better, even with full hair.

Groom your Yorkie regularly to ensure that his hair stays smooth, silky, and shiny. You can either get him to a professional groomer or groom him yourself using the proper tools.

Give him unlimited access to freshwater, so he’s always well-hydrated. It is true whether it is summer or winter since both seasons mean dry temperatures. Use a pet water dispenser for this purpose.

If you use an electric razor on your pet, you should be careful about giving him a close shave! You must leave an inch of hair, at least, as protection. 


Yorkies have such beautiful hair that it would be a shame to shave it! Unless advised by a vet for medical reasons, leave some hair on your Yorkie and groom it as often as necessary.