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How To Train A Yorkie To Give Paw ~ In every fun game and activity, people tend to express their enjoyment and competence through “high-fives.” Since Yorkshire Terriers or commonly called Yorkies are adorable, fun-loving pets, they can also learn how to paw, especially when they feel victorious over their completed chores for the day.

How to train a Yorkie to give paw? There are only two steps in teaching them to paw. The first step is to make them sit down on the floor, facing towards you. The second step is to tell them to give you a high-five.

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In this article, you will learn some helpful tips on how to train them to paw and briefly discuss some tips and warnings.

Steps To Train A Yorkie To Give Paw

Training Yorkies can be roughly challenging, but they can adapt to the training once you are teaching them regularly. In teaching them to paw, Yorkie owners can try the Sit-High Five method.


You can sit with your Yorkie on the floor while they are facing you. Allow him to see the treat, but only hold it between your fingers and never give it to them unless she’ll follow your command. Make him follow the treat with its smell so that she can sit on her hind end. If she does, then praise her and reward her. If she doesn’t, alternatively push her hind with your free hand.


While the dog is sitting with you, hold the treat in one hand and tell them enthusiastically to high-five while you’re raising your hand, with your palm facing him. If he can’t get it right for the first time, assist her in taking her paw and reaching to your open hand while saying high-five. Repeat this particular step until she gets it. Once she can independently paw, you can reward her for a job well done.

Few Notes to Remember

Your Yorkie is competent enough to understand the fundamentals of every training and fun tricks, but every time they are successful in performing their tasks, you can give them their most awaited rewards.


Just in case your Yorkie already knows how to high-five, it is also better to teach them other tricks, like how to shake. Using both tricks can be confusing at times, but with consistent training, they can manage to differentiate.


Yorkies can be sensitive, especially some of them don’t like to have their paws touched. To avoid painful nail scratches, you have to trim their nails too short or if your Yorkie has an unpleasant experience before by having stepped on their tiny feet, assure them that it’s okay by rubbing and touching their feet often.


To conclude, when training your Yorkie, it’s important to be specific with your command and remember that whatever tricks you are teaching them, they will instill it in their memory, and this training will be worth your time and effort. As they learn the basics, it’s also best to build on harder tricks, such as dancing, play dead, and twirling.

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