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How Can I Make My Yorkies Hair Grow?

Yorkies have a stunning and special coat that sets them special from other breeds. Yorkies have hair like a human, not what most people think of as fur coats. And it is what makes them a perfect option for those with pet allergies. Just like human hair, when not taken care of, it will likely have mats and tangles.

How can I make my Yorkies hair grow? Grow your pet’s hair by bathing them. Also, use high-quality products to care for their hair and give them nutritional foods. Using appropriate brushes for their hair also helps to grow their hair faster.

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If you keep reading, you will be able to understand why these tips are essential to your Yorkies. And some disorders may influence hair development, which may contribute to extreme hair loss.

Tips To Make Yorkies Hair Grow

Follow these tips to grow your dog’s hair faster:

Bathe them

Bathing your Yorkies will make their fur grow, but it is best to bathe it once every three weeks. It can also allow their coat to wash off natural body oils, which can lead to the clogging of skin pores and produce an unpleasant scent. And the standard way to do it is to use warm, clean water and a quality canine shampoo. Put it through their hair in long, circular motions while softly massaging the scalp to strengthen hair follicles.

The 3-week mark is the ideal for most Yorkies unless the coat or hair condition requires regular washing with special care treatment. And remember never to brush the coat when it is dry- it may contribute to a slit. You must use something to moisten the coat before combing or using a spray is also advisable.  

Use High-Quality Products

It is one aspect that should ever be overlooked. You, as an owner, should always remember that using a human’s shampoo or conditioner is not a good idea, after all. Because the products used on human hair have ingredients that can be harmful not just to Yorkies’ hair but also to their skin, use a conditioner and shampoo that have a pH level that’s between 6.5 and 7.5 and no preservatives that may cause skin irritation.

To make sure you have the right shampoo and conditioner, you can check at the physical dog shop and an authorized veterinary clinic.

Give Them Nutritional Foods

We know that dog food is expensive because it offers nutrients and vitamins that will help them grow healthy. Believe it or not, your choice of food will have a significant impact, too, on growing their hair healthy. It is advisable that before buying or giving them always ask for veterinarian’s prescriptions to ensure they get the right nutrients. And another one you can consider is Omega 3 or the Omega multivitamins, and the coconut oil is the best example.

There are multiple and wide-ranging health advantages of coconut oil. From skin issues to difficulties with entering, coconut oil will make a big difference. The dose for coconut oil in dogs is 1/2 tablespoon every 10 pounds of weight. Coconut oil can be mixed with their food, and you’ll be surprised that they will love the taste of it with the oil.

Use Of Appropriate brushes

Since there are different types of coats, it is also understood that there are also different types of brushes. It is essential, however, that you should not use brushes that are intended for thick fur coats, such as a grooming rake or a slicker pad. Because, as you know, this could seriously harm your Yorkies coat. The exact type of brush you may use for your Yorkie would depend on the length of the hair.

With puppies and adults with thin hair, the perfect tool is the bristle brush because it said it works as a massager to the Yorkies skin that stimulates hair follicles. It is also useful in extracting dirt and debris particles and the boar bristles that give the coat a beautiful glow. While Yorkies with medium to long coats are best to use pin brush with stainless steel and fair spacing since such kind of brush works well through their hair. Because unfinished pins will scrape, you’re going to want one with polished or cushioned tips.

Disease That Can Affect Your Yorkies Hair Growth

Although unusual, several health conditions can damage the hair, including mild to extreme hair loss.

Stress- yes, Yorkies and other dogs get stress too, so when they’re stressed, there’s a tendency to have a telogen effluvium condition. With this kind of condition, there are large numbers of hair follicles that are pushed into a long resting period. One to two months later, those hairs may shed, especially after a thorough brushing or a bath. Because it’s a delayed reaction, hair loss sometimes happens after the incident is finished, and the coat grows back without intervention.

  • Allergies – Seasonally or year-round, atmospheric, touch, or food allergies can both affect your pet’s hair and skin. They said that many allergens might cause continuous itching and, in effect, Yorkies scratch it to the point of losing their hair.
  • Parasite – One parasite that induces hair loss is demodectic mange, typically with hair loss in the eye line, neck, and legs. For certain instances, the balding regions may display skin lesions that are swollen or crusted. The telltale symptoms are triangular bald spots that occur on the eyes, arms, legs, or limbs. There may be a red patch in the center, and the field may or may not be overgrown.
  • Folliculitis – It is an inflammation of hair follicles followed by a series of blisters with a pus-type discharge or crusting of the Yorkies skin. In certain instances, patches can become bald, and sores and blisters of pus may develop weeks afterward. Usually, this is treated with a dose of antibiotics.

Alopecia X. It is a term used to diagnose hair deficiency with unexplained reasons, but in certain instances, it could be linked to hormones.

How To Manage Hair Loss

  1. Treatment for the Yorkies hair growth will depend on what causes it. However, you can use these simple ways to prevent it.
  2. Take Medications- Hair loss can be prevented and can be cured appropriately if you know what the causes are. As a general rule, the usage of medicines should be reduced or stopped because it triggers respiratory complications and prevents hair development.
  3. Consult the Veterinarian- When you have an allergic puppy, consult immediately to a veterinarian, and manage allergies without the usage of medications (e.g., prednisone). Such medicines have severe medical side effects, which can even hinder fur development.
  4. Shampoo Treatment- Depending on the nature and severity of skin infection, you will need to use a shampoo treatment that will help remove the infection. You can find this kind of shampoo when you visit a Yorkies vet or when it’s prescribed.

Yorkies Hairstyle

When you have a Yorkies, one thing you’re going to have to consider is how long it takes to maintain their hair. Puppies are born with short coats, of course, but around the 12-month point, or earlier in certain situations, the fur may start to develop. When it reached its 24th month without trimming, their hair might have reached the floor already. With this, here are some haircut types that you might want to consider.

Flared Cut

In this type, the main body is trimmed, the hair on the legs is long, flared out at the edges. Although there might be differences in the eyes, your Yorkies will still have a simple yet cute appearance. This cut for Yorkies can be considered cool because there’s a lot of styling going on.

Westie Cut

It is achieved with medium to long hair, giving the face an angular appearance. It starts at the ears heading down to the entire side of the nose where the hair is stacked. Side pieces bend downward and almost intersect under the nose. Forehead hairs should either be brought back to the topknot or cut short to hold the eyes open.

Teddy Cut

It is the most adored and desired cut for Yorkies because it makes them young and beautiful at the same time. With this type of cut, the length of the hair is the same, except on the hands and ears.

Squared Cut Type

That is a sophisticated twist on the simple cut of a puppy. When trimmed this way, the key coat is shaved close; nevertheless, the facial hairs are neatly removed to create a square form. Forehead hairs are left around 1 inch long and, with a drop of gel, can rise to complete the cubed form. In this look, the risks of tangles are minimal, the face is smooth and tidy, and since it helps the skin to relax, it’s perfect for the summer months.

Shave Flared Cut

It is much like a flared cut, but the body and the upper legs are shaved, near with thick hairs from mid-forelegs. Although the head may be of any style, the hair on its forehead can still be short.


Overall, to be able to grow Yorkies’ hair, you need to keep in mind those simple ways and make it your habit. Always remember that their health and safety, not just the hair growth, will always depend on how well you take care of it. Whether their hair is long or short, curly or straight, shiny or not, when not being taken care of, it will always affect their health.