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Brushing Your Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers are known for having beautiful coats, usually silky long hair that resembles human hair. Taking care of their coat is crucial in maintaining your dog’s fantastic look and skin health.

How often should a Yorkie be brushed? At least twice a week for shaved or short coats and at least three times a week for longer ones.

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Find out the ideal frequency of brushing a Yorkie as you read along. This article also talks about what to do to prepare the Yorkie’s hair for brushing.

What To Do Before Brushing A Yorkie


Your very first step is to comb your dog’s entire coat. Combing first will allow you to detangle any small mats. Snagging a mat with a brush can hurt your dog. You avoid this by combing the hair before brushing.

Also, combing will prepare the coat for brushing. It would separate the hairs and allow the brush to do its job efficiently. It can also be used for touch-ups, catching tangles after brushing and, grooming small areas.

Coat Spraying

Brushing dry hair will cause breakage. To add some moisture to the dog’s hair, spray a leave-in coat or diluted dog conditioner to the dog’s coat before brushing.

Spraying will help prevent split-ends, create soft, shiny hair, and protect hair from environmental elements and contact friction that can wear down its natural protective layer. It will help your Yorkie smell clean and fresh, too.

How Often Should You Brush A Yorkie

Tangles are typical, especially in long-length hair. Even shorter coats can tangle if not combed often enough. Therefore, you should comb and brush your Yorkie once a day if it has a long coat and every two days if it has a shorter haircut.

But, if you are utilizing the right brush and an effective coat spray, you may not need to brush too frequently. For example, a Yorkshire Terrier brushing schedule for shaved or short coats could be at least twice per week.

For long coats, brushing at least three times a week is recommended. Still, even if the coat looks great and super clean, do the brushing on a schedule.

Related Questions

What is the best comb for a Yorkie?

Metal or stainless steel combs with narrow spacing on one end (for the face and small areas like the paws) and medium spacing on the other end (for the main body) are the best.

What is the best brush for a Yorkie?

For medium to long hairs, a quality pin brush with moderate spread and comfort tips is excellent. For shaved or very short-trimmed coats, a boar bristle brush is best. It can also be used for finishing touches.


Maintenance is vital, especially for the Yorkie’s hair. Proper brushing, including brushing frequent enough, leads to excellent coat texture, healthy shine, effective distribution of body oils, and constant hair growth and renewal. It is vital for the overall appearance and health of Yorkie’s hair and skin.