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Yorkie Having Puppies

The Yorkshire is a small, adorable, people-friendly dog that everyone wanted to have. They may be small in size, but they have strong personalities. The Yorkie has been the center of fan devotion that starred them in movies and books.

Yorkshire Terrier, or popularly called Yorkie, came from England in the countryside of Yorkshire. In the 19th century, having to breed a Yorkshire is already a sense of achievement for most Scotlanders.

As of today’s time, Yorkie is incredibly known around the world as a domesticated pet.

The physical appearance of the Yorkie has high regard with their coat color and quality placement. Their hair can be glossy and straight and their coat can grow very long.

What made them loveable is their feisty and attention-loving personality. They loved to be taken in a walk and conveys as if they’re someone elite and important.

If given proper training, they can tone down their submissive and attention-seeking personalities. They don’t like to be alone as they are prone to depression and serious separation anxiety.

Breeding Consideration

Yorkshire Terrier’s capability to give birth depends on its size and age. They can have 8 puppies at the most, but they can only have around 3 puppies on an average basis.

The number of its puppies will also primarily depend on the male’s sperm, where the greater the male dogs inseminate to the eggs, the higher of chances that they’ll birth to many puppies.

Physical Defects

Before mating your dog, you must make sure that your dog is healthy from any contagious and bone diseases such as osteoarthritis. Some of them were not fully developed yet, and their offspring might inherit their physical defects.


You should know that Yorkshire is sensitive to their partner, so they have to be genetically relative to Yorkshire. Mating the Yorkshire with non-relative will only result in deterioration in their puppies, causing them to die after birth. Inbreeding would give the puppies more health problems and diseases. 

Your Responsibility

Being a Yorkshire owner takes a lot of responsibility because they’re quite high-maintenance. Just in case you can’t look after them very well, then it’s better not to mate them.

Factors That Affects Yorkshire’s Pregnancy

Yorkshire is most likely to get pregnant easily. Like every other dog, some factors may cause their easy pregnancy and influence the number of pups they can reproduce.

Age of the Female Yorkie

A female Yorkie can get mature at the age of five and above. Once they reached the maturity stage, they are ready to heat and mate them with the male Yorkie.

Their age plays a vital role in their physical aspects too. Their physical size is the determiner of the number of puppies, even without the ultrasound.

Previous Pregnancies

A dog’s pregnancy is just as complicated as human pregnancies. It will take so much of their energy and body nutrients to take care of their little ones.

Another determiner of the number of puppies is their previous pregnancies. If the dog has previously given birth to 5 puppies, there is more chance for them to do the same thing again. 

Body Nutrients

The famous line “You are what you eat” is also applicable to dogs. Whatever you are feeding to them will influence the quality of her life and her puppies.

For example, if you feed them with grains, she is most likely to get fat instead of becoming healthy, making it more difficult for them to get through their pregnancy period and reproduce more puppies. 

The foods that your dog has to intake should be rich in protein to sustain her with multiple pregnancies. Protein gives enough energy to her body.

The Behavior Of The Yorkie During Pregnancy

Dogs have many similarities with a human during pregnancy because they tend to have mood swings too, because of some physical and chemical changes in their body.

A pregnant Yorkie loves to snuggle in bed than their usual active routine. She’ll do next to start nesting, where she’ll gather all the comfortable items for her delivery.

During the early period of pregnancy, her stomach is firmer and her nipples will grow larger. 

Interestingly, in a dog’s physiology, Yorkie can sometimes be insecure with her physical appearance, so she will groom herself more often to hide her insecurity. 

30% of her body weight will be gained if fed with correct dietary foods and supplements. Her abdomen will also get bigger, and his appetite will increase. 

The Yorkie’s Stages Of Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy

The first 4 weeks will be a preparation for the Yorkie to gather items for herself. Although she might be less energetic during this period, surely gathering items is already a strenuous activity for her.

Yorkie is very clingy, and her eating moods will shift from time to time. Her stomach is expanding is firming as her nipples are also appearing. 

Mid-late Pregnancy

During the 5th to 9th week, you must take your Yorkie to a local vet to see your dog and her puppies’ condition. At this point, the vet can identify the puppies’ heartbeats and how many are in their mom’s stomach.

As early as week 5, her diet will increase, so you have to feed them with foods rich in protein and calories. Since the puppies are developed in the stomach, you also have to avoid activities that can strain and stress them.

The Actual Delivery

This is the most emotional part where your dog will experience tremendous pain. First, her temperature will drop below as she begins to cry and vomit when her water breaks.

Once the water breaks, her puppies will be pushed out, and it took more than 2 hours for her to deliver all of them. It’s a dog’s instinct that after giving birth to her little ones, she will clean them by eating the umbilical cord attached to them and her placenta. 


Yorkies are generally adorable, and never forget to take them to a professional vet for advice on how to take care of your dog friend during pre and post-pregnancy.

The most important thing for the dog to feel the warmth of your love to them and loyalty, and it’s not difficult to give them what they deserved.

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