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How Do You Groom A Yorkie’s Ears?

A Yorkshire Terrier is among the most popular dogs in America. The reason behind this is because they are adorable and outgoing dogs who love to play and cuddle. But all that long silky hair can sometimes pose a challenge when it comes to grooming.

How do you groom a Yorkie’s ears? When it comes to grooming Yorkie’s ears, you can use clippers and gently trim the long hairs on the outside of the ears. It is recommended to use at least a 0.8mm blade. It is important to trim and groom it because it can weigh the ear down.

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You will understand the basics of Yorkie’s grooming in this article. It is particularly on how to groom your Yorkie’s ear.

The First Step In Grooming

Before you proceed with grooming Yorkie’s ear, the first step is to condition your Yorkie’s coat. You can condition it using a spritzer bottle with a 5:1 ratio of water to dog conditioner. Your dog’s hair and skin condition are also important to keep an eye on.

If you notice that their skin and hair is dry, you should condition it first before brushing. This way, you will be able to protect the hair from splitting. If the coat is too oily, you should skip the condition because there’s too much oil already, and it can make the hair heavy.

Grooming The Ears

Most owners always skip attention to the ears, but it is still essential to groom and clean it. If you own a Yorkie who is prone to ear infections, plucking the hair is a good idea.

If they do not particularly have infections, plucking might only cause inflammation and ear sores. It is best to talk with your veterinarian on what your Yorkie’s needs are before proceeding with the plucking.

On the other hand, you will have to clean the inside of your Yorkie’s ear using a cotton ball and an ear cleanser.

Avoid using water, and do not use any cotton swabs. Using the cleanser, tolt the Yorkie’s head towards the cotton ball so that the cleanser will be able to drain out. Then wipe the excess cleanser and wax using a clean cotton ball.

Once you finished all the grooming, the final part is the Yorkie’s top knot. Pull together all the hair between your Yorkie’s ears and secure them using a comfortable band. You can also tease it to look bigger or put on a bow or a clip.

You can also utilize hair gel to keep the hair in place.


To conclude, grooming Yorkie’s ear is not an easy task. It requires precision and a lot of experience to secure it without the danger of cutting your Yorkie’s ear.

If you are not certain you can do it alone, it is best to have it professionally done to avoid these kinds of accidents. It will keep your Yorkie not only looking good and fresh, but also they will feel healthy.