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How To Leash Train A Yorkie Puppy

Yorkshire Terriers are independent and competent pups that don’t like wearing collars for the first time because it restricts their movements, and that also happens when they are bounded in leash. But, these things can be changed if the owner adds some elements of fun to make them obey in your order.

How to leash train a Yorkie puppy? The first thing you need to do is to attach the collar at the Yorkie’s neck. Afterward, teach them a cue, and practice both indoors and outdoors. It will help them to remember the training.

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In this article, you will learn some fundamental steps on how to leash them your Yorkie and some alternative solutions that can be used just in case they refuse to obey.

Steps Of Leash Training

The concept behind putting your Yorkie a leash is to keep them disciplined at all times and to make them obey your orders. Here are the basic steps of leash training:

Introduce The Leash

It is important to let them wear a light collar, so they won’t easily be strangled or get uncomfortable. Let them wear a leash for a while, while also teaching them that it’s equivalent for food, fun, and more rewards.

Teach A Cue

When they are on a leash, then try to teach them that being on the leash means “food is coming.” You can also try out some methods, such as clicking your tongue and using the word yes. When the Yorkie recognizes the cue, they would automatically come running towards you and walk with you with a few paces.

Practice Indoor And Outdoor

Now that your Yorkie can now comprehend when to come to you, practice walking with him a few steps inside the room and challenge him to go outdoors. Use sound and sight signals to make them come to you. Be patient with them as this part comes with a lot of distraction at first. However, when they are used to it, they can easily pull it off.

Troubleshooting Steps Of Leash Training

With many distractions around them, it would make them disobey your commands. But you have to be prepared for Plan Bs all the time.

If He Pulls

Just in case that your Yorkie starts pulling his leash in the other direction, then stand still and never move. He would eventually get tired running until he comes back to you. Never drag the dog because they might get strangled by doing so.

If He Lunges

When your dog encounters a major distraction, perhaps another dog, then try to redirect his attention. His attention span is very short, so there’s a huge chance that his focus will come back to you in no time. The most effective way to redirect him is to lure with a treat.


As a conclusion, since Yorkies are known to be skillful with their tasks, then as time goes by that they are used to their leashes, then you can reduce their treats and the number of troubleshooting.

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