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How To Get Rid Fleas On A Yorkie? Dog fleas are parasites that sucks animal’s blood, resulting in wounded or infested skin, which may last up to 2 months. Fleas can be found not only in animals’ skin, but it jumped from one person to another person too. Fleas are too small that it can’t be noticed easily, especially when they stick under your Yorkies bedding and on your other furniture.

How to get rid of fleas on a Yorkie? To remove fleas on your Yorkie, bath them so it can at least lessen their itch and discomfort. Bath them using a shampoo with a formula that helps kill fleas. There are also brands of soap that can help to get rid of fleas.

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As you read on, you will learn how you can get rid of fleas on your Yorkies in simple different ways.

Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas

There is another way of getting rid of fleas on your Yorkie’s body. Aside from bathing them, here are some helpful tips that you can ponder on.

Clean Bedding

After bathing your dogs, it is now time to clean their beddings, including their pillow and blankets if there are. You must do this right away in case they lay eggs underneath those things. Get your Yorkies bedding laundered at least three times per week, so there’s no chance of fleas getting back. Wash all those with hot, soapy water and let it dry through the heat of the sun to help kill the eggs.

Flea Spray

You can get rid of fleas on your Yorkie by doing a flea spray. You can either buy or make one with the help of video tutorials. You have to pick ingredients that will not threaten your Yorkies’ health and yours too. You can spray it directly to your Yorkies, avoiding direct contact with their face.

It can also spray to the house’s sofa, carpets, and other related things where fleas can lay eggs. Some ingredients with this spray include vinegar or apple cider, water, and lavender or cedar oil.

Keep Your Yorkie Healthy

It may sound odd, but it is one effective way to get rid of fleas. Make sure that your Yorkie babies have a proper healthy diet and enough water in their bodies. Give them also some physical exercises and give them vitamins that will help boosts their immune system. With these, it helps prevent fleas in sucking Yorkies blood because it is said that it looks and thrive those ill pets.

Seek Medical Advice

Above all, when you know that your Yorkies have fleas in their body, don’t forget to seek veterinarians’ help. They can help and give you proper instructions on how to get rid of fleas on your Yorkies. Constant scratching may cause Yorkies wounds and even stress them out that they can’t even eat anymore. Veterinarians can give medical treatment and prescriptions that will help treat wounded parts of Yorkies skin affected by the fleas.


In general, though how small the fleas are, it has a big impact not just to humans but to dogs too. It only proves that having a Yorkie is not a joke because you need to focus on a thing that will help keep them healthy. So they won’t be able to get any kind of disease whether its serious or not. It is important to be very observant with your Yorkies when you feel they’re uncomfortable with the situation to have them checked as soon as possible.

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