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How Much Should 8 Week Old Yorkie Eat?

Yorkies are one of those smallest types of breeds that most would love to have. Because of its appearance, what to feed, how much, and how often you feed them is crucial.

You, as their fur parents, need to know and should observe the feeding schedule. They say that a Yorkie puppy should have meals three to four times a day.

How much should an eight weeks old Yorkie eat? Yorkie puppies should eat 1/4 meals to 12 cups of food per day. It is because their stomachs are still small that can only accommodate a small amount of food.

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Though an 8-week old Yorkie puppy may seem big, still, their stomach can only accommodate little. And this is what this article will tackle.

Stomach Is Still Small

You may think that an 8-week old Yorkie puppy is big enough, but it still is not. They say that at this age, they are getting rehomed. And though they are dependent on their food at this age, still, they need their mother’s milk.

That is why they should eat 1/4 to 1/2 cup of food.

But, if you adopted an 8-week old Yorkie, it’s better to know first what they’ve been eating. Before you decide to switch to another kind of food, it is because they allow their stomach to adjust to whatever food you feed them.

Food They Eat Should Based On Weight

Another factor that you should consider before feeding them is its weight. To be able to know the exact weight of your pet, let the veterinarian weigh them when you visit the clinic.

You can say that feeding them is easy because they suggest giving them 1/4 to 1/2 cup per day. But it seems that it’s not that easy.

You can also check the kibble’s recommendation to know the exact food you can feed them based on weight. Here are few of the guidelines that can help you determine how much your Yorkie puppies can eat.

  • In every Yorkies weight between 2 to 4 pounds, you can give them 1/3 to 1/2 cup of their kibble daily.
  • For Yorkies whose weight is at 8 pounds, you can give them a 2/3 cup of food per day.
  • Adult teacup can eat at least from 1/3 to 1/2 cup of kibble per day.

What Food Is Best For Yorkies?

As a first-time fur parent, it is understood that you don’t know what food is best. That’s why most veterinarians recommend giving them a dry kibble. Since Yorkies are prone to have gum disease and early loss of their tooth, this food is the best.

Dry kibble helps your Yorkies stimulate its gums and help remove the tartar too.

Other benefits of dry kibble are: help reduce the risk of infections on the tooth, gum disease, and plaque. If your Yorkies seems to be a picky-eater because of dry kibble, you can try some of these hacks:

  • Mix with nutritional supplements recommended by Yorkies’ veterinarian.
  • Let it soak with warm water.
  • You can add it to beef broth foods.


In summary, we can’t give Yorkies food as much as we want too. Because it may cause them some serious diseases and that their stomach can’t take that all in. And knowing what’s best for them is one responsibility a fur parent should think first. It should be your first step before you decide to get a Yorkie as a pet.