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The Cost of Yorkies

Anyone who is a serious dog lover knows that choosing a pet is not as easy as most people make it seem. When you purchase a pet, it’s like you are committing to friendship with a new member of your family.

A family member who will be probably around for at least 14 years.

Yorkshires especially are a costly breed of dogs. When you get to the market, you will easily find that the most reputable breeders charge at least $800 to $10,000 for a single pup.

That being the case, in this article, we will discuss why Yorkshire Terriers go for that particular price and if they are actually worth the price.

FactorsHighest PricedHigher PricedLower Priced
BloodlineAKC ChampionsPurebredMixed Breed
DocumentationAKC RegisteredWith DocumentationWithout Documentation
HealthNo Illness In The Ancestry Pedigree
With Documentation
No Known Health ConditionsKnown Health Conditions
Appearance4-7lbs & Silky Coat4-7lbs8+lbs Curly/Thick Coat
Breeder’s ReputationDocumented Champion BreederDocumented Pure Bloodline BreederNo Documentation and Reputation
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Factors Affecting Yorkshire Price

If you have done some research about Yorkies’ price, I know you must be wondering how puppies of the same breed could vary so much in price.

The unusual thing is that Yorkies that go for $300 and those that go for $10, 000 look absolutely the same on pictures.

That is why below we will discuss some of the factors that determine the price of the Yorkie.

The Bloodline

This is definitely the most important factor that everyone considers when they want to buy a Yorkshire puppy. You need to know if the Yorkie is a purebred or a mixed breed.

However, you need to be careful as there are some breeders whose main intention will be to exploit you.

In that case, if you are not keen enough, you might end up getting a Yorkie puppy that’s not even purebred at a very high price.

The Yorkie pups that are on top of the scale are the ones that are American Kennel Club champions.

What is more, those that have an aristocratic pedigree? Meaning that if the lineage of that pup has won more titles, the more pricey getting a pup from that lineage will be costly.

Actually, such a pup costs up to $10,000.

There are some reputable breeders out there who have the privilege to own such high-end dog breeds.

In that case, they mate their high-class sires and dams so that the offspring can be of the same bloodline.

You should not be surprised when a breeder travels across the state to meet a purebred dam or rather a high-level sire.


Something else that you need to consider when getting a puppy is whether or not she has the necessary documents.

These registration documents should indicate the dog’s bloodline.

There are a couple of registries that offer documents for your dog. The most reputable of them all is the American Kennel Club.

With the documents, you can verify that the dog you have bought is a purebred. What is more, you get to access other important details about the dog such as;

This information is important in helping you to understand the information, names and of the dog’s ancestors as well as siblings.

What’s more, you get a guarantee of the puppy’s health condition, working condition, and other exterior qualities.

That is why a registered Yorkshire pup will definitely cost more than one that is not registered.

There are certain fees that the breeder incurs during the registration process of the puppy. It is the breeder who pays for these costs. The registration process will cost not only money but also a lot of the breeder’s time and effort.

Some people buy unregistered pups then register them.

However, there is never a point with this as you will have to incur the same cost you would have incurred with a registered puppy.

More to that, these are some documents that require the signature of the breeder during the registration process.

Health Condition

The health condition is undisputable the most important factor that you need to consider before getting your first Yorkie.

By this, I mean that if you come across a Yorkie that has good papers, of a good bloodline, and the price range is around $1000, you should be very cautious.

That is because there must be something totally wrong with the Yorkies.

And the most probable explanation is the Yorkies’ health condition. Another important thing that you should not miss out on is to know the parents of the Yorkies.

You should also inquire if there have been any medical conditions with the Yorkie. This way, you will know whether or not the breeder takes good care of their dogs.

Do not rely on the vet papers for this kind of information. It’s always better if you go and visit the kennel yourself.

Here, you should check the overall environment of the place. How the ancestors look will tell you much about the puppies.

This is applicable when dealing with a less known breeder if they have no reviews that a potential buyer can check and judge from.

Generally, Yorkies are very tiny and too delicate. That is why getting a healthy one is such a crucial thing.

That is because even the slightest health problem could be a serious risk for her. Plus, just like other dogs, Yorkies are prone to illness now and then.

Therefore, if she has a weak immune system, she is likely to develop more diseases later on.


There are not many factors that determine the price of a Yorkie.

But at the same time, the size of the Yorkie cannot miss on that list. Nowadays, you will find that the smaller the Yorkie is, the higher its price.

There is not exactly a definite reason why this is the case. But my quickest guess is that smaller Yorkies are at a higher demand.

