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How Do You Teach A Yorkie Commands?

Yorkies are undoubtedly one of a fluffy, ball of energy type of a breed of dogs. That is why many would consider them the most popular dog breeds in the world. That despite their small size, they prove that they are intelligent because they are among the most obedient dogs.

How do you teach a Yorkie commands? Yorkies can obey commands as long as you teach and start with some fun and exciting tricks first. Since they love attention, fun tricks are the perfect tricks because that is when they draw attention from others.

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If you are a first-time Yorkie parent, then this article is the right one for you. Because we will list some of the effective commands, you can teach your Yorkies.

Starts With Basic Commands

One of the main things you need to teach your Yorkie pup is the basic commands. These commands include sit, stay, down, come, and how to walk correctly on a leash.

Sit Command

Itis a common command that you can teach to your Yorkies. But like any other command, you can encourage them to do it if you give them treats. That you are going to hold it up over their head, then move it slowly behind their head.

And until their chin and nose point up and your Yorkie is forced to sit down.

For them to get familiar with the command, do it more often or as long as your time permits. Constant practice of the command will help them remember it easier.

Down Command

To successfully ask your Yorkie for this command, ask them first to sit. Encourage them to lie down while you’re holding down, treat out, and move it towards the floor and away from them.

Then when they reached the down position, click for that training clicker and give them their treats.

Leash Training

You as a fur parent, know that there will come a time that your Yorkies need to walk on a leash. Training them to walk while attached to it is one important command that you should teach them.

To do this, you can bring with you the clicker and give them treats whenever they behave and stay with you. Remember that as long as they won’t pull the leash, they deserve a treat.

Giving them treats whenever they do good behavior is one effective way to make them follow you.

Stay And Release

Once your Yorkie knows the sit and down command, it’s easier for you to treat them the stay, come and release command. To start with these treats, put them in a sit or down position, then take a few steps away from them.

While saying a word, stay, and as long as they stay, reward them. Then after this, follow the come and release command by encouraging them to come to you by offering a treat.

Teach Them Some Fun Tricks Commands

A fun and simple trick is one effective method of teaching your Yorkies. Because of these simple and fun tricks, they won’t feel that you’re pressuring them. Think of it like your teaching your kid an open-close trick, and then you’ll give them a treat after.


Yorkies love to lick faces, so use it to train them. That every time they lick your face, you’ll say the word ” give me a kiss” and don’t forget to give them a treat every time they do it.

In the long run, a ” give me a kiss” will become a fun trick that your Yorkie would love to do with anyone in the house.


It may sound impossible, but it’s possible, and it’s one of those considered fun tricks you can teach your Yorkies. To start, command them to sit and give them a treat if they follow.

Once they’re in a sitting position, hold a treat over their head and ask them to say beg. Yous should raise the treat then encourage them to raise their legs into a begging position.

If they did it, then they deserve another treat from you. For your pet to remember this trick, repeat it several times.

High Five

If you ask your pet to give you a high five, you are the one who should be lifting one of its paws. Let it touch your hand, then give it a treat afterward.

Like any other command, constant practice is necessary for them to remember it. You will be surprised that after repeating it several times, they will be able to raise their paw voluntarily. 

But after they have learned this command, they still do this often so they won’t forget it. And every time your pet do it, reward it.


To start with this command, have them lie down first then reward them. After this, teach them to roll over by holding the treat on one side of her.

Then slowly move it to the other side, as her nose follows it, so as their body too. As soon as they’ve done it, say the word roll over and with a good girl and give them their reward.

In this command, a lot of practice and patience is needed.

Know What Command You Teach Them

For you to have your Yorkies follow your command, make sure that they know some of the basic obedience first. Once they know it can do without a pause, it’s time for you to move on with the fun tricks.

List down first the variety of tricks for them, starting from the easiest to most difficult. Because once they get familiarized with the easiest, they’ll be able to do those harder tricks.

Remember that they are tiny and intelligent, but they get tired and bored easily. That is why it is better to have lots of rewards for them, so they know that their training is worth it.


Overall, for Yorkies to follow your command, you need to reward them every time they follow you. It’s one way of showing them that their training is worth it because if not, they won’t do the command next time you tell them.

Yorkies are naturally playful and love attention, so you can use these traits to train them to follow your commands.