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How to Groom a Yorkie ~ Have you just bought your first Yorkshire terrier and you don’t know where to start? Well, if yes, then you’ve come to the right place. As a dog owner, you need to understand that grooming is a very important part of your dog’s life.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about grooming your furry friend from different sources. But what does grooming entail? Grooming basically includes a number of procedures that are simply related to a good appearance and better health for your puppy. Every Yorkie needs constant grooming to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

The frequency of your grooming procedures depends entirely on how long the hair is, the age and health condition of your pup. When you do proper grooming, it will essentially help your dog to live a longer and healthier life.

Some of the basic grooming procedures include:

  • Hair brushing
  • Trimming
  • Bathing
  • Nail cutting
  • Stripping

Like you’ve noticed, grooming is not just about giving your dog a good bath. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Hair brushing

Yorkshire terrier requires regular hair brushing. Since they have a single coat, the coat is always silky and smooth. Without proper brushing, the coat may end up painfully matted. Brushing the silky smooth coat on a daily basis, on the other hand, will reduce the tangles and mats.

More importantly, you also need to have the proper equipment. Meaning, you need to have the right brush. What’s more, you must have a spray bottle full of water or a diluted conditioner that’s made for dogs. A good soft brush designed for dogs will do the trick.

On top of that, your dog also needs to be trained. Train your pup to withstand the brushing routine at least on a daily basis. This will require you to place a towel on the table or any considerable place as long as the dog reaches to your height. Then start brushing your pup. You can also make the brushing process fun by giving your Yorkie treats during this procedure.

The very first time you place your pup on top of the table, you need to praise her or him inclusive of a treat or two. For every single moment, he’s in there, be sure to praise him. This will encourage the routine and after a few days of praises and treats, he will have the courage to stand there on their own.

You can make the brushing routine easier for both you and your dog by giving him a bath before the process. This will help keep your Yorkie clean every day before the process. More to that, the coat is usually soft and free from dirt when you are brushing your dog.


Well, I’m not trying to train you to become a professional Yorkshire terrier haircutter. Rather than that, this section will simply help you to maintain proper hygiene for your Yorkshire. Therefore, here are some of the parts that you will need to pay attention to.


Yorkshire doesn’t have any control over how their hair grows. But that’s pretty much the basic struggle for any living creature. That said, you need to help control the hair growth on your pup. The ears are usually the first to grow excess hair. The fur on top of your Yorkie’s ears can sometimes place too much weight on the ear that it falls.

So you need to control this by trimming the fur behind and on top of the ear. You can trim this fur by using a hair grooming dog shaver. To get the best results, start by using a 0.8mm blade. Then you can form a triangle shape around the ear since this is the shape of the ear. This will help relieve the pressure.


Without a doubt, you should ensure that the vision of your Yorkie is not hindered by any hair or haircut style. Ensure you cut all the hairs that might project towards or around the eyes using scissors.

You also need to note that this is a very sensitive area. On top of that, you might end up accidentally cutting some hairs that may fall into your pup’s eyes. Therefore, for the safety of your animal, I’d recommend you look for a professional to do this for you.


This is a very important area. Note that all the hairs on the paw pad should be completely cut. Additionally, try to cut even the hairs between the fingers as best as you can. You can use professional grooming scissors meant for dogs. This will help you to be as precise as possible.


A bath is an important aspect of the overall grooming of your Yorkie. Just like in humans, baths are always refreshing even to your Yorkshire puppy. So how often should you give your Yorkshire a bath?

You can give your furry friend a bath as often as once every week. That also depends on whether you take a walk outside or mingle with other pups. It’s also only logical to remember that if your Yorkie has longer hair, then the frequency of the baths increases. That’s because the hair gets dirty easily as compared to that of Yorkies with shorter hair.

This is probably a hard decision in case you like the long hair of your Yorkie but it’s something I need to mention. Short hair will be easy to clean and maintain compared to the long hair. More to that, you also don’t have to bath your pup every other week in case you chose to maintain short and cute hair. But if you are sure you can maintain long hair, then you need to be ready for extra care and grooming. It’s all entirely up to you.

