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Purebred or Non-purebred Yorkies

If you’ve decided to buy a Yorkie, then there’s a high chance you got mixed up when choosing a purebred or a mix bred. Well, this article will help you come to a better conclusion.

Every dog owner has always come face to face with this decision. And, for some reason, they always go for the safer bet. Keep on reading, and I will show you which decision is the safer bet.

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For years, breeders have always maintained the lineage when it comes to certain dog breeds. This idea has ensured that most of the breeds present today have a predictable growth pattern compared to mix breeds.

Regardless, when you want a certain trait present in a different breed, then crossbreeding these two species will definitely help you get the required trait.

But, here’s the catch: as you are breeding two species, the resulting hybrid might also acquire the undesirable traits too. So, this process is best left to professions.

Don’t dare try this at home. You might not get the results you are looking for.

To get you started on the debate on whether to pick the Yorkies purebred or Yorkie mix bred, we’ll head straight to describing each breed in detail. This will help you to decide which one is right for you.

Yorkies Purebred

Well, as much as we would like to believe that Yorkshire terrier is entirely a purebred, it’s not entirely true. Yorkies are a unique combination of terrier and toy dogs.

Generally, Yorkshire terriers are one of the most favored little dogs in the entire world.

Yorkie purebred was developed in the 19th Century in Yorkshire, England.

On top of that, the Yorkies are believed to be a mix of different dogs. In the early 1860s, every dog with a small resemblance to the Yorkie was named a Yorkshire Terrier.

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Aside from the Yorkies’ astounding personality, most people are usually attracted to their size and coat. The hair on a Yorkie’s body is silky and almost feels like human hair.

Yorkies were later brought to Scottish weavers and then made into a true lapdog size. But that doesn’t mean that the Yorkie purebreds like to sleep all day on your lap.

Some Yorkies love to cuddle and will give you that warm feeling every single time.

However, others have the instincts of the Terriers, and they love to hunt. Therefore, you will need to be careful when you have your Yorkie around strangers.

The biggest problems that arise from Yorkies are usually related to how the dog interacts with its owner.

If you end up carrying the young lad all day, you tell your furry friend that the world is a dangerous place. This arises their sense of insecurity, and your Yorkie will always bark at any stranger or weird sounds.

All that means that you shouldn’t treat your tiny Yorkie like a puppy doll by carrying her around all day. On the contrary, you need to train the young lad to make her more adventurous.


If you plan to bring a Yorkie purebred home, you will have to find out what she can eat.

Due to their huge personality, Yorkies tend to burn out a lot of energy in a day. Yorkshire terrier has a temperament that can be best described as insatiably curious.

When you bring your Yorkie to a new environment, she will be all over the place in a matter of minutes.

However nosy the Yorkshire terrier can be, they have a rather impish sense of humor.

In most cases, Yorkies are alert, fast, and super intelligent. The worst part of it all is the fact that they instantly fall in love with their voices. No wonder they might bark excessively if not properly trained.

That only shows how much these young lads have a lot of energy, but their bodies give up easily. Therefore, before she develops any complications, you will need to find the right food for her.

First of all, Yorkies have a small mouth. Meaning you need to find food that will accommodate their small mouths. Also, don’t forget that you need to find foods that can easily replace the energy that your dog has burned.

Additionally, since Yorkies have a low chance of being overgrown, they don’t have any health problems. Therefore, you will have to feed them with rich foods in crude proteins and high levels of fat.

What’s more, Yorkies will need healthy foods and have high levels of carbohydrates in them.

This will help them to sustain their energy and fiber levels. But you will have to get used to the regular sleeping sessions. That’s because Yorkies need time off to rejuvenate their energy levels.


Yorkies coat is typically similar to that of the human hair. That means it should be treated almost the same way. But it would help if you also remembered to use cosmetics specifically meant for Yorkies.

Otherwise, if you use human hair products, then you risk doing more harm than good.

Also, most breeders recommend that you maintain short hair when it comes to your Yorkie.

This will reduce the intense brushing and bathing sessions. However, if you still want to maintain long hairs, you will need to brush your Yorkie daily.

If you want to reduce your Yorkie’s chances of having eye irritations, you will have to trim the hairs on the top of the eye and the upper part of your Yorkies’ head. Additionally, you can also opt to pull it up into a topknot.

Yorkies will need a bath almost every week, depending on the length of their hair. During the bathing sessions, you should always check behind the ears or eyes for any infections.

Thankfully, Yorkshire purebred shed less frequently when compared to other dogs.

That said, you will have less vacuuming problems. What’s more, if any of your family members has an allergic reaction to dog hairs, then you should probably consider purchasing a Yorkie instead.

Exercise and Training

Even the teacup Yorkies will need exercise to stay healthy when it comes to your Yorkie’s mental and physical state.

Yorkies will benefit from a moderate type of exercise, for example, a simple walk around the neighborhood. Due to their short legs, Yorkies don’t actually need a lot of exercises.

