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How Much Does Grooming A Yorkie Cost?

Caring for a dog can be very costly and it involves a lot more than just buying dog food. You have to pay for vaccines, toys, vet consultations, and also grooming services. When it comes to grooming, many dog owners seem to neglect this.

How much does grooming a Yorkie cost? The prices for grooming services range from $30 to $90. Dogs with thick fur such as Yorkies need regular haircuts. Nail trimming is also a must. These add up quickly and you may end up spending a lot of money.

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Grooming your dog does not always have to be expensive. In this article, I will discuss how you can groom your Yorkie all on your own. If you have a tight budget, this may be much more feasible than paying for a service every month.

At-Home Dog Grooming

If you can dedicate enough time each month to groom your dog yourself, you can save money. You will not just be bathing your Yorkie, but also trimming their fur and nails, and cleaning their ears.

Grooming can reach up to $90 at a dog salon depending on your dog’s size and the services they need.


Dogs do not need a bath every day, and daily baths may do more harm than good. Bathing your dog every week or a few times a month is enough.

When bathing your dog, it is best to use warm water to prevent them from getting sick. It will also make bath time more enjoyable. Be sure to use dog shampoo, and if it has anti-tick and flea properties, that would be even better. You can also use dog soap as an extra step, but it is not totally necessary.

Fur Brushing And Trimming

This grooming step is crucial for dogs with thick furs, such as Yorkies. Knotted fur can be uncomfortable or even painful for dogs. Also, it just does not look good and shows a dog owner’s neglect.

Brushing should be done both before and after a bath. Doing this before a bath will make it easier to shampoo and rinse their fur. There are different types of brushes for certain fur types. Wide-tooth dog brushes are great for detangling.

Ear Cleaning

You should check your dog’s ears regularly to get rid of ticks and dirt. Cleaning can be done with a large Q-tip or a cotton ball. Soak them in a canine ear cleaning solution and clean around the outer area of the ear. Avoid going in too deep inside the ear canal, or better yet, avoid it altogether.

Nail Care

Another thing that some dog owners forget about is nail care. If you walk your Yorkie daily, this may not be a problem. However, if they are indoors most of the time, their nails can grow to extreme lengths.

Use special dog nail clippers, and do not attempt nail trimming with scissors or human nail clippers.


Grooming your Yorkie can be pricey if you take them to a dog salon. Investing in a one-time purchase of grooming supplies will be more cost-effective than regular grooming services. Doing this all at home will allow you to save money and also bond with your dog more.