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Yorkie Pooping

Dog owners often talk about how adorable their Yorkies are, how to care for their pet’s coat properly, and the healthy foods they should eat. However, not many talks about how often a Yorkie poops every day.

It may sound crazy, but how many times your dog poops daily and its potty habit are also essential to talk about, so I researched this topic to help you.

How often should a Yorkie poop? An adult Yorkie should pass a stool about two to three times daily and puppies at around three to six times. If your dog is not defecating with enough frequency, it might be constipated.

This post will guide you on determining if your Yorkie has a healthy bowel movement and how to relieve constipation in dogs. Let’s get right to it!

How Many Times Do Yorkies Poop A Day?

Dog owners often worry about the potty habits of their Yorkie. But the truth is that dogs are unique from one another, even those of the same breed. The standard for a Yorkie is to poop at least once a day. A daily bowel movement shows that your pet has normal digestion.

How often your Yorkie poops depends on many different factors such as activity level, lifestyle, diet, and many more. Below is the rundown of factors that are influencing your pet’s potty habit:

Activity Level

The first factor that can influence how often your Yorkie poop is how much physical activity it gets in a day. If your pet sleeps a lot, just like senior dogs do, it might not defecate as often as a young, active dog.

It is because dogs usually poop when they are outdoors, the place where they are most active. Meanwhile, a sleeping dog won’t feel the need to pee or poop at all.

So, if your dog is a young and active Yorkie, you might notice it taking a dump twice a day or more, which is pretty much normal.

A regular bowel movement is equally important for dogs, just like humans do. So, it is a good thing if your Yorkie is defecating at a regular frequency every day. Take it out for a walk a few times a day to encourage it to poop.


Your Yorkie’s age is also a factor that can influence its daily bowel movement. As mentioned earlier, younger Yorkies tend to poop more frequently than senior Yorkies.

The same goes for other dog breeds. Also, don’t be bothered when your puppy keeps defecating all over your home, as it won’t be like that forever.

On the other hand, adult dogs are likely to take a dump in the morning during your morning walk. They might also poop once during midday and another at night. Other dogs might do it more often but learn to tell the difference between normal poop and diarrhea.

Meal Frequency

Yorkies usually poop after eating a meal. Some might not do it right away, but they typically show signals after having dinner or breakfast that they want to go outdoors or the spot where they spend their potty break.

When you think about it, it is only normal for a Yorkie that eats several times a day to poop more frequently than those who only eat a few times.

For instance, a dog that consumes two meals daily might only have to have a potty break twice. On the other hand, a dog who eats small portions of meals in a day, like puppies and young dogs, is most likely to defecate a couple of times more.

When observing that your dog is not defecating as often as it should, try splitting its daily food portion into smaller sizes. If it eats twice daily, feed it with smaller meals, then include a third meal.

Food Quality

Your dog’s food quality is another factor that plays a major role in your Yorkie’s potty break. High-quality dog food is associated with less dog poop, while low-quality variants are linked with more poop.

The reason is that low-quality dog foods are usually loaded with fillers like soy, corn, and other types of grains. These fillers have little to no amount of nutritional value for your pet. Consuming large amounts of something that the body can’t absorb will naturally come out as waste.

On the other hand, high-quality dog food is easier for the body to absorb, making less waste coming out. When you think about it, a Yorkie that defecates excessively is best to change diet.

How Do You Know If Your Yorkie Is Constipated?

Constipation on dogs is not that dangerous, and it is a common health problem that might come their way. However, it is not something you should ignore as it could make your dog suffer from intense discomfort and pain.

It would be best to learn how to determine the early signs of constipation on dogs to relieve your pet from this discomfort. Sometimes, constipated dogs need to visit a vet for help.

Below are the signs of constipation for dogs:

No Pooping For Days

Not passing a bowel for a day or two is a sign of constipation. However, it doesn’t confirm that your dog is constipated, so you have to keep an eye on your Yorkie’s potty break.

Pain When Pooping

For both humans and dogs, pooping should not be a painful experience. When your Yorkie shows signs of discomfort while passing a stool, such as crying, yelping, or acting strangely, it means that your dog is constipated.

Straining With No Poop Coming Out

Another sign that your Yorkie is constipated is straining when trying to pass a stool, but still, there is no poop coming out. This situation indicates that your dog’s poop is hard or is not moving healthily inside its digestive system.

Stool With Blood

If there is blood in your Yorkie’s stool, it screams for medical attention. But it could also indicate that your pet is suffering from constipation. Straining while defecating can irritate the intestines and result in drops of blood coming out.

Unusually Hard Stool

It might sound crazy and gross, yet it is best to remember how a typical dog poop looks. Doing so will allow you to determine in one glance if the consistency of your Yorkie’s poop is not like how it used to be.

Anytime your dog’s poop changes inconsistency, it will be easier for you to prevent it from getting worse.

How Can You Encourage Your Yorkie To Poop?

The moment you confirm that your Yorkie is constipated, start searching for the right solution. Try the common treatments for constipation ideal for dogs below.

Also, determine the severity of your pet’s condition, then try a few remedies you can use at home. If, after 48 hours, nothing seems to work for your Yorkie, ask a vet for help right away.

1.   Let Your Dog Drink More Water

When your pet is dehydrated, it has a great chance to experience constipation. So, make sure to give enough water for your Yorkie every day.

You should also keep their water bowl clean and see to it that it contains enough liquid. If your pet doesn’t seem to like drinking, be creative and find ways to make it drink more.

Another thing that can dehydrate your pet is the hot weather. It is recommended to give your furry friend more water when it is hot outside.

You can try to make your dog drink more to place a treat in a container then fill it with water. Freeze it, then have your dog lick the ice until it gets the treat.

2.   Feed It Some Coconut Oil

You may also try olive or coconut oil to help your Yorkie poop easier and faster. However, it would help if you remembered that these oils might be natural and healthy, but they also contain high amounts of fat. So, utilize them as a food topper with moderate quantities every day.

3.   Add Some Canned Pumpkin To Your Yorkie’s Food

Another home remedy for constipation for dogs is canned pumpkin. Dogs benefit from a canned pumpkin in terms of relieving constipation, diarrhea, and other stomach issues. You can put a small quantity of canned pumpkin into your dog’s food daily.

Be sure to buy a 100% pumpkin purée and not the kind you use as a pie filling. The reason is that these kinds of canned pumpkin products contain a lot of sugar and other preservatives that are toxic for dogs.

4.   Enable Your Dog To Get More Exercise

As mentioned earlier in this post, exercise encourages healthy bowel movements. If your Yorkie is not getting enough daily exercise as it should, start taking it for a walk every morning. Try walking it around the dog park, play frisbee, or do anything that could keep your pet moving.


To summarize, an adult Yorkie should poop around two to three times daily, and young dogs should pass a stool about three to six times. How frequently your pet takes a potty break indicates its digestive health.

When it poops several times a day, check your pet’s diet. Specifically the dog food it consumes if it contains too many fillers. If so, consider changing your Yorkie’s diet.

Knowing the healthy number of times your dog defecates daily can help you determine whether it is constipated or suffering from diarrhea. If your dog is having difficulty pooping for days, try the home remedies mentioned earlier before taking it to a vet.