Since Yorkies love their owners and are always eager to please them, training is always a walk in the park. Offering simple praises and treats when she behaves well rather than harsh corrections.

You should also train your Yorkie from a young age to socialize with people and other dogs.  Take your Yorkie to new situations slowly, and always ensure she is in a calm and happy environment.

Despite their small size, Yorkies can be great participants in canine activities such as obedience, rally, and agility, among others. On top of that, most Yorkies serve as therapy partners to their owners.

Health Concerns of Yorkie Purebred

Unfortunately, the small bodies of Yorkies come at a certain price. Yorkies tend to have a lot of health complications.

Most of these health issues are genetic, while others might be acquired from the environment.  Inheriting health complications forces Yorkies to have problems from birth.

Some of the Health complications that Yorkies face include:

  • Hypoglycemia: abnormally low blood sugar levels cause this condition, and it’s quite common in Yorkies. They are at a higher risk of acquiring this problem in the first five months after birth. Adults can also have these issues, especially if they are pregnant or have any liver issues.
  • Skin Allergies: when Yorkies are exposed to chemicals, fleas, or any molds, they are at a high chance of getting skin allergies. Excessive itching, scratching, and possibly loss of hair are some of the symptoms of skin allergies.
  • Retinal Dysplasia: this is also another inherited health condition that is common in Yorkies. Retinal dysplasia causes vision problems, which primarily result from abnormal retinal development. The abnormality leads to problems in the functionality of the eyeball.
  • Liver Shunt: this is a problem that arises from the improper functioning of the portal vein. The liver shunt obstructs blood flow to and fro the liver, leading to the circulation of unfiltered and toxic blood throughout the body. Some of the symptoms of this disorder include behavioral changes, loss of appetite, and muscle weakness.

Yorkshire Terrier Mix Breeds

The Yorkie Terrier Mix breeds are a whole different situation. What do I mean? Most people would actually prefer a purebred over a mixed breed since the fate of a purebred is more definite. On the other hand, it’s hard to tell what you will get when it comes to mixing breeds.

That is why it is advisable actually to get a mixed breed from a reputable breeder. On top of that, you should also know more about the initial parents so that you know what to expect from your pup.

Most mix-breeds are usually a blend of the two individual parents regarding their physical appearance, mental state, and emotional connection.

The tricky part is that if you are not experienced enough, instead of getting a hybrid with both parents’ best traits, you might end up with the worst traits.

All in all, Yorkies have been blended with other breeds for quite a long time. Each breeder always tries to perfect the traits of the Yorkies with other dog breeds.

Actually, many breeders believe that mixed breeds of Yorkies have a better health state than the purebreds. But this idea is not yet proven.

Here’s a list of some of the Yorkie mix breeds in the market today:

  • Affenshire (Affenpinscher and Yorkshire)
  • Carkie (Caim Terrier and Yorkshire)
  • Chorkie (Chihuahua and Yorkshire)
  • Corkie (Cocker Spaniel and Yorkshire)
  • Dorkie (Dachshund and Yorkshire)

That is just but a few of some of the popular Yorkshire terrier mix breeds.

Health Concerns of Yorkshire Terrier Mix Breeds

This is actually the trickiest part of mixed breeds. That is because when it comes to mixing breeds, you can’t predict what exactly will happen. However, you can have speculation about what to expect.

The main aim of creating a mixed breed is typically to eliminate some of the purebreds’ problems. And possibly make an even better breed.

Unfortunately, there’s no sure way to determine the hybrid’s health state, especially when it comes to the Yorkshire terrier.

The result is that the Yorkie mix breed might inherit health problems associated with individual parents. Therefore, the Yorkie hybrid might be in an even riskier state.

Are Yorkie Purebreds Less Healthy When Compared To Mix Breeds?

As I said earlier, the main aim is to get a healthier hybrid than the purebred. In most cases, breeders assume that the new hybrid will have hybrid vitality, which seems to enrich the young lad’s immune system.

But this may only be true for the first generation of hybrid dogs. However, the next generation may have more and more health issues.

Additionally, the chances that the young hybrid might acquire genetic defects such as difficulty in breathing, cancer, epilepsy, among others, are increasingly high.

There’s no guarantee that the mixed breed might have better health than the purebred.

If you settle for a Yorkshire mix breed, then you should find a breeder with guarantees. What is more, the breeder must guarantee you that the mixed breed will have almost the same if not better characteristics from the individual parents.

There’s no need for having a mixed breed with more complications when compared to a purebred.

So, Should I Buy A Yorkshire Terrier Mix Breed Or Purebred?

 Well, that decision will solely be based on what you want from the young lad. Though I would recommend that you go for a purebred since it’s a safer bet.

But that doesn’t mean that the mix-breeds are not a good choice. Just make sure you find the right breeder if you want to go for the mixed breeds.

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