Preparing your pup for a bath is not a hard thing. Some dogs are typically afraid of the sound of water. Therefore, a bathtub is the best idea. Place your pup in the bathtub after you’ve filled it up in advance. Once your Yorkie is in the water, make sure you wet all the hair. The most important thing to do here is to watch out for the eyes and ears. Make sure the water or shampoo doesn’t get inside the ears or eyes.

The next step is to apply a good dog shampoo from the neck downwards. Spread the shampoo properly around your pup’s body. This will also make it easy for you to wash your dog. One of the tricks I picked up with my pup is that you shouldn’t pour the shampoo directly onto the fur. Put a little on your hands and rub it against your dog’s body. That way, you will be conservative.

You should also be careful when washing the area around the nose. That is why I prefer washing the head as the last part. That way, you will be able to wash the entire body before getting to the sensitive area.

Another important factor is that you shouldn’t use human shampoo on your dog at all. Even if you’ve used up all the dog shampoo, you should hold off the bathing routine until you can get a new one. You should only use quality shampoo. Humans and Yorkies have completely different PH. That means you risk harming your dog by using human shampoo.

Others actually believe that using baby shampoos on your dog is a better idea. Trust me, it’s not. Always ensure you have the right amount of shampoo before placing your dog in the bathtub.

The next step is to rinse your dog. Rinse your pup with clean water until bubbles stop forming on the hairs. In case you leave any shampoo on the body, it will end up causing irritation, loss of hair and redness in the affected areas. So rinse your dog until you are completely sure that there’s no shampoo left.


After the bath, you can take a clean towel and dry your Yorkie as much as possible. Afterward, take a hair dryer and dry the water. But make sure you don’t dry the hair completely. Also, in case your dog has long hair, you should use a comb to help on the drying.

However, the paws need to be dry completely. If you leave the paws wet, then there’s a slight chance they might develop fungus. Another important factor that you need to consider is, the dryer should be in the cool air mode. This will obviously increase the time you spend on the drying process but it’s good for the skin of your pup.

Nail Cutting

You must have heard the sound that your Yorkie produces when he or she walks around with long nails. The long nails will end up curling on the paws which might be painful for your dog. Also, they may end up affecting how your pup walks.

To keep the nails short and cute, you need to cut them on a regular basis. Each dog has a different frequency when it comes to the growth of their nails. Meaning, it’s not possible to have a standard time as to when you should cut the nails. You might have to study your Yorkie for a few days.  You should at least cut the nails of your dog at least once every two months or after every three months. This will, however, depend entirely on the growth of the nails. It’s your responsibility to check on your dog.

Keep in mind that the rear nails will be able to reduce themselves if you take your pup on a walk regularly. That is why you should cut the front nails more often as compared to the rear ones. The inner side of the nail is known as the pulp. It’s completely filled with nerves and it can sometimes be painful for your Yorkie. Therefore, you need to be careful while doing the nail cutting.


Stripping the process of ridding your dog of dead hair follicles. You can either do it by hand or simply brushing through the coat of your pup. Hand stripping involves pulling out the hairs using your hands.

Stripping will ensure your dog grows new fur that softer and way better. By clipping the hair, you are simply taking out the top layer of the dead fur so the coat might look fresher. However, before you try this yourself, you need to have a professional groomer show you how to do it.  Additionally, you will also need someone else to help you out. They will hold down your dog while you stripe.

Start by gently rubbing your hand on your dog so he or she can relax. Then the next step, using your forefinger and thumb, take a few strands and pull them gently. If the hair is ready to be stripped, it will move out gently hence it will cause very little pain to your furry friend. Also, don’t feel like you need to do it all at once. Take section by section.

So how often should I groom my Yorkshire terrier?

As you’ve figured by now, the grooming process entails a different process. Each of these processes will depend on the length of your dog’s fur, age and appearance you are trying to achieve. That means you need to have a standard routine. Also, time with your pup will help you understand the frequency of grooming him or her needs. Additionally, you can check in with your professional groomer to better understand your furry friend.

You should also note that the longer the fur, the more grooming you will have to do.

In Summary

Dogs are the best friends you can ever ask for, particularly the Yorkshire terrier. And it’s your duty to ensure your pup has the best health. That means you need to groom your pup as regularly as possible. More to that, Yorkies are known for their incredible fur. Therefore, if you want to maintain that beautifully smooth and soft hair, then you must be willing to dedicate your time to grooming the pup.