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How Much Do Yorkies Shed?

Yorkshire Terrier is known to be adorable dogs with a feisty and full of energy personality. They may be small, but they have big personalities, and they are fun to be around. But for allergy-sensitive owners, too much dog shedding becomes a potential concern.

How Much Do Yorkies Shed? Yorkshire Terriers are known to be hypoallergenic dog breeds. But like humans, they lose their hairs, and they have a very low shedding cycle compared to other dog breeds. And because they are tiny, it is rare to find a strand of hair at your home.

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In this short read, you will find out about Yorkie’s shedding and how to take care of their lovely hair.

Why Yorkies Don’t Shed

A lot of Yorkies’ owners believe that Yorkies don’t really shed. It really depends on the definition of shedding itself. If losing hair is part of shedding, then Yorkies will shed. It is just that because of Yorkies’ physique.

Also, it isn’t easy to notice hair strands coming from them. All dogs shed to a certain extent. Some even shed more than other breeds. While Yorkies might not shed as much as Corgis, they aren’t a hairless dog breed that has no fur to shed.

Hair, Not Fur

If you ever pet or have a Yorkshire Terrier before, you’ll notice that the texture and the coat feel different compared to a Golder Retriever. It is because Yorkies have a hair coat instead of a fur coat.

It might not be a big of a deal, but there’s a big difference between a hair coat and a fur coat.

While most people use the word fur and hair interchangeably, it is not technically correct. In terms of genetics, they are quite similar. For instance, both are made from keratin, which is a protein compound.

Although there are differences in texture, feel, and in length. Hair is a lot smoother, longer, finer, and it can be straight or curly.

For Yorkshire terrier, it is both long and curly. While on the other hand, a fur coat is always shorter. Fur coats are typically denser because of their double coats, which is the undercoat and the topcoat.

The significant advantage of having hair coats is they only have single coats. It means it is less shedding because of the slower shedding cycle.


Overall, Yorkies’ do shed but not in the same manner on how most dogs shed. It can be compared to the amount of hair when a person loses their hair. It is very little and quite hard to notice.

All you have to do is take care of their coat and bathe them regularly. Once you do that, it is unlikely that you will have issues with their hair lying around all over your house. You can rest assured that if you want to cuddle and have your Yorkshire Terrier with you in bed, there will be no fallout.

You are good to go without the worry of too much shedding the next morning. Yorkies are an excellent choice if you are hypoallergenic and looking for dogs who shed a little.