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How To Train A Yorkie To Come? Yorkshire Terrier, or commonly called Yorkie, is one of the most popular and adorable dog breeds in the world due to its understated personality and cuteness. Despite its small size, Yorkie is known to be a territorial and smart watchdog.

How to Train a Yorkie to Come? Try playing hide and seek with them and call them out excitedly. Also, take note never to call them out to do something they hate because they may connect it with negative things.

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In this article, each Yorkie master may be able to learn the basic training strategies that they can teach to their dogs, starting with minimizing their distraction up to learning the three steps of commanding them to come.

Basic Strategies To Train Yorkies

The first thing that you have to do starts with yourself, where you have to be knowledgeable about the dog you were raising. As mentioned, they can be watchdogs and have a strong temperament of a big dog trapped in a small dog’s body. In any way, they are generally strong and quick learners.

The Positive Reinforcements

Just like every human’s mindset, Yorkies can work effectively when they know there’s going to be a reward at the end. They became more responsive and displayed positive behavior in reward-based training. However, when using reward reinforcement to motivate them, be careful to overfeed them and only give them treats with enough nutritional value.

Never Punish the Dog

When Yorkies are misbehaving during the training, it’s better to scold them attentively, because they might want your attention. Ignoring their bad performances will only make it worse, as they may develop a habit of repeating their mistakes. Set clear boundaries to your dog in a scolding manner about what is allowed and what’s forbidden.

Tips In Training Yorkies To Come

Training is essential to every dog, in general, because it may save their lives, like running towards the traffic and running too much across your neighbor’s lane. There are three basic rules in training them to come:

Don’t Call Them To Do Something They Hate

One perfect example of their hatest activities is taking a bath. Yorkies are intuitive, and he will associate this activity to something more negative and, eventually, would lead them not to obey or come to you.

Be Excited And Ecstatic Calling Him Out

Yorkies would love an energetic master, and they would feel at home when you’re ecstatic to be with him. However, if they don’t come running after telling them to go, try to crouch down with open arms and relax. They would love to cuddle and play in that position rather than to be intimidated in a severe and straight posture.

Play Hide And Seek

Yorkies can be clingy, and even if they are independent, that doesn’t equate to how much they wanted to have you around. If she didn’t respond to your “come” command, then try to hide somewhere, where they can start looking for you. If they found you, reward her and praise her.


As a dog owner, it is most important to extend more patience, and for the Yorkie to fully impress you, it might take a considerable amount of time. You can also apply the same tips when you teach them to roll over, shake, and sit. After repetitive training, dogs can finally understand and develop positive behavior towards his chores.

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