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How To Train Yorkie With Clicker

Yorkies love to please their human owners, and they repeat their behaviors to get whatever they want. It is why they must catch on some tricks and commands so they will get a treat for following directions. You might have heard the clicker training. It’s a tool that makes positive reinforcement training more successful.

How to train Yorkie with a clicker? Using a clicker tool, push and release the spring end then make a two-toned click. Timing is crucial, but don’t be disappointed if your pet stops, it is perfectly normal. Click the tool once more to end the activity then give your pet a treat.

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In this article, you will learn about the basics of clicker training and some tips and techniques to use so you can achieve a smooth clicker training with your Yorkie

What Is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is a common reinforcement training that involves a positive behavior approach when it comes to dogs learning tricks or commands. This particular training consists of a clicker, which is a metal strip inside a small compact, making a very distinct sound when pressed. The procedure is that once you pressed on the click button, you give them treats.

How To Train Yorkie With Clicker

Get Started With Clicker Training

If you’ve never used a clicker before, the first step of the training is to introduce it to your dog. Once you have a clicker, the next to consider is the treat. Press the click one time and then give them their favorite treat. Repeat this multiple times so your dog will get the hang of it. Once they understand that the click sounds equals something excellent and tasty, you can proceed with the next training steps.

Implementing Clicker Training

If you’re just getting started with the clicker training, you would first establish a basic command such as sit. Give your Yorkie the command, and at the exact moment, they sit, press the clicker, and give them a treat.

How To Train Yorkie With Clicker

Routine is essential to dogs, so repeat this process as much as possible until your dog gets it. Make sure only to click when they’re successful with the command. Usually, Yorkies can catch on pretty quickly using this method and can pretty much get the gist of it. This repetitive training will notify their mindset that a click is equal to something awesome and tasty. They to clicker training is to have the perfect timing as soon as your dog executed the desired behavior.

Clicker Training Mistakes To Avoid

This training is an excellent way to help your Yorkies with basic commands and to learn new tricks, but sometimes it can get pretty confusing to them when misused. When using the clicker, remember to click it once, if you click more than once, your Yorkie might get confused about what kind of behavior you want them to pursue. And the key will always be the treats.


To conclude, clicker training overall is the best training you want to implement to your little furries. It’s a good activity for dogs as not only it develops their way of thinking, but it also serves as a good bonding experience between dog owners and their dogs.

Yorkies always look up to their owners. With a clicker, you have easy access to them, and it can serve as a good way of communicating with them directly.

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