I’m not sure if people like them more or is it just that they are more fashionable.

Normally, a Yorkie weighs around 4-7lbs. However, if you are not keen enough, there is a high possibility that a breeder could give you a fraud Yorkie.

The breeder might even sell you a smaller dog that will definitely not be a Yorkie.

Also, teacup Yorkies are too attached to their mummies. For that reason, they require expensive care that could dig deep into your bank balance.

In the line of the Yorkies appearance, the coat of the Yorkie is also a determiner of the Yorkies price range.

A standard Yorkie should have a glossy, silky and fine coat. If the coat feels anything less than this, then it might be less expensive.

When it comes to Yorkies, I’d say that you get what you pay for.

The Breeder’s Reputation

If you wonder which is the best way to tell if the breeder’s reputation, this section is for you. First of all, the reputation of a breeder is directly linked to the bloodline of their dogs.

This alone is a factor that makes the breeder trusted, well known and has a very good image to his sellers.

It is very easy to find information about a breeder who well known.

However, if you find no information for someone who breeds Yorkies, this should raise the alarm. Yorkies that are bred by reputable breeders obviously cost higher.

That is because they meet all the criteria mentioned above.

The Price of Purebred Yorkies with Documents

If you want to buy a Yorkies registered with the American Kennel Club, then be sure to spend at least $1500. That is especially if the puppy’s bloodline has a link to champions.

If this is your first time, buying a dog, you might think that this price range is too high.

But if the puppy has all the necessary documents and has a link to champions, this price range is absolutely okay.

If you want to get the best Yorkies for a reputable breeder, you shouldn’t care much about the prices. What you should be concerned about is the quality of the Yorkie.

When you get a Yorkie that has AKC papers, a health guarantee, and a pedigree certificate and has been bred by a reputable breeder, then she could cost up to $2000.

I know you probably think that this price is too high for just a dog. However, if you need a show dog, then the price is totally reasonable.

That is because you want a dog that will be able to win a lot of championships in Yorkie shows.

Earlier on, I mentioned that there are Yorkie puppies that could go for over $10,000.

These are puppies that have been bred from the most elite bloodlines. Most of these descendants are the ones that have been used in breeding Yorkies suitable for championships.

When you get such a Yorkie, you are sure without a doubt that she will be the champion of the most prestigious shows.

However, if you want this kind of a Yorkie, it’s necessary that you are fully devoted to this kind of business as well as lifestyle.

The Price of Yorkies without Papers

Some people will be just okay getting a Yorkie without any documents or papers.

These types of puppies are sold at a relatively lower price than the ones that have documents. Yorkshire will cost between $600 and $1200.

Actually, you will easily get advertisements for Yorkies as cheap as low as $400 or $500.

Such cheap puppies are either bred by breeders who are entirely new to this field. Or even breeders who only do breeding as a part-time hobby.

But you still can be lucky and find a puppy that is of high quality form these backyard breeders.

Therefore, the ball is on your side to decide what you want. You can decide on the puppy to purchase by first visiting the kennel before making the purchase.

Be keen to check the state of the puppy’s parents. A kennel will definitely tell you of the breeder you are working with: reputable, quality, and reliable.

Never be in a hurry when hatting a puppy. Always take your time and in the end, you will get the best companion.

Prices for Rescued or Adopted Yorkies

At times, rescuing or adopting a puppy is always a better choice than going for a random kennel you know little about.

A rescued puppy goes for as little as $100. You will get a companion and still get a chance to give a home to an ownerless Yorkie. This is one feeling that you can never describe.

Other Yorkies Costs that You Should Consider:

  • Supplies for your Yorkie; how you prepare for a new baby in your family is the same you should prepare for your Yorkie pup. It would help if you got a few supplies like food, toys, treats, detergents, a bed, brushes, shampoo, a dog lead, harness, training pads, and a water bowl, among other things.

    There are many other things like a dog carrier, clothes, and a Yorkie car seat. However, the ones mentioned above are must-haves. The necessities would cost at least $100.

  • Veterinarian; no matter the state of your pup during purchase, she needs to be taken to the vet now and then. Therefore, you need to set aside money to cater to the vet doctor. Although this will depend so much on the puppy’s age, you need to schedule vet appointments. This is for the sakes of vaccines, medications, and regular check-ups.

In Summary

As we have seen from the article, many factors affect a Yorkie’s cost. It all depends on the quality of a pup that you are looking for. You can get a puppy as low as $100 from the adoption or as high as $1000 from a reputable breeder.

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