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How To Potty Train An Older Yorkie

Nursing and training to an adult Yorkie can be challenging because it already has their way of lifestyle. To avoid them from going outside and to prevent from having accidents, luring them into potty training to go indoor would be an effective idea.

How to Potty Train an Older Yorkie? Putting them into potty training, you must consider selecting a nice and quiet space for them, their post-feeding habits, and the use of commands and praises so they can follow your orders perfectly.

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In this article, Yorkie masters should be able to know the fundamental steps in potty training them and the benefits of the training to adult Yorkies.

Steps In Potty Training

Yorkies are known to be indoor dogs for the reason that they have small bladders to hold their dirt. The training must start where you have to place puppy pads away from their foods so that they won’t be eliminated near to their eating area.

Choose A Quiet Corner

It’s best to confine them in an area, where there are less noise and traffic, to avoid accidents outside the puppy pads. Also, choose an area where you’re not regularly present, so they can be at times independent and would prevent them from creating spots on your furniture.

Post-Feeding Habits

You can take the Yorkie out of the pad about 20 minutes after eating because they tend to eliminate or exercise after eating. Take them to a small stroll every morning and consistently bring them to the indoor potty spot.

Verbal Command And Praises

Use the word “Potty” every time you command them for a bathroom break and give them praises and rewards when they are eliminated on the pad. Continue with this training until they regularly learn to discipline themselves to eliminate on the pad.

Tips And Warnings In Potty Training

Accidents can sometimes be unavoidable, especially when there are misplaced clothes and towels around their pads. The potty training would take longer if they continue to be stubborn against your command.

Take Off The Odor

Sometimes, Yorkies can be a little more of a human because they wanted to be secure of their safety, and they might be sensitive to odor. To ensure a safe and healthy environment for them, clean any accident-prone area outside the puppy pads with an enzymatic cleaner, to make sure no unwanted odors are present.

Be Consistent With The Schedule

Yorkies can get very consistent with their schedule, so the moment both of you wake up in the morning, and before you sleep at night, you can take the Yorkie down for a walk. Both of you can stick to the regular schedule until the Yorkie can only commit minimal mistakes inside the house.


To conclude, it might take a lot of repetitive training and positive reinforcement, but since they are known to be stubborn, competent, and independent, an adult Yorkie can easily catch on. What’s also good in Yorkies is they require less outdoor time so it wouldn’t be a difficult task to potty train them inside the house for more than 6 hours a day.

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