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How Much Does A Small Dog Bed Cost?

As dog owners, we want what is best for our dog. That best includes buying the right food with nutrients and a bed for them. We know that dogs love to cuddle and want to be beside you in your bed but it is still best if you give them the bed you think they deserved.

How much does a small dog bed cost? Small bed dog cost depends on what type, design, and the materials used. Most of the time, the bed cost higher than you expected because of its design and special features.

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As you read on, we’ll give you lists of beds suitable for small bed dogs. Plus, we’ll also provide essential factors to consider when buying a small dog bed.

Lists Of Small Dog Beds

1. Foam Dog Bed With Removable Washable Cover

This bed comes with multiple sizes from XX-Small, is lightweight and portable. It also fits with a crate 24″ X 18″ dog crates. This bed has a special feature that can help reduce the pressure on your dog’s pain on joints and bones.

It’s layers of shredded memory foam give your dog maximum comfort. This small bed dog price is at $25.31 and is perfect for Chihuahuas and Yorkie pup.

2. Shark Bed

This bed is intended for pets up to 8 lbs and is made of fiber cloth materials. This material helps radiate the heat back to your pup and is anti-slip and damp proof. It has a removable pillow included, which will make your pup more comfortable to sleep. The pillow is washable, and this shark bed is at $23.99.

3. Cozy Cave Bed

This bed is the representation of cosiness, because of its fleece lining and micro-suede outer cover. When your pup is inside this cave bed, it’ll make your pet feel more secure. It is also ideal for dogs that like to burrow and have more than 20 colors of different sizes. The price of this type of bed is $25.98.

4. Premium Microsuede Bed

It’s obvious that this bed is made with thick microsuede fabric, 100% recyclable eco-friendly and is scratch resistant. The microsuede sofa cover is removable, meaning it is machine washable. This bed has different colors and has two sizes. The Price of this small bed is $35.99.

5. Bolster Pet Bed

This bed is made of ultra-soft and is rich in texture. That is why dogs feel comfortable and can nap longer. The edges are bolstered that serves for dogs their pillow wherein they can lay their heads comfortably.

It also has a polyester filled cushion that plays support to the dog’s muscles and joints. Don’t worry as this bed is machine washable and dryer friendly, the price is $7.26.

6. Elevated Bed

Made with a knitted fabric, this elevated bed will provide your dog with access to airflow. It also has a cooling effect for the dog making your pet’s nap or sleeping a nice one.

This bed is elevated from the ground, but it will also feel your dog comfortable because the padded is flexible. It can also help your small dogs eliminate the stress they get for joint pains.

The price of an elevated bed starts from $27.48.

7. Furhaven Pet Bed

If you’re looking for a bed that gives your dog easy access to their bed, this is for you. This bed is triangular but without restrictions on the sides. Your dog can feel the warmth of whenever they’re on this bed because of its orthopedic foam mattress.

Plus, this bed is easier to wash compared to other dog beds because of its zippered design.

You can unzip the cover, which makes it easier for you to wash. The price of this bed is $14.4.9.

8. Memory Foam Bed

This bed won’t be your last choice if you’re considering the comfort of your dog because it can help them relieve their pains on hips, elbows, and their legs.

The bolstered part that circles round it gives support for your dog’s neck. This bed has a hard-wearing quality, which prevents it from tearing or shredding.

The price for this small bed is $39.99, and it also comes with a toy gift. Not bad for the price, right?

Things To Consider When Buying A Bed For Small Dogs

As to the importance of getting your dog a bed, it’s also important to pick what kind of bed suits them. Yes, you might end up liking a specific bed for your small dog, but try to consider these things first before buying one:

Size And Dog’s Nature

As a pet owner, you need to consider first the size of your dog before buying a bed. Yes, this helps, but try to consider too that the nature of your dog is essential. For example, does your dog love to be in an enclosed space whenever he sleeps?

Then you need to buy a bed that will make them feel, and the bed is proportionate to their size.

Also, you can get them a bed with a bolster, so it can give them all the support they need. But if your dog loves to have a spacious bed, then it is better if you buy one. Get your pet a bed that will allow them to stretch comfortably and do whatever position they want.


If you’re planning to put the bed outside, then consider buying an elevated bed. It’s because they won’t be prone to any loitering tick or fleas.

Also, an elevated bed should come in handy whenever the weather becomes hotter, so your dogs are protected higher. And that your dog can have access to proper ventilation.


We can’t remove the fact that most dogs have a habit of chewing anything. When you opt to buy a bed dog, consider this kind of your dog’s trait too. Examine your dog first, and when it has this habit, look for a very strong bed. Meaning, look for beds that can’t be easily shredded by them.


Overall, this article tackles what beds are best for a small dog, and the prices range. Dog beds for small dogs will depend on what type of bed you’re looking at and its features.

Choosing a bed for small dogs isn’t as easy as you think because you need to consider some matters. And the size of a dog will be the primary consideration when you’re looking for a bed dog.